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February 23, 2015 Ines Radman UncategorizedArchons, John Lamb Lash, white genocide

So, do we have evidence to that claim that the Europeans are being specifically targeted?
Unfortunately this is one of those condition of being in the fog of war and it’s important to address the objections that come up immediately around this white Genocide claim, we’re making a claim and so people may be saying: “Oh well, you’re just making that up and if it’s true then you deserve it”.
It hasn’t dawned on the majority of the population yet, that’s for certain but I can give my sense that it’s coming real fast. It’s coming a lot from the North of Europe, and England.
John Lamb Lash may be creating PANIC, it’s the Pan European Alliance of National Indigenous Cultures, so let’s create PANIC is what I say when people ask what we do. (John’s answer directly).
“I want to see the revival of national indigenous cultures or ethnic cultures. The letter A in Alliance is really an important word in this dream that I’m proposing because Alliance means that everyone has their sovereign identity as an Ethnic group and a nation but they are Allied by bonds of agreement. So, you could say in a way that PANIC is the absolute antithesis of the European Union.
After, they wipe out the white race; they wipe out everyone else because that is the nature of the Archontic species. The Archontic species cannot invade the Earth; I want to make this point clear to those that follow John’s teachings about the Archons. They cannot invade the Earth because they can’t live in the atmosphere of the Earth so all the so called Truth Researchers that claim Archons incarnate on this planet are either purposely distributing disinformation or have not done their homework and I challenge any of them to prove their bullshit through any ancient texts or materials not by what some higher dimensional entity channeled to them or because some highly respected researchers claims it to be so.
They can’t live on Earth for a number of reasons. Oxygen is highly to toxic to them so they can only make short forays in their actual form, their insectoid Whitely Strieber Gray Archon form, they cannot have a planned invasion, that’s why there is no planned evasion; there can be none, but were they able to do so, they would ravage this planet like locusts millions of years ago and not wait. Locusts have no plan, they just hit the field and they just level it and then they go on to the next and that’s what the Archons would do to the Earth and done it long ago, so we are facing that kind of danger in a science fiction scenario being enacted by human proxies with the species but overcoming the defeat of that cannot merely be a reaction. It is also a genuine resurgence of who humanity is and their genuine resurgence of their ethnic and folk awareness and of our love and attachment to our peoples whether they be Latinos, Nigerians, Australians, Aborigines, Japanese and a common Love that unites us all which is the Love for the Mother Planet, Unity Consciousness.
So we have an opportunity for a revival and resurgence of those national indigenous cultures. It’s a fantastic moment of opportunity and I’m very thrilled to be alive and to be able to be speaking on it and to define it for people and I think that the role of the White Europeans is crucial in defining this resurgence as we have done many times before. So that’s the hopeful part of this war that we are in.
This virus has spread so far and it’s such a threat to everybody. We have to stand up and we have to realize what is happening. Take a look at current events as I write this. The Jews in France and in Sweden are being attacked and many are immigrating to Israel. People that haven’t realized what has been going on will soon get an ugly wake up call because the Archontic Infection of this factor is rampant and it’s going to reach the point very very soon where people won’t be able to ignore it.
How do we know that this Genocide is real you may ask? For one thing, there are many things that point to the reality of it but I would just indicate one thing that any sane person of common sense can acknowledge, you can’t be pro-white, there is something about being pro-white that’s taboo.
Why should that be? You can be pro-Latino, you can celebrate African American identity, you can celebrate Japanese identity, all these different ethnic identities on the planet can celebrate themselves but white people can’t. Why not?
Why isn’t it equilateral? That already is an alarm sign. The other alarm sign is that it’s no secret, have you ever read the Synagogue of Satan? It’s a book, it’s just a compilation of quotes gathered by this particular individual called Andrew Hitchcock.
He’s not putting out an agenda, he’s not promoting some philosophy, he’s just collected through history a set of quotes and it’s staggering to read these quotes. It’s no secret that certain people on Earth have observed that there is anti-human, anti-gay agenda on this planet.
Today, the situation in Europe is problematical because it is taboo to state the obvious. It’s like a little town that has a few people with leprosy they walk around town but people are not allowed to talk about them, that’s insanity. If the community conforms, complies with that taboo that would mean the end of the community virtually because the leprosy could spread in the community and people would be in denial of it so even when they got it themselves they would say: “ Oh, leprosy, what’s that?”
This is how bad it is and what does Voltaire say: “If you want to know who is running the show, just ask who you can’t criticize”. These are very obvious factors and are becoming more obvious every day. We are waking up to this in a state of being stunned and baffled, I speak for myself here but I scratch my head and think “holy shit”, how could it have gotten this far?”. When I read that Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays was being removed from public view because the Jews felt offended, that’s when I realized just how in control they are. How come I didn’t see it sooner?
So let me answer these questions if you too have been asking. My response is not going to be easy. You may not like what I have to say but to the best of my knowledge I believe this explains why.
I’ll give you two answers to consider and they both come from Gnosticism. Gnostics taught that Archons have no actual mind of intentionality so it’s not correct to say that they have a plan, these extraterrestrial mind parasites who work through the human proxies, they don’t actually have a plan, they are compelled by envy and the Gnostics used this world PHTNOS and they said that the operation of destruction conducted upon the species via the Archons and their proxies is a senseless act of envy, of destroying that of which want but cannot have and I am also of the conclusion that when the Gnostics defined humanity as the Anthropos, they defined it as a creature without envy.
