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1 ALIVE AND WELL, CONNECTED AND BALANCED on Sat Apr 04, 2015 9:19 am



April 4, 2015 Ines Radman Uncategorized

It’s been a while since I posted anything and often I feel bad about that. Not because I don’t post anything but because I feel that I have an obligation to do so. I was taught that when you start something, you can’t just walk away from it. The reason for not posting is not so much my partner, he’s recovered from the flu and it was a tough ride, touch and go, but he pulled through, it’s that I lost the connection with all this crap going around.
I am immune to the atrocities, or detached is a better word, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel the pain and anguish of souls suffering on this planet. As the madness increases I ask myself “Why is the world silent?”. I could list a million reasons but I doubt any of them have any legitimacy because we are living in this matrix, we are surrounded by the controllers veils.
Many of the “know who done it” folks have their own versions and theories of what is going on, but the fact is that if 20 people have different versions, which of those 19 are wrong or which one of the 20 are right? Only one of them is correct or none are correct. Do we really know? Do you honestly think and feel that some entity is about to unveil the future?
What is the purpose of telling us what is about to happen? If we knew this, would we even bother to work on ourselves? Why search for truth if it’s being given to us in future predictions? Who are these entities that “download” or “channel” their messages? Just because that entity claims to be “ONE”, how do they prove they are? Take 20 of your favorite truth seekers or authors of blogs and YouTube channels, which one of them are correct or are in the know of what is really about to happen?
It’s all designed to confuse us. Every single message coming from “above” is designed to confuse us. I’m not saying nothing is going to happen, I’m just saying that it’s not happening the way these entities are saying or downloading because if they were telling the truth, we have to ask ourselves: “Why bother growing and evolving our Soul if we already know what the future will bring?” That is why we are here, to figure it out, to remember, to find out who we are and why we are here. That’s it! Once you remember who you are, once you realize you chose this experience, you chose this role to play, you are free.
I feel free, but that doesn’t mean that I AM free. The soul that is ME is free. I know I am here to learn, to experience, to remember who I am, you see, once you figure that out, the external world diss-attaches from you, you become YOU and ONLY YOU. As Jeshua/Jesus said in the bible: “I am not part of this world”. This is why he walked the Earth at that time, trying to tell people that no matter what is around you and what is going on, the material/physical aspect of your life is the experience you choose, but you are not that material aspect, your home is godly and it has many rooms, the different realities and experiences you choose to have.
These days I am spending most of my time outdoors, in the garden and I notice that my energies increase, I feel less pain and less stiffness. I longed for the sun, where normally we get 260 days of sunshine in the year, we now get 260 days of rain, so we much appreciate the sun now. This sun is an artificial construct, I totally agree with a few people that’s the case. It’s not possible to be outdoors on a March sunny day and get a sunburn, it is not possible with a real sun. This sun is not warm and yellow glowing, this sun is white and sharp, dangerous, that’s why we are being told to avoid long exposures and not because there are Ozone holes, but because the sun is now an artificial construct, I truly believe that.
So what is the point to this post you might ask? There is no point. Just my thoughts for the day, as I sit here typing and my fingers freezing off my hands, the first week in April and we are burning the wood stove. I have 3 layers of shirts and sweaters on, a kangaroo jacket and a feather vest. I’m wearing tights under my sweats and wool socks. The house temperature is 15C, yes you heard that.
Luckily I prepared for this climate change and most of my beds are hooped so like now, I have placed plastic on the beds to keep the cold out, my fellow Croatians are not even buying starts/transplants yet because they keep doing the same thing and hoping for different results. That is what I call madness. Madness is doing the same thing over and over and hoping for different results. You would think that after 3 years of crappy weather and cold springs they would have figured out that we no longer enjoy 260 days of sunshine.
Don’t be fooled by all the disinformation out there, it’s designed and set up to confuse you. None of these folks that claim to have contacts or downloads from higher beings can prove that and can’t verify that they are who they claim to be. Remember, the Universal Law stipulates that humans cannot be interfered with, that doesn’t mean we don’t have help and it doesn’t mean that we will not get the assistance to get us through this, but 99% of the information is convaluted, confusing, contradicting, and 20 people have 20 different messages, that ought to tell you something.
