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Vice Control ~ Galactic Federation of Light 6/4/12

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Vice Control ~ Galactic Federation of Light 6/4/12

Channeled Through Greg Giles

 Vice Control ~ Galactic Federation of Light 6/4/12  Vice-Control

Vice control: It is your job to adequately contain the feelings that may arise in
you that lead you to recreations that do not serve your higher good and your
purpose for being here. We do see a number of you partaking in the use of mind
altering substances, and we say to you at this time “Does this serve your
higher good, and does this recreation serve our mission here in this world at
this time?” What we ask of you, our Lightworkers, is that you refrain from such
activities that promote negative responses within your bodies and which
negatively affect your health, your vibrational level and your work here. What
we would like to see are those of you who do partake in the use of recreational
and even some prescribed drugs to cut back greatly or even abstain absolutely
from this use that is doing much harm to your physical, emotional and mental

The use of these mind altering substances is not, on its own, what we, the Galactic
Federation of Light, are concerned about. What we are concerned about is the
effects these substances can have and are having on you, our teammates, who
have been charged with certain tasks that are needed to be accomplished here on
our shared mission. We do see the use of some of these substances hindering
your performances on several different levels. What we would like to see is your
performance of your tasks to improve sharply in the days ahead, as time is
running very short and it is time to put aside all these limiting distractions
and time spenders and get more involved in the work that you are here to do.

There are many individuals who are here on this planet at this time for different
reasons. If you have found yourself to this message and to others like it, in
all probability you are here for a very specific purpose. You are here to
accomplish tasks that are part of our great mission here. You have been
selected out of countless others who expressed interest in this assignment, and
you have journeyed here from places far away only to be here for a short while
and assist in our mission to restore this planet to its pristine condition and
support her and her people in their time of great change. May we suggest that
it is no longer time to partake in these mind altering substances? The time
that you have had to wander this world taking in her beauty, her charm and many
things that were new to you are, for now, over for you.

What it is time for is not sightseeing and not socializing at parties and night spots and
even at your homes. What it is time for is for you to be connected with you
your teammates that are also here for the same reason you are, coordinating
your efforts, and completing your assignments adequately and in a course of due
time. Do you understand how important your roles are here in our mission? Do
you understand how important our mission as a whole is here in this world? Do
you realize that it is not only this world that will be affected by our mission
and whether it is successful or not, but worlds throughout this entire galaxy
and beyond throughout this entire universe? Considering how vast the effects of
the outcome of our mission is here, could you find a way to curtail your use of
mind altering substances and find more time to busy yourself with the tasks
that you have signed up for and have been entrusted with before your current
incarnation? If you could find a way to do this we, your teammates, would be
overjoyed, and your efforts in this regard would be so greatly appreciated.

There are many of us here on our side of this immense project and we too have had to make
certain sacrifices to be a part of this mission. We too have left behind many
of our loved ones, our careers, hobbies and interests, and journey here to orbit
in our trajectories around or near your current planet for many long years away
from the worlds that we call home and the people that we call family and
friends. You too are asked to make certain sacrifices as the time for your
experiments with many of the things a 3rd dimensional physical world has to
offer are, for now, a thing of the past, as the time has come to focus on your
assignments many days ago. The time for completion of many of these currently
uncompleted tasks has passed, and it is safe to say that some of the tasks that
are your responsibility have now entered into overtime and it is now time to
complete them. We ask for your sincerest efforts and complete focus on the
current issues of operation as we cannot afford to fall behind, as there are
many important and involved tasks that await just up ahead for us and we need
to have our plates cleared before we take on new responsibilities that will see
to the successful completion of our shared mission.

What we are seeing in several cases is recreational drug use that borders on addiction.
This is a very serious matter, and this matter must be addressed by those of
you who are experiencing difficulties with your assignments due to these habits
and tendencies. It is your responsibility to find a way to curtail these vices
and accomplish this as soon as you possibly can, as we do not have the luxury
of waiting for you to grow out of this through time and through experience.
What we see as necessary is an abrupt halt to these practices and begin a new,
sober and better focused way of life which will allow you to better focus your
attention on your assignments and complete them on schedule and satisfactorily.

