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Matthew Message 6-4-12

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1Matthew Message 6-4-12 Empty Matthew Message 6-4-12 on Mon Jun 04, 2012 10:02 pm


Matthew Message 6-4-12
Posted on 2012/06/04

I’m posting this Matthew message without my own highlights, as it rather explains itself. But below, I am including what Steve Beckow wrote about this message. Mahalo, Steve.


From Steve Beckow (

Matthew’s welcome monthly message explains so much that we’ve all been wondering about. He tells us, for instance, that we are indeed correct in thinking that nothing conclusive has yet occurred and that matters will be somewhat rushed in the unfoldment of the rest of the year.

He reassures us that we are correct in believing that the Illuminati still retain some power to work harm, that the galactics are helping us with Fukushima, and that they’re neutralizing the remaining chemtrails.

He reveals that the Vatican is a “cesspool of darkness” and the heart of Satan worship, which must be shocking to many people to hear and may be one of the disturbing things that SaLuSa told us we’d learn. He informs us that that Vatican is also a vast storehouse of stolen art treasures. Added to the Vatican’s dismal history of not protecting young people from sexual predation, these revelations will dismay a lot of people.

He tells us that many news commentators who’ll be exposing the ills of the global elite are advanced wayshowers from other civilizations, who now will act as whistleblowers. He reveals why it is that we’ve had such a quiet time recently: the galactics are jamming the Illuminati’s weather-warfare weapons. And he reminds us that what we call “global warming” is simply a return to Gaia’s original moderate climate worldwide.

Where else could we learn information like this? Combine this with the triweekly news broadcasts from SaLuSa, since these are in effect what they are, and the weekly counsel from Hilarion through Marlene Swetlishoff and monthly counsel from Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman and Celia Fenn and from the Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaele. What you have is what’s been a round of news and advice on the events leading up to Dec. 21, 2012 that has defined our lives for years now and reassured us that we’ll emerge from under the dark thumb of the cabal and into the sunlight of the Golden Age.

These stalwarts are being joined by new voices who’ve taken us through the worst years of the cabal’s depradations and revealed to us how they’ve been or are being defeated on every front.

Their plan to bring the world’s population down from billions to just 500 million, which they planned to enslave, through nuclear world war, pandemics, natural disasters and false-flag operations has been utterly stopped in its tracks. What looked like certain disaster for Planet Earth and her inhabitants has been turned around in just a matter of years, thanks to the efforts of advanced civilizations from many galaxies and dimensions and Earth’s own spiritual hierarchy.

This “Company of Light” has kept us informed at every turn of what’s been occurring behind the scenes, whether it was the raising of our own vibrational frequency or the pincer movement closing in on the cabal. And many, many people have risked their lives to see the cabal’s financial empire fall and its members be rounded up, tried, and taken from the Earth.

Matthew’s message is one of the best sources of information we have and my only regret is that it only comes out once a month. He and Hatonn have given us the most detailed picture of what the Golden Age’s master planners, the galactics, and Earth allies have been up to as they beat back the cabal on every side and release us and Gaia from the elite’s dark hand.

And he tells us now, as SaLuSa has as well, that soon we’ll be speeding along towards the final denouement of entry into a higher dimension.

Well, as Stephen Cook said, I’m ready to buckle up and go along for the ride. I’m sure you are as well. And much work will fall to us to explain to those around us what in the world is going on and whether we should be afraid or not (answer: not). In the last week I’ve had two very rewarding conversations with people eager to know what 2012 is all about.

And I’d imagine that you’re having conversations as well or perhaps putting out a blog or a radio show or a meet-up. Not so gradually, our time to take up the work will soon come and before we know it we’ll be looking at year’s end and the culmination of this remarkable year.

The show will start when it does but it promises to be a rollercoaster ride as soon as it begins. In the meantime we’ve had the wonderful month of May, the Mother’s month, to bask in the rising energies, to expand, to gear up, and we have the Venus transit in the next few days, and who knows what awaits us energetically in June. What a time to be alive. What a wonderful event to participate in. And what marvels await us as we pass the halfway mark of the year and head towards Ascension.


