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February 21, 2015 Ines Radman disinformation agentseve and one, Yellow rose for Texas

YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE : They said the EF see all the allied ships lined up, and are panicking …
Comments from Ines: I normally don’t comment in this way with Rose’s information/disinformation, but I had to this time, it’s just time to start asking Rose some questions, serious questions.I have a problem with this information, I have a problem with WE WANT EVERYONE TO GO, I have a problem with not being asked if I want to go if that is the case. I have a problem with this woman HEARING things and passing them along and cracking up about it, I have a problem with people actually believing this stuff, but hey, who am I to judge?
Well, we heard the Oaks & Arrows and their. Ops were panicking
In fact the. Elite Arrows are bawling like babies WhininG
Really Rose, who is WE and who/what did you hear this from?

Weelllll..little more than that…lol, that pic cracks me up
Maybe you’re cracking up rose because people actually believe what you have to say.
They’re panicked….Because their names. Were just ERASED from the ROM
I say they were not, so now prove that they were erased!
Thats. Worse than the pit
Well, there were a few key names, yep
What were the key names Rose, since  you’re dishing out truth, let’s hear who the key names are?
The boredom we have. To. Put up. With. Till we exit
We heard they tried to sue. But that was shot. Down
They got courts and lawyers in the servers? What do they look like, golden gears well oiled?

The One pulled the Law on them. We exit.
What exactly does this mean, can you please give us some more details, what exactly do we exit?
Well…if your name. Isn’t on the servers ROM, then even though you are physically here it doesnt recognize you.
So, how do I find out if my name is on the server ROM and what if I don’t want to leave? Don’t I have free will to decide that myself?
It self cleans on the exit. Deletes and wipes the fragmented disk
Apparently, the el still held some bells. So now the Network Security Service is taking what is owed the One, & voiding the el.
Apparently, so that means you’re not sure?
We hear. They point
Who is we and who did you hear it from?
We did keep winning (the war, since 2010), even past their suits
They’re so corrupt, they breached. Every contract
 They are now at date of termination
Who is THEY and what is the termination date?
We are right up against the door in the optical window
Yeah, but wont be bored for long. The el will be

Yep, just got a message to good to pass up
They said the ef see all the allied ships lined up, and are panicking
Who is THEY and how do you know this to be a fact, because they said so?
They said the Mass (us) are now leaving, the Owl has lost
The masses of who are leaving and where are they going?
Lovejoys got all her ships visible

We want everyone. Nothing left behind so that they can start over. No escaping from the servers
I take it that when you write WE, that means you included? You want everyone? Nobody asked me if I wanted to leave, nobody determines my future Rose, nobody chooses for me, nobody decides for me, I guess THEY didn’t tell you that part.

Thanks to Ines at:

  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity ~ Edgar Allan Poe

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