I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to Emily Windsor Craig and her connection to the Royal Blood Lines, her experiences and her visions of how she sees our reality at this time. Although I don’t necessarily agree with some things, I do suggest to listen to a few of her interviews as her take on the Annunaki is pretty cool.
Also, I have been listening to Gerald Clark and his information on the Annunaki and the Emerald Tablets, but here is another example of someone else interpreting their own views on the Annunaki and their history. How do we know what is really true? Does it matter? Does it really matter? Yes, I believe that knowing our history is important, but knowing it doesn’t mean we have solved our problems, solving the history issue is not going to give us answers on how to proceed either. It matters not if it’s spelled Enki or Enchi does it? It’s still the same entity and it changes nothing.
So, the 4th blood moon happened. What is with all the prophecies when the 4th blood moon happens? I hear silence. Everyone had some theory as to what is going to or could happen, and yet like December 21, 2012 nothing actually did happen on a material visible scale. We change our reality folks, through our consciousness that is awakening we have also changed the prophecies, prophesies are designed on “possibilities”, therefore, another fear mongering event.
Let’s look at what we see and know. The terminal madness is exponentially showing itself. Our governments and PTB are openly attacking and declaring wars on countries they want to break down into little pieces. Our planet is shifting, the weather is extreme in all parts of the globe, there are 10 times more Earthquakes this year alone from the past 5 years and there were 5 times more earthquakes preceding that year before, so it’s obvious that the Earth is shifting, moving and gliding towards our destination of the Galactic Plane. Furthermore, I do believe that  Nibiru or Planet X is in our Solar system, but I don’t believe it will cause too much catastrophic realities, we Do have help, we have not been left alone to fend for ourselves.
What can I do with a rifle against EMP attacks? We are in essence naked and can be annihilated at any given time, but that’s not what we came here for, the powers against us are there for us to accept our identity and lessons, nothing else.
Let’s face it, if we all came here and everything was perfect, there would be no need to evolve or grow, therefore, the setting for the game had to be designed this way. Death is not the end, death is simply leaving this body and going on to a new adventure, remember that. We are programmed into thinking that death and destruction is EVIL, it’s not evil, it’s part of the game we chose to play.
It’s all ending soon, how soon? When you and decide we have had enough and when Gaia finally decides it’s time to make the final leap. Hang on folks, it’s going to be incredible. In a flash moment you will see this incredible bright light colored in colors you have never seen before. That flash filled with bright colors will blind you, and while standing there in AWE of what you are seeing, all evil and inorganic things will vanish off this planet. As we quickly move/shift into higher dimension reality, everything that is not from the earth will disintegrate, and the souls that created evil will flush their program, some will stay and some will go, depends on what role they chose to play. In that flash moment of incredible colors, the fog starts to lift, this fog is colorful, misty colors lifting as we look down and realize we are not feeling the weight of our bodies anymore.
I don’t believe that we will be erased, that our memories will be wiped, I don’t agree with Yellow Rose because what is purpose of choosing this reality if we can’t talk about to future generations, this is part of our past, our history, it’s recorded in the akashic.  So, we look down and realize our bodies are no longer solid, we think blue and our body turns crystalline blue, we think yellow and it turns crystalline yellow. That’s when we realize we have shifted and that we earned our light bodies and start messing around with thoughts and realizing that we are now creating every thought. It will take time and practice, but this is the new paradigm shift, it all happens in a few seconds.
We will not be afraid, those of us that are aware and awake, will not be afraid of this shift, in fact, it will be incredible.
So let go of the who done it crap, that’s just there to confuse you and keep you distracted from your own inner growth and evolution. You are not part of that reality, your reality is inside and higher, this material world is the stage, you chose to come here and play your role, that’s all you do, just play your role and go back behind the curtain, live your life, be good to others, help your fellow human and prepare for the changes. I believe it will happen in the next year or this year, it all depends on us, the harder they hit us, the faster we will shift.
Now that I got that off my chest, going to do some work in the garden. I love you all.

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