Matthew Message 6-3-12

Light’s progress: evidence delayed in some areas, obvious in others; Earth on target to enter fourth density; media reporting; reforms and revelations will be rushed; telepathic communication precautions; resolution of differing beliefs; psychiatric patients; some changes early in the Golden Age; information references

1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Not only is our love for you boundless, so is our respect and admiration. Your steadfastness in the light has remained strong even though nearly midway into this world-transformational year, nothing that you would consider conclusive evidence has occurred. It is logical to expect that by now the thousands of spacecraft in your skies would be visible to all; crews would have landed in great numbers and been officially welcomed; and turmoil, warring and other violence would have decreased significantly.

2. We have been awaiting these developments along with you, and we have what you could call “bittersweet” feelings about the delay. We know that millions still are winding up third density karma; divine grace is granting to millions more amended soul contracts to transition early with full karmic completion credit; and still more millions are evolving at an accelerated pace by sharing others’ karmic burdens. Yet it is sad for us, just as for you, that the topmost dark ones still have enough influence to cause widespread suffering.

3. However, please do not think for a moment that Earth may not make it to the celestial window in time to enter fourth density, where darkness cannot exist. Absolutely everything that needs to precede that momentous happening will! However, instead of coming one by one for society’s easier assimilation and adjustment, profound revelations and changes will be rushing far more swiftly and in larger doses than the Golden Age master planners had anticipated.

4. It is immensely heartening that most of you are seeing the positive perspective of situations that the media are reporting with bleak overtones, such as potential economic meltdown in the “Eurozone” and the global boomerang effect, upheaval in several governments creating national instability, and citizens protesting intolerable circumstances in one country after another. You see those and other tumultuous situations for what they are: essential steps toward initiating systems that are based in fairness and honesty and having leaders with moral and spiritual integrity.

5. Because the dissemination of accurate information is crucial, another good indicator of the light’s progress is that mainstream media censorship clearly is on the decline. For instance, even though the Vatican is one of the kingpins under the Illuminati umbrella, it now is public knowledge that investigation into the Vatican’s financial affairs is underway. Ultimately this will lead to uncovering the cesspool of darkness in that tiny sovereign state, including that it is the international headquarters of satanic worship and a vast storehouse of stolen art treasures.

6. More and more often news commentators and well-informed guests are condemning the lack of holding accountable the persons responsible for the world’s dire economic condition. They are specifying how governments are failing to serve the best interests of their citizens, showing statistically why wars are both futile and senseless, and acknowledging that media have not met their responsibility to accurately inform the public. They are enumerating practical ways to recover economic stability and reform governments, the benefits of ending all wars, and how media can and should be educating the public.

7. No longer are the voices of those individuals and others, whom you call whistleblowers, confined only to the Internet — they’re going “mainstream.” While they see themselves as simply speaking out honestly, frankly and pragmatically, the brilliance of their auras identifies them as spiritually evolved souls who came from advanced civilizations to be way-showers.

8. Other indications of the light forces’ progress aren’t getting that kind of “listen-up!” attention. Some news is distorted or incomplete because the reporters simply don’t know more than the information they are given. Accounts of the nuclear reactors in Japan are ominous because it isn’t known that spacecraft crews are using their technology to reduce the toxic effects of radioactive emanations from the Fukushima facility and to prevent more damage there.

9. Reporters don’t know that the crews are alleviating the most harmful effects of chemtrails, whose very existence still is not widely known, and health-harming pollution from a variety of other sources. As for all the talk of potential military action to curtail the spread of nuclear weaponry, it isn’t known that in honoring Earth’s desire that her residents stop killing each other, God has authorized the crews in spacecraft and on the ground to prevent the functioning of all nuclear weaponry. When the effects of what is called global warming are recounted, most often it is with grave concern because who among your scientists would give credence to the assurance that this is Mother Earth returning to her original moderate climate worldwide?

10. Then there are the situations that are well known by the Illuminati who own media conglomerates and still have enough control to keep some facts quiet. As one example, films and statistics show that recent earthquakes and storms have resulted in many fewer deaths and less property damage than previously. What isn’t reported is why: The Illuminati’s technology that enables them to originate earthquakes and intensify storms is being “jammed” by our universal family so that Mother Nature can carefully release negativity until all of that force is gone — and soon it shall be.

11. Earth’s intention is exactly the opposite of the Illuminati’s, which is massive loss of life, devastating damage and the affected area’s economic ruin, all of which produce more negativity for Earth to deal with. With thanks to our universal family’s technology that can level out the effects of quakes and veer mammoth storms away from coastlines, the Illuminati never managed to achieve the vast extent of death and destruction they intended.