I have contemplated that a lot, so let me put it in the form of a question so that you can contemplate it. Do you think it would be correct to say as the Gnostics seemingly said, that the human animal, the Anthropos the true human being has no envy and that where envy appears in human behavior it is due to an infection of something non-human?
There is a subtle para-psychological profile if you will and I am convinced that it is true, that the true human animal has no envy and one of the things that convinces me of this is that I don’t have any, so how come I don’t have any envy?
What I am supposed to think of myself as some rare exception to the species? I don’t think so! And let me explain what envy means. I might long to have the huge beautiful house across the street as I live in a slump and so the neighbors have something that I want but I go and destroy it so nobody can have it. That’s envy. Envy is the senseless destruction which results in a condition when neither the person that has the desired thing nor the person who doesn’t have it and wants it, defeats it. Envy is a zero sum proposition.
I have also stated many times on my blog that the Archons envy us because we were created in LOVE, they were a Celestial Error, they are without heart/soul therefore, they envy us and want what we have and if they can’t have it, they will destroy us.
Envy is a complete failure and so the envy of those; that special tribe of chosen people who made the pact with the Archons is: “What did they envy?”.
The Archons lie telling them “we will give you the Earth for your inheritance”, well the Earth doesn’t belong to them, they can’t give it to anyone but the Aeon Sophia already gave the Earth to humanity. Somebody envies that situation, someone envies the beauty of the human race, the simplicity and genius of it, it’s prodigiously talented, the variety of it, the innocence of it, particularly the innocents, and it’s connection to the planetary animal Mother. Somebody envies that and because they can’t have that, they made a deal connecting them to an extra human pathology, they will then destroy it and the Earth they inherit they don’t realize will be a wasteland and then the Archons will destroy them.
If you want to put the whole story of the chosen people into a fairy tale, that’s it and it has a very bad ending. When you don’t envy it’s very difficult to see insidious, nefarious, scheming destructive insanity of people who do, that’s why we haven’t caught up with it.
It’s like when you look at the world financial system, I only caught up with the world financial system about 10 years ago and I had a wake-up call when I realized that things keep getting more expensive and the economy worse, it happens that way because people make it happen that way.
So when you realize there is a deliberate factor of evil and destruction due to envy, you have to wake up. You have to not be naive; you’ve got to be a warrior and realize that somebody is out to kill you.
If you are a being on this planet, it doesn’t happen what you wish it to be like the New Cage movement is deceiving you with. Your part is the chess player and when you’re surrounded, you are faced with the option of trying to escape or defending yourself and this fundamental basis, this fundamental point is something which has been very cleverly inserted into the New Cage ideology, the Love and Light ideology and other movements out there.
There is a removal from the human animal from the natural world, the natural order where even our most basic drives and responses and even functions have been dismantled, deconstructed in front of us and we now, a majority of the people are in complete compliance really with the slave agenda of not even being a human being but being a perfectly defined domesticated animal in their play pen and this is something that people have to realize.
This is not a natural state of the human being. To be a real genuine human being who wants all those good things, who wants mutual aim and comes from generosity and doing no harm; you want to be that but you cannot be that if you evade and deny the evil done by human beings and you must see that you are implicated in that evil and therefore your responsibility for being human cannot merely reside on playing the good side of human nature.
“Look into the mirror of evil and you do not see the evil in yourself, but what you see is the goodness of yourself”. I don’t remember who said this.
Unless we look at this evil and face it, brutally and nakedly we can never know what it really means to be good people. Good people are people that face it, not try to evade and deny it. According to these New Cage Formulas of forgiveness and all of the other conditioning that is actually used by the perpetrators in order to protect themselves. I am convinced that the moment of truth has come and it is coming back with lightning speed but we have been slow on uptake here.
“Here Is some Gnostic Intel and it’s very difficult to swallow, a lot of people balk on this but I have had extensive conversations about this with people to check my sobriety. If you can accept this, it will make a big difference and it will explain why the Archontic trickster and those who perpetrate evil against humanity have the upper hand. Why do they seem to have the upper hand an indeed had the upper hand in many cases?
A Gnostic teaching that has been totally discarded and considered as ridiculous by all scholars of Gnosticism except me (John Lash). It is said that the Gnostics were “against procreation”. This comes down to us as a rumor from the arguments between early Church fathers and the Gnostics. You don’t find in the Koptic texts a natural disposition of why gnostics were against procreation but you find references to it in Irineus and others.
It’s absurd to think how they could be against procreation we propagate by sexual conjugation and we produce our species and procreate. How would our species survive without it?
this is what they were against, procreation on two counts.
They detected that the Archontic factor in the mind, mind parasite is behind all of this anti-human activity and would use procreation as a weapon. Does that ring a bell to anyone living in Sweden? That they would use the natural and good function of reproduction in our species that they would co-op that to their purposes, therefore, they would use what we call today Mass Immigration”as a weapon. They actually saw that coming. They saw that the Archons would in effect hijack and subvert our reproductive functions in that way. They do it in many other ways as well, such as trans-humanism, cloning etc.
The second point is the real sticker. What they meant when they said that they were against procreation was that they were alarmed, deeply concerned about neoteny.
noun, Biology

