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The Messengers Spring 2015 Promotion

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1 The Messengers Spring 2015 Promotion on Tue Apr 07, 2015 1:24 pm



Published on Apr 3, 2015
The Messengers Indiegogo Spring 2015 Campaign

Support this epic event for humanity!
Go to:

Narrated by Paul Tomes
Music by Arn Andersson
("Global Reach" by Mark Petrie)

I’ve been blessed to have an illustrious career as one of the world’s top muralists and the honor of working with some of the most prestigious film companies, museums, and entertainment stars.  That all got laid aside when I had a vision over four years ago to dedicate my expertise as an artist exclusively to helping humanity in any way that I could.  An idea immediately followed this wholehearted commitment, as if it had always been there -- waiting to be handed down from above.  I never set out with any intention of creating a whole new art form.  Perhaps it is.  Nonetheless, my original desire was purely to create the most visceral experience possible for every viewer who comes to one of these exhibits.  The power of art is undeniable.  Throughout history it is the means that touches us all on the most universal level.  We’ve been forever moved to tears or ecstasy by music … had our breath taken away by art … and felt our very souls lifted by the inspirational words of genius minds.  This idea started out relatively simple … to use these “arts” to convey the deepest wisdom of the ages.  As such, the theme is The Human Odyssey … what world-renowned mythologist, Joseph Campbell, coined as The Hero’s Journey … the basis of all story throughout time.  It got more exciting when we combined the most astute level of Classical artistry with the most cutting edge animation technology – taking an already museum-level exhibition to the level of a spiritual experience.  This expose endeavors to give the viewer the sense of being an integral part of the scene before them, as opposed to being a mere spectator. On an inward level, the key purpose here is to use a truly effective means of raising our awareness of our fullest potential as a collective humanity.  On the outward level, once this event goes “live”, we are committed to making a difference in our world by providing significant support to the most vulnerable among us.  I hope you will join us by being a part of bringing this vision to life.
Thank you, Christian Wolfe

Above image: Still shot of a detail portion of an animated mural painting.

Beginning with the powerful, time-proven mediums of art, music, and prose, The Messengers innovatively blends timeless classical mastery with the revolutionary technology of today to become one of the most uniquely immersive and revelatory experiences of our time. 
This unparalleled tour takes us on an unforgettable journey through twelve rooms where we find ourselves being an integral part of larger than life illuminated scenes that envelop us in a 90-degree arch. 

Above image: The initial room of an actual exhibit.
The Messengers revisits the same aesthetic refinement of art by the classical masters of the past with the added elements of animation and interactivity created by today's most cutting edge techniques in cinematography and animation.  Meticulous attention to detail is evident in every frame of movement from beginning to end.   Narration and an original score combine to take these art forms to the level of a revelatory experience, resulting in what could be described as an altogether new art form that stands on its own alongside classical art and cinema.
The intention here is beyond the superficial sensationalism that is so prevalent in the over-saturated world of modern entertainment.  It is to provide visitors with the immersive experience of being a part of the captivating scenes before them.  These epic works powerfully portray the dynamic interplay between humans and angelic beings, representing the archetypal stages of our collective Human Odyssey. The journey takes us through every phase of the human experience from despair to the most exalted states of self-realization. 
The Messengers draws upon the wisdom of the greatest minds throughout human history.  These include spiritual icons such as Christ and Buddha; scientists including Einstein and Carl Sagan; philosophers like Rumi and Dante; and what world-renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell defined as The Hero's Journey, which is the essence of all mythology. 
The Messengers endeavors to kindle a rediscovery and reawakening of the wisdom and understanding that innately dwells within each of us. It is that universal essence that transcends all ideologies. It is a map for navigating our inner life as we dwell in the physical world. It is a gentle reminder that each of us has the power in every moment to reclaim a purposeful connection with our innate virtues and divinity. The shadows of our forgotten ancestors are reawakened and brought into full light, awareness, and understanding. If we are to connect as an integrated humanity, then the only effective time is now.  The Messengers endeavors to illuminate this deepest truth, and to deliver what hope merely promises.

Above image: Painting one of the frames of this new art form.
Far beyond creating mere sensationalism, the deeper motive here has always been to provide visitors with an incomparably and viscerally-rich experience of being a part of the compelling scenes before them, as opposed to simply being a spectator.

Above image: Viewers will become an integral part of the larger than life scenes before them.
Following its premiere launch after 12-18 months of production The Messengers will commence to tour the globe, debuting at some of the world’s most prestigious venues.

The mission of The Messengers is to serve as a reminder of our freedom in every moment to shed the impediments to realizing our highest potential. Above all, The Messengers is a timely and tangible humanitarian effort to generate substantial funds for the global effort to abolish famine across the world. The noble cause of bringing health, peace, and prosperity to the most impoverished regions of the world is the core essence of The Messengers. This is a call to action already underway. Join us!

Thomas Christian Wolfe's distinguished career spans over three decades with epic murals and paintings for such prestigious clients as The California Academy of Sciences, The Oakland Museum, Yellowstone Club World's Emerald Cay, Kenny Loggins, Dreamworks, Disney, Sony, and many others. His work has been described as classical, romantic, epic, visionary, universal, and unforgettable.
Over the four years of developing this vision down to every last detail, Wolfe has had no trouble inspiring some of the world's most outstanding artists to join on his mission to use art for its highest purpose.
Our dream team is comprised of world-renowned artists, writers, musicians, and technical experts who have all received great esteem and admiration for their professional achievements in their assorted fields. This includes a roster of accomplished masters, each of whom have contributed their talents to productions that have collectively garnered Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, and earned billions of dollars worldwide. 

