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Streams of Consciousness, Walk-Ins and More!!

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1 Streams of Consciousness, Walk-Ins and More!! on Tue Apr 07, 2015 11:23 am



Streams of Consciousness, Walk-Ins and More!!

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Much to my complete surprise, I was down, down, down yesterday, which really boggled me.  I was able to see and hear in the most intense influx of energy called the eclipse and the very day it should have been all settled (according to spirit anywayz) I am staring at my damn floor all day long.  I couldn’t even get an inkling for myself… a whisper… a hint of why… at least, not until I took a bath mid afternoon.
Obviously a much larger understanding is being set up for all of us.  An understanding that must one day turn into purposeful movement for all of us, especially as we move into deeper clarity of who we are and what our grander mission is in this particular incarnation.  Let me back up 3 days and give you the back story of my meditation experience and understandings.
Last week, I started to fully realize that thing (time machine, atmosphere enhancer, not really sure what it fully was/is) that was growing in ET land, that I seen so clearly in its erect state, was simply gone now.  I have been trying to see it for weeks and it’s just not there any longer, energy wise anywayz.  I pondered where and WHY did it go and I was told.
When Michael arrived in my world February 1st, he brought with him the codes, the blueprints if you will, of this thing within his DNA.  With the confluence of my energy, the ET’s vibration in the front yard, everything was set for this to become active.  For a moment, it became active.  Then I scooped up Michael’s energy and sent it back to him.  That created the release of it all.
The other day, while talking in one of ET sessions with a wonderful man (who’s ET’s pulled the shade down on their field, saying, he no longer needs me to connect with them) he mentioned the movie Stargate.  I could feel a wave of excitement in me and decided to hunt down that movie for a view.  I found it on my Directv catalog and downloaded it.  That same night, I (accidentally) had the show “ancient aliens” on my TV (I usually don’t watch that, but I was doing something else when it came on.)  Don’t ya know the show was talking about a stargate.  Hmmmmmm… again, I could feel that wave move thru me.
I attempted to watch the movie on the 4th, but my brains were so damn expanded I couldn’t pay attention to the movie at all.  So I watched it on the 5th, the moment that one guy came in to look at all the ancient egyptian symbols that the original team was trying to decode for 2 years, he could clearly read it and correct what they had inaccurate.  Instantly, I knew… I mean, I KNEW that is what I do!!!  THAT is why I am here.
But that time machine thingie is no more.  Dammit.
So as I crawl into my bathtub yesterday, more to bitch about not seeing and having yet another day of rescheduling, OMG, I was astonished with what was revealed.  First the presence of Jorge was there.  The pure consciousness that is Jorge.  Then he showed me something that simply left me speechless.
Spirit has always said there is always a back up plan to a back up plan to a back up plan.  This massive energy system we called the eclipse enacted many of those back up plans as everything is set to go, be fully functional now.  He had said that all is not lost, just going to arrive in a different package (human… I think human lol.)  He also changed his name from Jorge to Norte (north) to give the energy of new and different.
I found an image online that is as close as I can get to showing you what I had been shown:

Like I said, when I see people’s “consciousness” in the field itself, it looks like the view of a hurricane system captured from above.  Now imagine that those lines depicted in the visual are streams of consciousness from your soul, our group soul.  Keeping in mind, ascended masters work in group soul energies, like bee hives.
Let me also say too, we give wayyyyy to much credit to the word “ascended master” because at the end of the day, they are still in a body with an ego and if they never stir within, then it doesn’t matter who they are at the soul level, the game is played here on earth and doing all we can to “remember” is crucial.  But… we don’t have to remember/relearn how to use our uniqueness, if we don’t want to.  So when we wrap that fuzzy blanket around us that says “I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing” that’s such a line of bullshit we give to ourselves to eliminate the responsibility of not doing what we came here to do.  But, as we know, there is a back up plan for everyone… free freakin will and all that!!
So I watched as quite a few of these energy streams were removed from one consciousness (which would also remove the energy from the DNA itself) and place it into another consciousness with a higher vibrational frequency within the cellular body.
So what Jorge, now Norte said is no worries, the game has been delayed but not ended.  He is already preparing the next person for this adventure.  And again, I am sure this is a full human, there was such an ET quality to the view.
As quickly as all the energy and information came in, it stopped just as fast.  I got out of the tub, sat on my couch and pondered.  I was still very much in the squeeze of energy that happens when we are in direct communication with our Source and the larger understanding unfolded on a broad scale.
I could see the fluid like sub-dimensions that I shared yesterday, fluttering, overlapping, opening and closing.  I could see the image of a human (no one in particular) moving in and out of these dimensions.  Some going back to denser sub-dimensions to get a course in remembering all over again, some going into higher dimensions to expand what they have put into play already.  Some, never moving an iota, ever.
I watches as these tendrils direct from our source, moved in and out of a person’s consciousness, changing the game over and over.  New people in, old people out, sudden moves to align with the experiences at hand, lessons to relearn, activity to expand.  We are constantly moving in and out of various dimensions, well, except the ones who never move at all.  They are what spirit calls the witnesses to the game, not active players but came in to add to the energy of it all.
We are all given moments of activation, when we have that moment in time to do something bigger than we have done before.  Should we miss that opportunity, the tendrils that held that wisdom, those codes are removed from that consciousness and embedded in another.  This really gave light to the thing we know as “walk ins.”  The main soul never changes, but the streams of consciousness from other, closely related souls (again, from the other side of the veil, especially in this highly technical matrix, it is done by a soul group working together as opposed to individually) which is why some have many ascended masters as their guides/teachers.
I had one lady on the field on the 5th whose visual shocked me.  Not only did she have the four sections of that fuzzy black energy surrounding her, her body appeared to be opened in 4 directions, like a banana peel and laid out flat as this clear gel with many multicolored dots of energy filled her core, which too, was completely wiped out.  Her team said she had to first become fully deconstructed as she becomes fully reconstructed.  Emerging so new… as if her whole world is being reborn.  From spirits view, it is.
She had asked about a relationship, as many of us are still sitting at our tables tapping our fingers saying… when!!!  Dammit!!  (smile)  What I was able to see and understand… man oh man, it will be worth the wait.  I could see what I imagine must be May-ish, the release or maybe the completion of the release of a pure higher love from spirits side into the (readied) human containers (us.)  A love that hits the soul and is less concerned with the body’s view/appearance.  It would have to supersede the ego and move directly into the heart.  The expansion, the unconditionalness of it all.  But with a twist… we keep thinking as humans… forever!  Few will be forever, that frequency of love is here to open doorways, engage expanded experiences and when you have done what was needed for each other and the greater all, the doorway opens for the next grand adventure (person) to step in and continue the dance.
So, if you suddenly see people falling out of your life, bless them and know your story is changing, move with the energy of direction.  What we perceive too, as death, is simply one form of life merger with a higher form (vibration) of life on another dimension inaccessible from the current stage (people and places surrounding them.)  One may pass as an 80 year old in this dimension and merge with their 15 year old incarnate in another dimension.  Or, we can do it while fully conscious, meaning… MOVE.  Change your personal venue and do not get caught up in any one story line.
This also gives an amazing view of how all lives are happening simultaneously as well.
I have a feeling too, the stage has been set for the next new ways of reading and understanding!!  Today better be a freakin viewable day!!!  On that note… it’s getting to be about that time and I am freakin excited to see the changes thru you cuz you all-ways help me to understand me so much better.  Thank you for Being here and especially for your faith, trust and love in me!!  What a team we are!!!
((((((HUGZ))))) filled with warped speed adventures and new, higher resonant connections to ALL!!!
Lisa Gawlas

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