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You Have Raised the Consciousness Levels ~ SaLuSa 4 June-2012

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You Have Raised the Consciousness Levels ~ SaLuSa 4 June-2012

By Mike Quinsey

The path to Ascension will be much smoother than you might believe, because over time the
necessity to bring about severe physical changes has passed. You can take a lot
of credit for this situation, because as a collective you have raised the
consciousness levels. In bringing more Light to the Earth you have enabled the
transmutation of the lower energies. The result is that the necessary cleansing
does not call for the depth of changes, that were once thought necessary. The
Earth is constantly shifting, and there are hundreds of minor earthquakes that
take place every day without any adverse results.

So Dear Ones do not spend your time in fear of the coming period, and bear the consequences
knowing it is all for your good. Rather look at the changes as sweeping the
Earth clear of its blemishes and ugly spots, so that it can once more be
restored. Bear in mind that you too are being cleansed in a similar way, to
release any vibrations that cannot be taken with you into the higher ones. Much
of it happens without your knowledge, but you can contribute by having a life
style that lends itself to purifying your body and mind. Your choice of food is
an important factor from the point of view of your health. Try to move away from
processed foods and towards fresh produce. This way you will avoid many
chemicals that would otherwise be ingested and remain as toxins in your body.
Where possible include raw food in your diet and benefit from the energies that
they carry. Drink plenty of water to keep the organs of your body cleansed, and
avoid carbonated drinks if possible.

In the future because your body vibrations will have been lifted up, you will no longer be
attracted or need the heavier foods. Your needs will be considerably less, as
you will replenish them by taking more of the energy that is around you. It is
only in the lower vibrations that you need your meats, and you will find that
gradually they do not satisfy you. Eating is a pleasure and we still indulge but
nowhere to the extent that you do at present. We would not dream of putting your
type of foodstuffs into our bodies. However, for the time being you need to
sustain your bodies and get your energy from your traditional foods, but you can
try to introduce changes that take you towards more natural and purer ones.

We lead you to a new way of looking at life but one that gives great satisfaction and
fulfillment. After the changes the pace of life will be much slower and you will
not be placed in stressful conditions. Indeed, you will have ample time to relax
and follow your personal pursuits, and we do have Holodecks that are for your
enjoyment. Yes, they rely exist and can provide you with knowledge whilst at the
same time be a source of enjoyment. We have our fun and also a sense of humor,
but we do not indulge in crudity or unpleasantness. We are happy and joyful, and
in appreciating the Oneness of all life are uninhibited in our companionship and
friendship with other Beings. Jealousy and envy are not emotions we entertain,
as we understand that all live in unity and exist for each other.

We are One whereas you have managed to create divisions and separation between you. You may
look different according to the Race you belong to, but in essence you are all
the same and together are on the road to Ascension. In fact because you take a
series of lives for your needed experiences, you will understand that in turn
you have had lives in many different countries. Think about it and consider
whether you are specifically drawn to one particular country or period of
history. Would that not tell you that within your consciousness you still have
memories of those experiences? There would clearly be less racial tension if you
could accept others as yourself.

When we look at you we know that we do not see the real you, but merely the body that you
taken for your present incarnation. We also make allowances for your lack of
Light and even love, as the lower vibrations have pulled you down. However that
will change and is doing so right now, and there has never been such an
opportunity as now exists to raise them up. More and more light is being beamed
to Earth, and you can attract it to yourself by lifting up your levels of
consciousness. Your true potential is unlimited and you should strive for the
highest expression of yourself as possible. By nature you are peaceful loving
Beings, and you are heading for a return to that level. Stay calm and walk and
talk your love for your fellow Beings. It is the only way and you will become an
invincible force for good.

At present we of the Galactic Federation ready ourselves for the final thrust against the last
cabal. As they stand in our way and yours they will be removed in one way or
another, and then our allies can really get moving with all of the changes that
are planned. There is to be a total change in the way your lives are lived, and
all for your betterment and preparation for the New Age. There is no reason to
hold onto anything of the old or be concerned at what you may lose, as we stress
again that you can only gain from the changes that are about to occur. You are
to take a quantum jump into the future that is your transition into the higher
realms. You could not otherwise enter them unless your vibrations were
comparable with them. This is why there will be souls who are unable to do so,
as they are not ready and will continue in their present vibration. Indeed, it
would not serve their purpose or needs if they were placed in a higher one, as
that would be uncomfortable for them.

In spite of what some may think, everything is moving along well and will ensure that you
are finally ready to ascend when that opportunity arises. You still need to
apply yourselves to your own needs, and work towards reaching a level of control
and awareness that enables you to maintain your progress. As we often point out,
it is your intent and will to succeed that will take you forward to successfully
complete your journey.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and wish you joy and happiness as you prepare yourselves for the biggest event ever to happen in your lives.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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