The Messengers is an ambitious endeavor. The designs and committed team are ready to go. However, significant production costs include video and lighting equipment and crew, model fees, studio space, marketing and promotion costs, website development, venue rental, printing, display construction, etc. We can only do this with a substantial working budget to meet these considerable costs. This is where you, as a part of the global community can step in to be a part of this noble cause by contributing whatever you can to help it launch.  
Here is a list of our goals with this initial outreach to our global community:

  • Designing (Storyboarding) all twelve murals
  • Creating at least one fully functioning model/protype
  • Creating the all new exciting website in HTML5 (which will be accessible on all devices), including its online store.  This will be our "eye" to the global community -- which includes the unprecedented idea of showcasing a series of twelve behind-the-scenes short films that will show  all of you the trials and triumphs of creating a global event.

Of course, meeting our budget needs is extremely important. However, there are many ways that you can help The Messengers meet its goals. Spread the word about The Messengers Indiegogo campaign through your own social media resources including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. Use the Indiegogo share tools right on The Messengers page!
In addition to helping us meet our budget needs, there are many other ways that you can help The Messengers meet its goals: 

  • Sign-up at our official website via the JOIN button
  • Good at social networking?  We can always use more team members!
  • Spread the word about The Messengers Indiegogo campaign through your own social media resources including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. 
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools right on The Messengers page!  
  • If you have marketing or project management skills and wish to join our team as a volunteer, then please contact the project director.

The Messengers team is going all out to give you some exciting gifts in our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude of your enthusiasm for our success 
All levels of contribution will give you a permanent credit in all future promotions and actual events.  

Shown above: The Messengers desktop comes signed by our core team.

Shown above: The hand-created and numbered "Angelicus Plumis" edition.  Own a tangible piece of divinity. (Donate soon to acquire the earlier series numbers!) These truly are divine gifts, literally imbued with actual high-frequency holy energy. Rest assured that no divine beings were harmed in the making of this product.
Our gifts range from high-quality t-shirts designed by our director, as well as limited edition prints of the plethora of images created for The Messengers event.   All prints are available in various sizes, quantities, standard numbered prints, APs, and remarks, framed and unframed -- all relative to your donation amount.  Special gifts include original drawings and artwork. 

Shown above: Woman's short-sleeved "Calling all Humans" tee.  Available in all sizes, men and women's.

Above: Premium gifts include mural-size limited-edition Giclee prints on canvas.

Above: Only the finest inks and printers are used in the making of all event prints..

Above: The "Inspiritus" painting was created specifically for this Indiegogo campaign and is available in various sizes as a signed and numbered limited edition. The actual murals will be far more ambitious. However, “Inspiritus” is emblematic of the event's message about the inseparable connection between ourselves and our divinity.

Above: Premium gifts include custom frame and title plaque designed by artist.

Above: Detail of "Inspiritus", created specifically for this campaign by our director, Thomas Christian Wolfe.  The Giclee prints retain the original's masterful detailing.

As with any endeavor, this project is being created in stages.  This is the first of a series of four Indiegogo campaigns we’ve planned over the upcoming 12 months.  Our goal with this initial campaign is to get us into actual production after years of astute designing and planning that has finally brought us to the place of total assurance this vision is completely viable and realistic.
The costs are significant to create this altogether new art form.  Pre-production begins with extensive “storyboarding” of the twelve epic-scale murals.  This is followed immediately with designing costumes, hiring numerous professional models/actors, extensive green-screen and underwater photo shoots, and designing the background sceneries.  Post-production includes weeks of editing and preparing reference imagery, months of painting, and composing an original score, as well as composing the powerful prose that is to align with each of the twelve murals.
Every plateau we reach in contributions takes the project to the next level of production.  Below is a breakdown of what we will be able to achieve with each contribution milestone we reach from your generous support: 
$100,000 plateau:

  • Storyboard all twelve animated murals
  • Create a prototype of one live animated mural
  • Create a new website in HTML5 to cross all devices (in 7 languages).

$250,000 plateau:

  • Create more of the twelve animated murals
  • Create the “pilot” of the 12-part webisode series entitled: “The Making of The Messengers Event”, which will give our global community a behind-the-scenes viewing of the exciting stages of creating this event.

$500,000 plateau:

  • Complete creation of remaining twelve animated murals
  • Create 5 more webisodes of the 12-part series of “The Making of The Messengers Event”.
  • Compose original sound score to align with 12 murals
  • Compose original prose to align with 12 murals

$1,000,000 plateau:
This is what is needed to create all the content for this epic event! 

  • 12 completed animated murals
  • Original sound score (recorded with live orchestra)
  • Original narration
  • New HTML5 website in 7 languages
  • Entire 12-part webisode series of “The Making of The Messengers Event”.

Above and Beyond:
Producing the first “live” premiere event of The Messengers will require considerably more than the seed funding to create the content.  Once we have reached the plateau of creating all of the content for The Messengers, we will be ready to present to a panel of celebrity investors needed to build the infrastructure of the world-touring exhibit. This activates all the associate production teams and individuals who will build the actual exhibit including the state-of-the-art unique projection system, curved screens, venue planning, marketing, promotion, and all further aspects of managing and producing the "live" experience.
Throughout all of our Indiegogo campaigns, as well as on our official website, we will keep our subscribers and the global community updated on a daily basis as to our project’s progress.

The Messengers team sincerely wishes to thank everyone who has been so supportive from the very inception of this vision four years ago -- including all of our newest friends and supporters here, who can consider yourselves to be no less than executive producers of this unprecedented event.  

Black Cat Studio
Pearl Printing
Positive Impact Magazine
Robert Arnot Productions
Thrive Movement
Wernher Krutein Photography


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