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April 16, 2015 Ines Radman freedom from thematrix, SpiritualityDeath, karma traps, reincarnation

One of my readers sent me an email that was very interesting to me in the sense that it’s something I have long let go of and forgotten. When I first started this blog, I wrote a lot about reincarnation and Karma. After it’s closure for some reason it didn’t upload when I switched to this blog. I am merely saying that I wanted to show that I have written on this subject.
My intent is not to write about it again, rather, write about my own evolution in understanding reincarnation and Karma.
20 years ago, I was an active Buddhist from the Nichiren Daishonin philosophy. How it differs from traditional buddhism is that Daishonin claimed to have found the key in the Lotus Sutra where it states that we don’t need to live countless lifetimes in order to clear our Karma, rather that we can clear it in this lifetime by chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.
I still chant, but I must be honest that when I started to live this philosophy, my life did change for the better. I was diagnosed with Liver Cancer and one day while returning home from TCM therapy, I came across a small bookstore, entered and in the mix of uncategorized books, intuitively pulled out Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism.
I went home with the book and didn’t put it down until it was finished. I was fascinated with the concept and up to that moment I had blamed every living thing for the cause of my cancer, after reading the book, I realized that I was responsible for the cancer either knowingly, unknowingly or choosing it. This philosophy empowered me and like I said it changed my life for the better.
Reincarnation in Buddhism is called Samsara, the wheel of karma as we live and die, live and die. The difference between reincarnation mainstream or buddhist reincarnation is that we don’t choose reincarnation, it’s based on our karma. There are 6 levels (writing from memory) and if you were really bad and killed people; chances are you would reincarnate back into a snake or lower life animal and have to work your way back up again.
This theory empowered me because immediately I started to think how I wanted to create good karma and clear it in this lifetime. This is where I started with the concept of reincarnation.
The next step was reading Michael Newton’s books on journey of the souls and what happens when we die. This fascinated me as well because it’s pure reincarnation with the difference that once we leave the body, we are as young souls greeted by entities or deities that reflect our belief system. Old souls are not greeted, they have done this so many times that they don’t need to be greeted. ( During my NDE, I was not greeted, was not met with light, didn’t travel through tunnels I simply left body and experienced profound love and joy that I interpreted as being at the place of my creation).
Then I read Cameron Day’s Karma Lords and accepted that theory that Karma is actually a trap set up by the Archons.
My reader sent me information today regarding the Reincarnation trap and I quickly responded to it by saying that Reincarnation is not a trap, it’s the karmic cycle that is the trap.
My current knowledge and understanding of Reincarnation is that it is the cycle of leaving a physical form which can be a tree, grass, insect, rock, human body whatever, and returning back to source where we cleanse, we as being SOUL. Now here is the catch in my thoughts. Those that are unaware of who they are do get trapped by the Karma lords, they attract to the light, colors, deities, dead people they knew etc., and are then programmed, their memories erased and are sent back to Earth to work off their karma. This is the trap, this is the cycle that most SOULS get caught up in, especially those SOULS that were already here when the quarantine was placed around the planet.
SOULS that came here from other universes or planets, don’t get caught in the Karmic trap because they are highly evolved beings that upon leaving this physical body “know” who they are and are not tricked into making a pit stop at the Karmic Trap. I truly do believe this based on my own experiences.
How do I know I am an old soul? Personally, I didn’t discover this first. A psychic 30 years ago during a reading told me this. I believe her because I now know that she accessed the akashic. She knew everything about my past, present and what I had already chose in this lifetime. She told me I was here to be a healer, that I would write a book one day, and many other things that have actually happened, therefore, I have no reason NOT to believe what she said.  A few years later on a Skype call with Dr. Joseph Chiappalone, the first thing he noticed was that I was not an earthling, and that I was from pleiadies. The psychic also said I had pleiadian eyes. Over the last 10 years I have been recognized as an OLD soul and have actually relived some of my lifetimes in my lucid dreams, also, I am switching back and forth into different parallel lives and have come to the understanding that the soul is fragmented, mine is, I the SOUL fragmented at least in 5 or 6 different realities. The soul can do that, old souls can only do that. The older the soul, the stronger it’s energy signature is and can fragment, but young souls can’t because they have not collected enough experience/energy to do that.
