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10 Mesmerizing Paintings That Look Like Real Life

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10 Mesmerizing Paintings That Look Like Real Life

Earth Prints

Paintings have been one of the oldest forms of art. We see paintings in so many forms around us- be it on canvas, ceramic, walls or paper. With latest advancements in technology, digital renderings have also found a place in our living room and hearts.
Inspite of the evolution over the years the artists have continued to be inspired by world around them. These inspirations sometimes take form of dots and lines in an abstract art, or sometimes they take a life-like form.
Lets have a look at 10 such mesmerizing paintings that look like real life.
1. Enchanted Waters (Mixed Media)
Artist: Joel Payne
Take a trip down a magical wonderland with former Disney artist Joel Payne . Payne has invented a new medium that illuminates without wall lighting. It is truly awe inspiring.
2. Starry Night (Digital)
Artist: Alex Ruiz
A homage by the artist to Van Gogh and his paintings. The painting depicts Van Gogh standing, looking up at the night sky in awe, as he draws inspiration for his next work of art.
3. Whitetail Deer- First Spring (Oil on Canvas)
4. Agnus Dei (Oil on canvas)
Who were to believe this grim looking innocent creature is not real, but a painting.
5. Foggy Morning in Missouri (Digital Art)
6. Osprey On The Branch (Acrylic on Canvas)
The osprey sometimes known as the sea hawk is a fish-eating bird of prey. It has almost come to life in this impressive painting.
7. Annapolis (Oil on Canvas)
8. Laundry Day (Digital)
A simple line of laundry takes on a special glow in the late afternoon sunlight.
9. Jazz Orchestra (Oil On canvas)
These musicians in a New Orleans bar can be seen lost in their love for Jazz.
10. In Motion (Digital- Mixed Media)


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