  1. Alsocalledpedogenesis. theproductionofoffspringbyanorganisminitslarvalorjuvenileform;theeliminationoftheadultphaseofthelifecycle.
  2. aslowingoftherateofdevelopmentwiththeconsequentretentioninadulthoodofafeatureorfeaturesthatappearedinanearlierphaseinthelifecycleofancestralindividuals:

Neoteny in the ostrich has resulted in adult birds sporting the down feathers of nestlings.
1900-05; < New Latin neotēnia < Greek neo- neo- + teín (ein) to stretch + -ia -y3
neoteny in Science
The retention of juvenile characteristics in the adults of a species. Humans, for example, are sometimes said to demonstrate neoteny by retaining through adulthood the relatively large head and hairlessness characteristic of very young primates. The body proportions of flightless birds, which resemble those of fetal flying birds, are also considered to be evidence of neoteny.
The attainment of sexual maturity by an organism still in its larval stage, seen in certain amphibians and insects. Certain species of salamanders, for instance, demonstrate neoteny as they become sexually mature but remain aquatic and do not develop legs. Neoteny sometimes occurs in response to environmental stresses such as low temperature or lack of iodine (which is essential for the thyroid gland). If environmental conditions improve, the organism can often develop into a fully mature adult form.
Neoteny means the condition of being born before you are mature. One of the things that warriors in this battle for humanity is they base their warrior ethics concerning life, death and love and royalty, they base all their ethics on nature.“ – John Lamb Lash
Look at the way animals are born. Look at the young colt and how long does it take for it to stand up after it’s born? It’s gets it’s mothers milk which has it’s immune hormones in it and very quickly it’s frolicking around. Look at all the animal species and how long it takes for them to be active, there is no neoteny. That is to say, quite soon, often the offspriing are produced it’s mature to function in it’s inherited instinctual programs.
Now look at the human species, now look at the vulnerability of our species doomed to the exceptional status of neoteny. When we are born the brain is not even formed yet, the most important organ in the human body for it’s orientation to the world and for action and conception is still not completely formed, it forms much later, so we are born with an immature brain, immature faculties, inability to move our limbs and what the Gnostics objected to was they were against procreation, they were against the condition of neoteny due to the way we reproduce and they also believed that the Aeon Sophia didn’t originally design us in this way.
The unfortunate consequence of that is that neoteny subjects the human being to massive behavioral programming before it has the intellectual and discrimination to resist. And so all of us, from the time that we were a child were imprinted while we were in the stage of development and received input before we were able to handle it.
Consequently we come into life to our teen years and adult years rather than being the thriving, predigious geniuses that she designed us to be, we are products of imprinting.
And all of us who are able to stand in front of this peril to humanity face it, have already won the biggest battles we will ever fight and that is the fight to get over your mental and psychological conditioning that prevents you from seeing reality.
If we were not neotenous, we would not have to fight that battle but we are, that is an unfortunate conditions of the way we reproduce.
We can compensate for that by very simple measures there are 2 simple measures:
We raise our child in nature, we let the child learn from the natural world and bond with the natural world. Empathy with nature and with the Planetary Mother raises the human animal to it’s truest potential of intelligence and compassion.
The community preserves the story of the peoples reserves the reverence and love for the folk and teaches the history of the folk not just family but phytogenetic history that was taught.
This is just a short version and there really is much more to this, but it’s a summary for now.
The folk memory of all the peoples are memorized in Gaia’s circuits and what is happening now. Some call it the Akash, this is part of her correction and I feel tremendously joyful and confident in the revival and return of the folk memory circuits happening. We all know that our memories have been erased or reprogrammed.
The next article and research I want to do is about the time between Creation of the anthropos and our human condition today. We were not originally designed the way we are today. It is understandable why the Gnostics feared and were against procreation because of the Neoteny and because it was that much easier to enter our minds.
There are several versions out there as to who the geneticists are, when they arrived and what they did to us, but if you read the bible from a scientific point of view, you will find in Genesis where Yaldabaoth created man in his image. „We shall create man in our image and likeness“. Thus, it is assumed that man existed before they came from the skies. Was that the first time or 10th time or who knows what time, but it also states that when Adam and Eve were thrown out of the garden of eden, Yaldabaoth told the woman she would bear children in extreme suffering and pain, so, is it possible that up until then we procreated differently and at that time „they“ genetically modified us from our original design?
There are many views out there and since I don’t know which is true and I doubt that anyone can claim they know, we can all agree that someone tampered with our DNA and therefore, we are what we are today.
Hope you enjoyed the information!

Thanks to Ines at:


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