Of course this is all based on my experiences and knowledge, which doesn’t mean it is so. But based upon my experiences, the trap is not reincarnation, rather the trap is the Karma. If we look at the last post on the Ra material, the Confederation states that we emanate the creator. We are extensions or sparks of the creator. Our purpose is to teach the Creator everything that we know and experience. There is no duality presented to us in our Creation. Therefore, Karma is not a part of our Soulful journey, it’s a construct created here on Earth to entrap us because certain beings that are not created from Creator occupied our universe and are now controlling us as part of their experience.
Archons do not have souls. In fact, they are jealous of us because we were created in love, unconditional love. whereas the Archons were a celestial error. Sophia after creating the sperm that would become humanity/the anthropos, after creating the Earth was so excited about her perfection creation that she plunged into the pleroma and during that plunge created some sort of energy or big bang that in that process became the Archons. Sophia became the physical Earth Gaia. Gaia is  an Aeon and SHE is now in correction.
This is why they have infested us, out of jealousy, and although she created a dimension for them to reside in, they can enter our minds and create with technology. They can’t harm us directly but they can influence our thought process and I would even go as far to say “infested or possessed”by them.
So back to reincarnation. There are many that write about avoiding the light, the light is the actual trap. I agree with that. Traps have been set up all the way to source, therefore, we need to work on this NOW, in this NOW reality by using affirmations and setting up a belief system that LIGHT is to be avoided after leaving the body.
Reincarnation exists, it has to. How else do we experience ourselves for Creator if we don’t have the opportunity to experience all that is. What is not written about is that Reincarnation is a Universal process, not an Earthly process. Maybe there is another name for it in higher dimensions, but the SOUL chooses each incarnation be it here on Earth or other worlds, planets, realities, densities etc. This process has to exist in order for the Soul to experience and evolve. Once we have invested enough and have raised our awareness and energy levels to where most of our time is used in Service to Others, we have with that created the positive energy that we will take with us. If we have more positive service to others energy or frequency signature, then we can’t get caught in the Karmic trap anyways. We don’t register the karma cycle at a certain frequency level, it’s only logical that a smart person is not going to just throw themselves in a hole not knowing they will survive. It’s a poor analogy, but I think you get my meaning.
As we connect to higher self, as we live in our intuitive innate, as we wake up to thoughts of how can I be of service today, we have already collected enough positive energy and therefore, will  NOT get trapped and will avoid the light because we know this.
More information may come to us or to me in time, I believe that information arrives in ways that creator knows when we are ready for it and thus more will come to individuals that seek it and want more. I have had some incredible experiences in the last few weeks, but I’m not ready to share it with you because I don’t have a full understanding of it yet. Intuitive me says it’s not time because there are those out there that cause harm for sharing this kind of information. No, I’m not afraid, but it’s simply not time yet. I have more to experience and once I put the pieces of the puzzle together, I will share it.
In the meantime, understand that only YOU have the power to choose, to change, to let go of the matrix. I personally don’t live in the matrix anymore, I know it’s there, I see it, but I don’t feel it, I’m detached from it. I can’t even sit down with my partner to watch the local news propaganda because  I See it for what it is now, I literally feel the politicians speaking out of fear, I can hear their thoughts: “I don’t want to say this but I have to. I’m being told to say this, this is not my decision.”
It’s obvious that those working in government do not make choices for us anymore. They are given orders from higher up, in our case in Croatia is the EU Cabal.
So, I see everything for what it is, and I have changed direction, by working outside in nature, helping others learn how to heal themselves and share my knowledge. With that comes the abundance, Creator takes care of me, the Universe provides me with what I already experience not what I need. This empowerment is your truth. Once you feel this empowerment, then the matrix is outside of your reality, you are no longer inside that Matrix. The end result of my choices is happiness, joy, freedom to express and create whatever it is that I want in that moment. It is possible to be in this state, truly it is, but it requires time, dedication, cleansing of all negative energies and influences; basically cleaning the foundation to build a new one on top of it. The only time I sometimes feel sadness is that I wish others could have the joy and happiness that I do. I want everyone to feel this way, to have abundance, to feel joy but I also know they made the choices to be where they are.
I would love to hear your comments on the subjects just written about.

Thanks to Ines at:


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