12. You have the advantage of knowing what we and many other messengers in high stations have been transmitting to our respective receivers. By far, you are in the minority. Most of your world’s people still are rooted in third density’s limitations, which makes them especially vulnerable to fear, the ultimate producer of negativity. Whenever there is an opportunity to share your knowledge with persons who are fearful because they don’t know what you do, please enlighten them to the extent they are receptive.

13. Your calm yet excited energy alone will go a long way to easing others’ fears, and it is realistic to anticipate that many will need your help in that respect as well as compassionate understanding. Thus far only the tip of the iceberg is obvious even to you, but during the next few months, happenings will be breathtaking in scope and speed.

14. Along with your awareness of what is ahead in these waning days of third density, there is some confusion about how to prepare to physically ascend with Earth, who will go along with her, how to know if you are absorbing light, what density is, NESARA’s provisions, what will happen at the end of this year, and what life will be like in the Golden Age.

15. In previous messages we have covered these areas quite extensively. It would be a disservice to long-time readers to repeat those explanations and a disservice to persons who are newly awakening to offer only a comment or two. We understand that with time passing so quickly, it is difficult for you to manage all responsibilities, much less search through our messages to locate clarifying information. Therefore, I have asked my mother to do this and to note the dates of messages that include the most explanatory coverage of those areas in question or where misconceptions abound — the dates will be inserted at the end of this message.

16. Since the prevailing vibrations are conducive to the opening of telepathic connections, it is essential that you know how to communicate with only the sources you want to — dark entities are just as eager to connect with you as light beings are! The precautions that apply to receivers of telepathically transmitted messages for distribution apply equally to you.

17. Prior to initiating telepathic communication, ask for protection of the Christed light and demand that only light beings may connect with you. Never try to communicate when you are in ill, fatigued, beset with worries about self or loved ones or financial straits or any other stressful condition or situation. During those times, an effort to speak with a loved one is instead an invitation to base entities because your energy level is too low to reach souls in the light. Humility and gratitude about having achieved telepathic communication carry high vibrations that reach sources in high vibratory levels, whereas the low vibrations of vanity and egotism automatically connect with dark entities. Mother, thank you for searching for prior messages that may include this topic as well as the aforementioned issues.

18. Many are wondering how resolution ever can come out of the many forms of religious and governing ideologies that are the foundations of prevailing belief systems. People whose minds and hearts do not open to the truth about the sinister reason behind the formation of those conflicting convictions no longer will be on the planet to fight for their beliefs to reign supreme. By the laws of physics that govern life in this universe, a closed mind cannot absorb the light that enables physical survival in the higher vibrations of fourth density. Earth’s residents in her Golden Age will choose to live in peace and harmony with each other and with all of Nature.

19. To the reader who is concerned about the destiny of psychiatric patients, who are independent souls with a wide range of conditions that affect each uniquely, all we can offer is what is likely generally and by no means is patient-specific. Those who have no brain damage, whose relatively sound mental abilities have been stultified by prescription drugs, may respond positively to the high vibrations and attain full rational functioning. However, decisive factors in every case are soul contract provisions and the degree of light the body has absorbed; a person whose behavior isn’t harmful to another, but simply doesn’t conform to superficial societal expectations, can indeed absorb light. It is likely that the most gravely mentally ill patients, those labeled psychopaths, will die because their depraved urges and actions are bereft of light. In any event, no one will be institutionalized or imprisoned after the Golden Age gets underway.

20. Because it offers an excellent forum for an explanation of great importance, we address a writer’s suggestion, offered some time ago: on Memorial Day in the United States, the truth be told to the world about who starts wars and why so that “never again will people have to fight and die ‘for freedom.’” We honor the writer’s intense desire for peace in your world, but especially on that emotionally-charged day of commemoration to fallen soldiers, the truth about war could not have been told.

21. Grieving families and friends of troops who have died don’t want to hear that their beloved persons did not die to protect their own nation from oppressors or to help another nation achieve freedom from tyranny. Veterans whose severe wounds have caused physical pain and perhaps loss of limbs don’t want to hear who actually benefited from their service, and neither do those who are living with nightmares about their wartime experience want to hear that truth. Troops still in combat zones or stationed in foreign countries in an occupation capacity don’t want to hear the real reason they are far away from home and families.

