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Licencing Everything is Taking Away Your Freedom

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Licencing Everything is Taking Away Your Freedom

Licencing Everything is Taking Away Your Freedom Drivers-licence-aplication-300x183

Licencing Everything is Taking Away Your Freedom
please read article from top to bottom

In this article we will examine how licencing issued by the government takes away our rights and freedoms and converts them into privileges. Biggest topic will be driver’s licence but will touch down on a few other things as well.

What is a right? A right is defined as something one can do. They are absolutely important for freedom of the people in that they provide a dividing line between the state and them.

Generally governments are only suppose to pass laws in the best interests of the people but unfortunately it’s totally apparent, if one pays attention to legislation being passed by Parliament, our rights are being destroyed over time through incremental steps.

The people can not lawfully be forced or compelled into giving up their rights. They are given to us by God. A lot of people call these our birth rights, inalienable rights or God given rights. We are born with them. People would never give up their rights willingly or knowingly, they have to be psychologically manipulated into giving up their rights and freedoms blindly.

Inalienable Rights – Rights which are not capable of being surrendered or transferred without the consent of the one possessing such rights.
~ Black’s Law Dictionary

Also exercising our rights can not be converted into a crime. Most of legislation passed now a days actually does this. It’s a fact. All of these laws that restrict our rights and freedoms which convert them into privileges is known as Statutory Law.

Inalienable rights are upheld through the common law.

The common law is God’s law or Universal law and is based on the golden rule which states:
Do onto other as you have done onto you and do not unto others as you not have others do onto you.

There are two fundamental principles of common law:
- Do not infringe upon the rights, freedoms or property of others, and
- Keep all contracts willingly, knowingly and intentionally (- means dedicated to obeying it).

Before 1982 the Charter of Rights and Freedoms didn’t even exist in Canada. Canada is a lot older than that so did people have no rights because it wasn’t written in legislation? Of course not, people had to rely upon their common law rights, which they were born with!

By the way, The Charter of Rights and Freedoms does not even mention anything about property rights! Hope your happy with your phony constitution Canada!

Common law is basically do not harm anyone, do not steel from anyone , do not vandalize or invade anyone’s property and keep all contracts in honor, and do not infringe upon the rights of others done deal.

Now let us examine how we are manipulated into converting our right to travel into a privilege.

“The common law doctrine applicable generally to public highways in this country is that the public are entitled not only to a free passage along the traveled part, but to a free passage along any portion of it …”
~ POW v Township of West Oxford OWR 1908

When one goes and gets their licence they do a test which costs a fee (hang on a sec, I thought usage of highways are free). Once they pass the test they are issued a licence. When they sign to get that piece of plastic known as Driver’s Licence and/or Government identification, they are actually signing a contract agreeing to follow the rules and regulations of the “Highway Traffic Act”. That is where all the different fines and punishments are found when it’s comes to Drivers on the highway or road.

Meaning of words change over time, and governments usually change the meanings of the words so that people can be manipulated into giving up their freedoms and condition newer generations as the time slips into the future.
We now know what a right is so lets take a look at some more definitions of true meaning of words. Read everything please.

_____________________________________________________Licencing Everything is Taking Away Your Freedom Rights-during-police-vehicle-search-800x800

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