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Dreaming, Parallel Realities and Ascension

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Dreaming, Parallel Realities and Ascension


Those who have watched the 2010 film Inception will resonate deeply with this blog and will come to see that the film conveys a lot of profound truth.

The main premise of the film is that in this reality – here and now – we may well be dreaming and thus we may not be truly awake here in this reality.

What is the difference between dreams and life experience? Which is the most real? How do you know? Is it possible that this life is a dream and the dream-world is reality?

At the same time there are many other dream levels that one can dream into, with each dream reality running on a different time frequency. Those who explore their dreams will find these other spheres/ levels/ realities.

In my understanding, the main difference between Inception and this reality is in the portrayal of the dream levels – in that the level of limbo where one can get stuck is actually here and not several dream layers down!

This world is the densest level of dream, and in essence we are all dreamers here and we are in each other’s dream (a shared dream). We are all fully awakened on a much deeper level, although many people are oblivious to the fact and are not even aware they are in a dream now.

Some people (myself included) are awake within the dream, but crucially know it is a dream and that there are more real realities beyond this world.

Some people may feel that whether this world is a dream or not is not really relevant. However dreams are inherently unstable and are created by the subconscious (that of which we are not aware of). Hence, unless we are awake in the dream of this life, we will have no control over what manifests in our dream.

If we are awake, the process of awakening itself will end the unconsciousness to the dream and new pathways out of this dream will then become manifest (Ascension).

All dreamers will eventually leave this dream reality of 3D, either through death (a deep falling asleep and a re-emergence in the dream somewhere else) which is less than favourable, or thorough a conscious Ascension, where we are able to leave this dream entirely and not return.

As one becomes awakened here, one sees how inherently unstable this dream is, and how in the end this dream will become overrun by unfavourable subconscious projections as tension builds in this dimension.

It is impossible for a suppressed subconscious to remain so indefinitely – and what is suppressed can and does appear externally in this world in the form of dream projections that appear real. Anything that manifests in this world is the product of someone’s projections – either one’s own or that of another.

As in the film, as one begins to become aware within the dream – the projections appear to start to “act up”. As they are mainly ours, we have the power to move through the dream worlds and resolve these troubling aspects of our being.

If we do not, they will become more intense and will eventually cause havoc in our lives – in the form of unfavourable circumstances and ‘apparently’ real people, who then act up in our lives.

The bigger problem is that of dream projections that are not ours – but part of the collective dream of humanity. World leaders, terrorists, wars, diseases and other troubling events all fit into this category. The collapse is caused by the denial of humanity to awaken.

The denial of the truth creates a massive subconscious tension that gives rise to more extreme dream projections – for ultimately the purpose of the dream of 3D is in order to wake up, whatever that may necessitate.

As in Inception , the collapse scene of mobs gets out of hand and threatens to disturb the dreamers – thus, they had to awaken in order to avoid dying in the dream.

This is exactly the same dynamic that threatens to overrun our own shared dream space and to cause a collapse on Earth – a surge of uncontrollable projections created by others not awakened – intruding into our dream space.

As one becomes realized, one realizes that the remainder of the collective dream has little to do with them and it is seen as the creation of a humanity still unaware – and that they themselves have no other option but to exit the dream.

Before deciding to exit the dream, one may feel motivated to attempt to awaken others. However, they must instead awaken themselves from their own dream. Attempting to force a dream projection to awaken is ill-advised.

All one can really do is leave the dream before one gets caught up in other peoples nightmares. There is no way of managing or changing any content of the dream that one did not create for oneself.

To truly understand these ideas and concepts, is to bring about a much deeper perspective and a deeper disengagement from the collective dream in preparation for Ascension or whatever other final destination one’s soul has.

It is then realized that the collapse in itself, in some form or another – is unavoidable unless one believes this planet can handle hosting 10 or even 20 billion humans.

Dreaming, Parallel Realities and Ascension 02%2BWorldwide%2Bpopulation%2Bgrowth%2Bbillions
Recent Human Population Growth on a Finite Planet!

Yet it does not need to be averted – nor can it be – for it involves interfering with the dreams of others and violating free-will.

To attempt to save other dreamers will invariably result in one falling back into unconsciousness oneself. One can achieve so much more by exiting the dream (through Ascension) and assisting from outside of the dream if one chooses.

Ascended Beings have a much greater power when free of existing within 3D, and from outside – have the ability to create pathways of communication to those still within the dream. In essence, this is the mechanism that explains how some people are seeing and receiving communications from Star Beings .

They have awakened to the point where they can receive information from other ‘dream spheres’ which are in essence parallel or higher-dimensional Universes .

Other dreamspheres exist in the form of alternate realities and dimensions

Thus in this reality there are some shared elements as well as some distinctive dream elements that are unique to some individuals.

Most of the elements of the shared dream (the collective fears and struggles along with the political/power dramas) are created by the emotions and thoughts of humanity – and it is shared because multiple dreamers are vibrating at the same frequency and thus experience the same thing!

As one moves toward Ascension, common shared themes begin to dissolve, as one begins to vibrate out of the dream of 3D. To ascend and/or to understand the deal about reality, it is necessary to extract oneself from the dreams of those who do not wish to ascend or awaken.

It seems inherently simple, but to actually manifest it, requires a LOT of awareness. This awareness comes through a deeper understanding and exploration of dreams alongside a life of spiritual practice…

By author and Spiritual Master, Free Spirit,

Spiritual Master Free Spirit is the [url= On The Shores Of A Distant]author of three books[/url], including Keys to Immortality. If you want to learn more, please visit his wonderful website, .
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