22. Beyond those myriad personal situations, beyond the civilian casualties in war zones, and beyond the financial burdens to the peoples whose nations are at war is the global emotional impact. It can be said that the condition coined post traumatic stress disorder is endemic to Earth. No one is immune to this battle energy that permeates your world, no one can escape the ravages that centuries of bloodshed have inured generation after generation to accept as humankind’s nature and lot in life. Yet, the fear of dying is just as pervasive, and that sets up a paradox that minds have to come to terms with.

23. There is another vital factor — the soul’s composition is love energy. The soul knows that it is not human nature to fight one another to the death because each is part of the Oneness of All. The soul knows that life is eternal, that physical death is only a transition to the next lifetime in spirit, where it prepares for the next embodiment.

24. The psyche’s continual subconscious juggling act with soul knowingness keeps the psyche in fragile condition. That is exactly the intention of the dark forces, whose ultimate goal is to capture souls. They are manipulating their Earth puppets to be tenacious in perpetuating the war mentality and fear of death because the negativity produced can fracture psyches and prevent absorption of the light that connects the consciousness and the soul. The collective juggling has paralyzed the civilization into accepting what is force-fed as “patriotism” and all who fight and die are “heroes.” The collective psyche would suffer a severe trauma if this truth about war came forth in one fell swoop.

25. When veterans join with others in peace rallies, worldwide meditations for peace, and internationally respected leaders negotiate peacefully with enough frequency, forcefulness and publicity, minds are stirred. People who formerly accepted official reasons for going to war start questioning, pondering, and then “see the light” that enables psyches to more easily assimilate shocking information — day by day, this is occurring to persons around the world.

26. However, there isn’t much time left for the masses to reach that level of consciousness about what is behind wars or religious dogmas or any other facet of life that is of dark origin and intent. The light that would let individuals avoid severe psychic trauma is the same light that would enable them to physically ascend with Earth. Many will not be ready to accept that for millennia Earth’s population has been controlled by darkness through fear, deception and various forms of mind control.

27. Please understand that these people are doing what is right for them. Every soul becomes enlightened at its own pace, and divine grace offers each as many opportunities as needed to accept the light within truth and spiritually evolve. Be heartened by knowing that even though paces of evolvement differ, reunions of beloved souls take place in compatible energy planes.

28. Now then, we shall briefly address other areas questioned by readers whose concerns are shared by the many people who have no idea where world events are leading. If not initiated prior to Earth’s entry into fourth density at the end of this year, the following changes will occur in increments soon afterwards:

29. Nuclear power plants will be dismantled, no new facilities will be built, and stored nuclear waste will be rendered harmless. The process called fracking will cease and oil drilling equipment and rigs will be eliminated along with above ground power lines.

30. Cell phones will become safe, and the use of surveillance cameras, communication systems and other monitoring devices will end.

31. Elements in foods that are harmful to bodies will be destroyed. Medical procedures that are more damaging than beneficial to bodies and minds will stop, and so will sonar testing that is harming or killing marine life.

32. Laws and cultural customs that curtail human rights will be stricken and proposed regulations for such purposes will not be enacted.

33. Educational systems will give everyone on the planet access to accurate information via computers and printed material. Fair reallocation of the world’s resources will be done as expeditiously as possible.

34. And the sun’s activity is all to your benefit!

35. With confidence and joyousness, you will master any complexities during these last transitional steps into Earth’s Golden Age. Never are you alone — the love of countless light beings has been with you all along this universally unprecedented journey.


Suzanne Ward

36. The following references are on Matthew’s Messages page on Preparing to physically ascend with Earth, who will go along/who won’t and why, how light is absorbed and signs that you are absorbing light often are interwoven, so references to all are listed under Ascension. Messages dated July 25, 2005 and earlier, which have important background information, are not in chronological order — this occurred as my webmaster was transferring messages to the new site she is developing. It’s doubtful that I located every topic’s best clarifying coverage, but this combination of references will be helpful.

February 1, 2012, paragraphs 13-14
January 4, 2012, paras 13-17
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Earth’s Golden Age
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Telepathic Communication
December 5, 2010, para 33
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