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Out Of Mind » PERCEPTUAL AWARENESS » POWER TOOLS » The 11:11 Phenomenon, Why More People Are Seeing These Numbers Sacred numerology and the meaning behind the numbers

The 11:11 Phenomenon, Why More People Are Seeing These Numbers Sacred numerology and the meaning behind the numbers

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The 11:11 Phenomenon, Why More People Are Seeing These Numbers

Sacred numerology and the meaning behind the numbers

By: Sylvia Murphy  |@NeonNettle
 on 9th March 2015 @ 10.24am

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Clairvoyant Doreen Virtue states in her book, Angel Numbers 101 “In practical terms, this means that your thoughts are going through a cycle  
There’s nothing more haunting or daunting than a regular Groundhog Day sighting of the number 11:11 week in, week out, every… bloody… day you pick up your phone or glance at the clock! But what does this really mean? Why do you constantly keep seeing these same double digits?

11:11 is supposedly meant to be a hint that your angels are trying to communicate with you through numbers, so fear not, this is said to be positively beautiful and apparently you are on the right track having the power to now manifest anything you truly desire. And it is said that the more 1’s you see the stronger the path is to the post of an energy gateway.

Clairvoyant Doreen Virtue states in her book, Angel Numbers 101 “In practical terms, this means that your thoughts are going through a cycle where they are manifesting instantly into form. You think it, and boom! It happens. When these cycles occur, it's extra important to keep your thoughts focused upon your desires, and to stay positive. Otherwise, your fears may manifest instantly”

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Human DNA, our genetic memory, triggers (remembers) by digital codes at specific times and frequencies as we experience  
The fact that numbers are a big part of our life’s really does determined the fact that numbers are the perfect way for the unknown to try to contact us, numerology is everywhere and 11 is often referred to as ‘master number’ along with 22 and 33 which do in fact represent something above and beyond mundane.

So why do we keep seeing one of these master numbers again and again? It’s simple; we are a spirt having a psychical experience not a physical being embarking on a spiritual experience.

Reality is a consciousness program (hologram, simulation, illusion, dream) created by digital codes. Numbers, numeric codes, define our existence and experiences. Human DNA, our genetic memory, triggers (remembers) by digital codes at specific times and frequencies as we experience. Those codes awaken the mind to the change and evolution of consciousness. 11 is one of those codes, meaning activation of twin spiraling human DNA.”

It has been said that those who consider themselves as ‘light workers’ often see 11:11 as a constant reminder that they are here to spread light and love on the earth. It has been said that the angels will remind their light workers using electronic devises like ringing on the door bell yet no one is there, via the phone or even switching off lights to grab the attention of particular souls on earth who have loving work to do.

© Press
Others say that seeing 11:11 is one of a suite of Ascension symptoms that have affected millions of people since the global energy shift on 11.11.11  
Now get this. After September 11th there are 111 days left to the end of the year. September 11th is the 254th day of the year: 2 + 5 + 4= 11. The state of New York is The 11th State, each building had 110 stories, New York City has 11 letters, Afganistan has 11 letters, The Pentagon has 11 letters, flight 11 had 92 on board and 9+2 = 11, the twin towers standing side by side looks like 11, the first plan to hit the towers was flight 11 and flight 11 had 11 crew members on board.

The list is practically endless and this is not a coincidence, how can it be?! Now 11 is part of a master number along with 22 and 33 bearing in mind that in Numerology it is not reduced to a single digit. The numbers each have a special significance and 11 being vision.

Each of these three numbers represents a triangle, a triangle of enlightenment or illumination. Could it be that the ‘illuminati’ know the importance of 11 knowing that it comes from the angels with great love reminding Light workers of their work on earth or could the angels be sending us signs that 9/11 was in fact a terror attack on their own people disguised as a terrorist attack.

Others say that seeing 11:11 is one of a suite of Ascension symptoms that have affected millions of people since the global energy shift on 11.11.11 and apparently it has opened your third eye charka. This means that from that time it is now easy to manifest anything you want. 11 plays a very big part in history, there is so much more to 11 than the twin towers.

It is very common that many infamous names, events and places add up to 11 letters so It seems to be a big number in which is used over and over again as a code for illuminati. Could this mean that the spirit world contacts us through these master numbers knowing that it does play such a big importance among the elite? I guess we will never know, but I’m sure, one day, the truth will shine bright sooner than later.

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