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Cannabis Paste V.S Cannabis Oil- Alcohol V.S Vegetable Glycerin

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Cannabis Paste V.S Cannabis Oil- Alcohol V.S Vegetable Glycerin

The final process in making the oil from Cannabis is to squeeze out the oil after it has been cooked. Taking the paste and running it through a filter or cheese cloth which in the end you have the oil or Tincture. This is a huge waste to thrown away a large amount of the cannabis to end up with only oil . Take a look at the picture below. There is a LOT of CBD in that left over Cannabis.

Attachment 297561

Vegetable Oil extraction V.S Alcohol extraction.
The proper heat and time will Decarboxylate or release/activate the CBC, CBD, THC, etc. from the plant.

Rick Simpson's super high heat alcohol extraction surprisingly cured a few people but sadly was a poor dangerous method. THC is a Cannabinoid that does not evaporate or get damaged at such high heat unlike CBD etc. That is why Ricks method surprisingly worked due to the THC left.

Rick was on the right track by using Cannabis for many cures but he pretty much destroyed the CBD and other Cannabinoids by using super strong alcohol and boiling it in a deep fryer. This method is actually really flammable and completely unnecessary and tastes like crap.

Cannabis Paste is: Vegetable Glycerin or coconut oil at a low temperature for a much longer time which does not damage the Cannabinoids.
Several labs in Denver all agree that 176 F is the perfect temp to Decarboxylate the cannabis. Why would anyone use 190 proof in a deep fryer?

Summary of Ricks method.
Why throw away the leftover cannabis?
Why do a dangerous method?
Why destroy the Cannabinoids?
Why make a nasty tasting oil?

Here is the recipe
Cannabis Paste
Steps are:

1. Grind a half ounce of Cannabis buds in a coffee grinder then poor into a small (8 oz) mason jar.
2. Poor 2.5 ounces of 100% pure vegetable glycerin oil or coconut oil into same jar then close it tight and shake well.
3. Put jar in a big pan of water.The water level needs to be over 5 inches high.
4. Put pan on a small burner at 1 or low for 10.5 hrs with a lid. The water level will affect the temperature so adjust the water level and temperature to a steady 175F at all times.

Tips: Shake jar every couple hours if possible. Make sure lid is on good or water will get in jar. Use 8 OZ Mason Jar as it will submerge enough under water.

Got this recipe off of

Thanks to:


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