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Welcome to the Machine

by freefall - Mar 10, 2015
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Welcome to the Machine Tank

By freefall

“What did you dream? It’s alright, we told you what to dream.”

I suppose that it will take another false-flag attack to once again reach the fevered pitch like it did after 9/11, but still every now and then I read or hear someone telling me how I need to “Support Our Troops.”
I really don’t know what that means anymore. To me, it’s sort of like supporting my automobile.
For the most part, I think I know how it goes. The violence begins early on in childhood. Usually, it starts with abuse from a parent. Of course, you’re much too young to do anything about it or to even understand why someone you were dependent upon and trusted most in this world would do such a thing.
The rage becomes suppressed.
As you grow older, you need to find ways to vent those feelings. Like a criminal returning to the scene of a crime, you’re drawn to the type of people and situations that reinforce the original trauma. But now you can give as well as you get–maybe even better.
The educational “command and control” system teaches you to blindly obey authority. Although this cruelty further feeds your anger, you see the students that rebel being drugged by the Establishment while many end of dropping out. They become the outcasts. Many resort to a life of crime later on.
By high school, you may gravitate to playing sports like football. Here you can gain approval for committing violence that is not only acceptable but encouraged by your community. The enhancement of social status amongst your peers only intensifies this sinister force lurking inside even more.
After high school, many who have acquired this sort of disposition who were not skilled enough to take it further in sports or academics go on to the military.   As jobs become scarcer and the promise of a brighter future beckons for signing on the dotted line, more choose to get into it. How else can you make your parents proud?
Then comes the brutality of some of the basest forms of mind control. The peer pressure in this atmosphere of gladiator training must be enormous. No telling how many in the military have been eaten by their own for their failure to conform.
What twists the narrative up even more is the conditioning to die for it all. But you’re dying for lies fed to you by psychopaths.
Of course, virtually everyone around you tells you otherwise. How can you be doing anything wrong when, while wearing your uniform, people on the street come up to you and thank you for your service to your country and fighting for their freedom?
So due to your blind obedience, you come back from your time in the hell of your own creation if you’re lucky enough to survive. For many, your body doesn’t all come back in one piece. Whatever name your superiors gave your enemies and you were conditioned to believe, most people of any nationality have a tendency to fight back when you bomb their cities, kick in their doors and kill their families.
I suppose that by now, many of you know where this is going. Our media is already calling people like myself “domestic terrorists” just for telling you the truth.
After the collapse, you will receive orders to get rid of most of us. If enough of you choose to obey those orders, I have no illusions that I will survive. I don’t have the training, skills, or types of weapons that you have at your disposal. I only have the willingness to die also before I will ever bow down to the cosmic waste products that you do. That’s what makes you a coward whatever your skills at taking the lives of others may be.
You never had the guts to listen to yourself.
I realize that I could have been like you; that I was like you earlier on–that the violence in me makes me somewhat like you even now and its origins are probably derived from many of the same sources. Given a different set of circumstances, I could have ended up the same place as you find yourself now.
Your military training did not create the rage; it only amplified it.
If you’re at the end of your rope for the things that you have done by blindly obeying orders and thinking of suicide for killing innocent people or those defending their homes and families, they are not judging you. If it takes killing them—even if it takes killing those like me for you to wake the hell up, I have no doubt that what lives on in me beyond this life will not judge you for it.  We will be pulling for you to awaken even then.  That doesn’t mean that I will lay down and allow you to march me into the FEMA camps without a fight while still in my body.
For those of you that can hear me, you can still find your way back. If you’re willing to lay down your life due to the indoctrination forced upon you by murderous liars and thieves, you may as well do it for the right reasons. It’s time that you began living your life from the inside out.
After all, you were not meant to throw away your life as a machine of destruction for the ruling class.

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