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Behind the brutality in Louisiana

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1 Behind the brutality in Louisiana on Tue Jun 05, 2012 1:43 am



Behind the brutality in Louisiana
What was behind the broken bones, hysteria and bruised egos at last weekend’s Louisiana State GOP Convention? Why the attacks on legitimately elected Ron Paul delegates? Don’t the Romney folks get it? Don’t they want to win in November? Don’t they want and need the youth vote? Hispanics? Independents? Even, the Democrats, that Ron Paul is attracting to the party?

And the answer is way more complex that it appears.

Yes, in some state conventions, Romney people have orchestrated the efforts to disenfranchise the new Ron Paul delegates. Look to Nevada to see for yourself. In Clark County (Las Vegas) 111 out of 140 delegates went for Ron Paul so last week the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the GOP walked out, and in a redo of Alaska, they took the GOP money with them. It’s always about money.

In Arizona a Ron Paul victory was stolen. According to reports from the convention, a sealed box was taken home after the vote and the next day 100 ballots got added when it was opened. Said Ron Paul coordinator, Shawn Dow, “They took a bunch of our winners off and then stuck on a bunch of their losers.”

Nathan Sproul was the Romney operative tasked with stopping Ron Paul supporters in Arizona.

Here are the crib notes on Sproul:

“Accused of massive voter registration fraud in several states.”

More on voter registration fraud.

“Team Bush paid millions to Nathan Sproul and then tried to hide it.”

In Illinois, the RNC (Romney National Committee) has a sophisticated system in place to keep out the Ronulans. Many delegate slots to the state convention are empty and the party is actively trying to fill them with anyone but a Ron Paul supporter. As such they have a series of questions they use to screen the applicants. Of course they want to know their age, their race, their occupation, etc. Several applicants have called in to say that a GOP Illinois state official called back to decline their participation.

One was told, “I am so sorry but I will have to say no. You came back with a score of 87%. That’s too high.” It was explained to the applicant that the higher the score that greater the likelihood that they were a Ron Paul supporter and would thus not be allowed by the party to fill the vacant slot and participate in their state convention.

(Citizens from Illinois can contact state RP leader Scott Davis or Laurie Bluedorn for information on becoming a delegate or alternate.)

But it is the more malicious and violent attacks that happened last weekend that has garnered attention. Even if the main stream media ignores it, the stories are viral. And today we are getting a clearer pictures of what happened. This time, it is not the Romney people, indeed they were trying to make peace, understanding that breaking bones is not the way to unite the party. It was local and national Rick Santorum people behind the chaos.

The Santorum people, running the Louisiana State GOP Convention, hired off duty police to do their bidding. Knowing they were outnumbered by duly elected Ron Paul delegates, who had won their elections at precinct, county and district conventions, and knowing that they would immediately be voted out of their positions, the Santorum people decided to manhandle the state convention and make a win with brute force.

The Santorum team rationalized this because of their 49% primary win last March 24. Didn’t this give them the right to run the convention? They decided it did.

But the Santorum people had not turned out voters at the caucus meetings, nor had they elected enough delegates to the state convention. They were desperate. They had to find a place for their national leaders, Tony Perkins, for example, the choleric head of Family Research Council, who had endorsed Santorum and tried to bring along others.

And so off duty police were hired and when the vote went bad, they had the Ron Paul delegates roughed up a bit. All in the name of a loving, God of course. John Calvin would have smiled.

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