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February 14, 2015 Ines Radman Spiritualitygaia, GAIA SOPHIA

I woke up late today, because of my FM, for years I could sleep for days and always feel tired, but never found a solution for that problem, I tried a few drugs at my desperation to become a normal human being, to wake up at a decent time in the morning and be able to function all day, but none of that crap worked. I was either a zombie all day long or non-participant in a day with obligations.
A few months ago, as my partner is very ill, he was prescribed Valium so that he could sleep better, he’s one of those people that is awoken by mosquito buzzing around in the room and can’t sleep after waking up, I’m one of those that can have fire engines driving by with full sirens and won’t hear anything. Despite my long hours of sleep, it was never deep but it was colorful, adventurous and I got to experience some of my parallel lives.
A few weeks ago, I had a headache, really bad headache and without my glasses went to the drawer where the medications are and took out what I thought was a green pill for my headache. Our drugs in Croatia don’t come in bottles, they come in boxes and packed so if you take out the plastic dispenser it’s hard to know what box it comes from.
The next morning, I woke up feeling fantastic, well rested and while I normally need a few hours to stretch this sore body, while I was waiting for the kettle to whistle, I was already putting clothes into the washer, I felt so great so that I forgot about the kettle and the coffee. I started thinking about it, because it had dawned on me that I don’t wake up like this NEVER in the last 20 years, and then I started thinking about how I was feeling sleepy before I went to bed and how my headache disappeared fast so I went to the drawer, opened it up and saw the package sitting on the top of the box was VALIUM.
I had instead taken Valium and it all made sense to me. You see, Fibromyalgia is a neurological disorder/syndrome. Even after giving it’s name 30 years ago and accepting it as a medical condition/syndrome, there are no drugs for it today, doctors experiment with us of course we are all different chemically but they do know today that the Pain Center is not working properly and it sends signals to the body that it hurts which in our case is the whole neural synopsis of muscles, tissues and connective tissue.
I realized that the Valium had in fact somehow turned off the false signals or attached itself to the neural pathways, whatever, I guess in the end doesn’t matter, what matters is that I was able to sleep a deep sleep and of course I woke up rested and feeling full of energy.
Now the battle: I hate taking drugs, the only ones I can’t go without is my pain meds, I really could not survive without them, by 2 pm I would sit in my chair and not be able to move anymore from the pain and stiffness. I’m one of the lucky ones, after 20 years it has not progressed because I exercise, ride a bike, work in the garden basically be as active as I can be. Sure, the next day is painful, but I take it with joy because it means I was exercising and using the muscles that would normally atrophy as they do with other FM patients. Many end up in wheelchairs and become invalids from this syndrome, because they don’t have the mental capacity or perception to change the way they view their health issues. I never let it beat me down, even though I know it will hurt later, it hurts anyways so what’s the fucking difference? That’s how I see it.
My battle now is that I take Valium 5 mg at night and I wake up feeling great, full of energy and I have tested this over and over where I don’t take it and wake up feeling like crap as usual or I take it and feel great the next day. This is my battle, I know what drugs do aside from masking the issues, my pain meds don’t take away the pain, they just help me deal with it easier, it’s still there, but it’s not the center of my world.
Last night, I didn’t take the Valium and as usual woke up feeling like crap, but because I am alone, because I don’t have anyone to cook for, because the bed was warm under my down quilt, I decided to turn on the TV and watch something. We don’t have cable TV in our bedroom, only the local stations using the digital antenna box so we have 4 channels to choose from. One was Top 40 in Croatian Music, the 2nd was War stories, the 3rd was MSM bullshit news, and the 4th was the inauguration preparations for our new President. Hmm..what choices do I have, what do I choose?
I chose to turn off the TV and go back to sleep until 2:00  p.m. It is now 3:00 p.m that I am writing this drinking my coffee of the day and the sunshine is out full force again, not a cloud in the sky, in fact not a chemtrail in the sky either.
So, I’m going into the garden, take off my slippers and walk barefooted around for 45 minutes enough to recharge this damaged old battery, but at least it will still take a charge, the charge may not last long, but I’m blessed to be living in the middle of the most beautiful place on this planet, a small island even barely seen on the Croatian maps where in 2 hours I can ride with my bike from one end to the other. A place where I can just go outside into my garden and recharge whenever I need to.
You see, no matter what you do to make yourself healthier or feel better, no matter how badly you want to feel better, if you are walking around in shoes on cement or any man made materials, you are detached from your charger, mother Earth. There is much information about this subject, in fact a movie was made I believe it is called “Grounded”, you can find it on YouTube, and it does work and it is REAL. With man made materials in our shoes, made made materials for our homes, cement and asphalts, I won’t even mention the electrical or EMF that swirl around us, we are empty batteries looking for a plug in. It’s kind of like living in the far North, at a certain temperature you either have to leave your car running or find a plug in to keep the engine from freezing, that’s where you are at if you live in the city or town where you spend all of your time in shoes walking across man made materials. You’re a dying battery and you need to go out and find some grass, some dirt, anywhere where you can touch the earth and put your feet on it, better yet, lay down so that your whole body is charging at once and you will fill up faster.
I hate taking drugs, my childhood deprived me of growing up healthy, there are some things in our bodies that just can’t heal I’m talking about neurological disorders when you live in a state of flight or fight for years, the neural pathways break down and they simply can’t reorganize anymore so I’m faced with living with it, but remember this: Mother Earth gives you life, without food, water and air, without her energy you would not live long, whenever you feel that you just can’t move another inch, or can’t take another blow, go and find some grass and lay down, it doesn’t matter that you will catch the cold, it will pass,  your body needs to touch the ground, clothes unless are natural fibers get in the way, if Russians can jump in frozen lakes naked then you can lay down on the ground or grass for a few minutes and thank the Mother for her love/energy. Thank her for being there to keep you alive and don’t think for one moment she will feel good if you abandon her, after all, she created all of this for you.
There is so much disinformation out there now, the higher dimensional entities are not entities, they are programs being installed in your brains by the Archons, just like our governments have holograms to look like planes flying into buildings, these Archons have the ability to enter your mind an infect with fantasies and holograms to make you believe you are being contacted by some higher beings.
Mother Earth is what you are made of, the organic material of mother Earth is what we are made of, we don’t need or want some higher dimensional programs telling us how loved we are or that we will soon be going to another dimension. We need to re connect with Mother, touch her, smell her, charge our bodies to her, and she will get us out of this construct, just trust and know this.
We are free will planet, universe. The moment something is telling you something from another reality or dimension, that law is being broken, you no longer think the way you would have thought had that being not contacted you. I’m not saying they are all EVIL, I’m only saying that our savior is under our feet and not up above. She needs you now to connect with her, just as we re charge to get better, she needs to feel our love so that she can move forward and do what she has to do.
I have another 2 hours before sunset, going out to recharge and feel the sun on my face, so much for ED is DEAD, yeah you Rose, you got the Archon virus, you are misleading so many people, mother is called Earth, Gaia not Eve. Instead of looking upwards, look down, she’s under your feet just waiting for you to touch her and thank her for keeping you alive despite all that has been done to us.

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