Each and every one of you reading these words is part of our mission, and as such it is
required of you, according to your agreements with us, to one day awaken to
your responsibilities and take it upon yourself to drop whatever it is that you
were immersed in and begin to focus a great deal of your time and energy on
your mission and even focus entirely on your mission, depending on what your
particular assignment is and how much responsibility your particular assignment
or assignments call for. It is now past time to do this. Mental clarity is of
utmost important for you and for our mission at this time. The use of mind
altering substances clouds and fogs the mind. The use of mind altering
substances beckons your attention and leads your focus into directions where
you will not find your purpose or our mission here.

The use of mind altering substances is greatly habit forming and this habit that is
steadily growing is demanding more of your time, energy and focus, and this is
what we cannot have through the ranks of our crewmembers who have been assigned
the roles of incarnated workers of light. Based on your prior histories, your
work records, your successes and your achievements, you were selected out of
countless others from countless other worlds who wished to earn assignments on
our mission and travel here through incarnation and experience the physical
vessel on Earth and carry out the responsibilities of their mission. It was you
that were chosen over many of them. It is an honor and it is also a privilege
to have been selected to join our team to carry out this mission.

You have been blessed with the opportunity to incarnate as a human here in this
beautiful and challenging world that has gifted you with so much new knowledge
and experiences that will take you such great distances on your journey
throughout this multidimensional universe. You do not owe anyone anything for
this but yourself. You owe it to yourself to take from this experience
everything that you can possibly take with you, and one of the least valuable
experiences that you will cherish for eternity is the instances of your
recreational drug use. This is not a valued experience, as it is more of a
waste of valuable time, energy, effort and funds.

We do not judge you or look down upon any of you who have chosen to partake in these mind
altering recreations, not at all. We do not make any judgments whatsoever about
any of you in any regard. We only wish to make it perfectly clear to you that
there has been a time here on Earth for you where it was more appropriate to
experiment and engage in such activities, as you are on a personal journey as
well as here on a mission as a member of the organizations that are here. We
only say to you that this time to experiment and to see and experience all of
what this world has to offer is over. It is now time to get busy on the main
reason you are here and have been selected to be here. We hope that you can
understand this and see this from our point of view.

We would not be bringing this up to you and discussing this with you unless we do see this
as a problem for a number of you. We do not wish to interfere and interject
with the way you live your lives, as this is beyond our wishes and desires. We
only speak to you today of this problem because we see it hampering your assignments
that you have been charged with, and we feel a life change for many of you is
what is called for and will see to sharp improvements of your job performances
and your mental, physical and emotional capabilities. We thank you at this time
for reading our message today, and we also thank those of you who are experiencing
challenges in this area to think about what we have said today and make a
decision whether you wish to continue on with your mission here or whether you
wish to continue the habits and tendencies that are not bringing to you results
that we would call adequate.

We thank you for considering what we feel is an appropriate step for you at this time, and
we look forward to seeing improvements in the areas that you have been
assigned. We understand that making a life change such as this is not an easy
task at all, and we offer our support to you in every way that we can and also
remind you that you have many brothers and sisters around you who are also your
team members who have also journeyed here with you who will lend you their
support, their expertise and their wisdom to help you make this change in
yourself that will see to a change in the way you carry out your assignments on
our mission of love and service to this planet and all her people. We will do
all that we can to see you through this period in your life that may be
challenging, and we thank those of you who will make the decision and make the
efforts to seek the change that we feel is so important for you and our mission
at this time. Thank you.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

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Guess it is time to put down the ol' bong and try and remember what the heck it is that I am supposed to be doing.
Now where did I put those Oreos? hahahahaha JOKING!!!!

But honestly.... I wish I knew what this job was supposed to be. I would do it if I knew. Hint would be nice. :)



Full consciousness will be nice ha! ☀

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