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Out Of Mind » GALACTIC AWARENESS » UFO DISCLOSURE, ISS, MUFON, SETI & NASA »  Still Want to Vote? Poll is Open until June 12… Posted on 2012/06/09

Still Want to Vote? Poll is Open until June 12… Posted on 2012/06/09

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Still Want to Vote? Poll is Open until June 12… Posted on 2012/06/09

By Kauilapele's Blog

This poll at (love that name!) is somewhat newer than the previous Drake/Lady Dragon poll,
and offers a few more choices, and is somewhat more detailed in the
conditions. It gives you 6 “conditions” to vote on. I am listing the
text below, but you will need to go to this page to vote.
Apparently they will tabulate the vote on June 12, so voting is open at least through June 11 (I believe).



We the People of planet Earth hereby set forth the NON-NEGOTIABLE
SURRENDER of the various Dark and Controlling factions whom have
illegally and covertly usurped Human populations & societies with
varying agendas intended to control, rule, manipulate, subjugate, and
ultimately exterminate the majority of our Human populations. These Dark
and Controlling factions have and operate under many names, structures,
titles, and organizations. Some to include but not limited to are; The
Illuminati, P2 Freemasons, The Cabal, Committee of 300, Bilderberg
Group, The New World Order, Rothschild Group, Rockefeller Group, Neo
Nazi Bush Cabal, Federal Reserve Central Banks, European Central Banks,
Shadow Government, etc, etc… all hereinafter referred to as

*Foundational Premise*
It is understood and assumed as a Prerequisite to and in Addition of the
below conditions listed, that the Cabalist´s STAND DOWN and allow a NEW
GLOBAL FINANCIAL system to be enacted and ANNOUNCED; whereas the
current FIAT and FRACTIONAL RESERVE Banking and Financial protocols of
the FEDERAL RESERVE & ROTHSCHILD EUROPEAN banking Cartels and their
Subsidiaries, are REPLACED with a new EQUITY based & ASSET backed
Financial system and Currency exchange REVALUATION globally that ALIGNS
with the INTERESTS and WISHES of the World populations. (ie: uS Treasury
notes vs. Fed. Reserve notes) Additionally it is demanded the immediate
APPROVED yet has still not funded, be RELEASED and INITIATED.

Adjudication: In addition to COMPLETE and IRREVOCABLE PEACEFUL
SURRENDER, any and all Cabalist members and their Subordinates will BE
ADJUDICATED for any applicable crimes against the human populations
perpetrated by the Cabalists during their initiated agendas and
occupation of influential and governing positions in any capacity. These
crimes and charges thereof will be applicable from any and all relevant
jurisdictional arenas including Public, Private, and International
Vote here

Dissolution and Disbandment: All Cabalist Organizations, Hierarchy, and
Structures will immediately and hereinafter and forever be DISBANDED,
DISSOLVED, and OBLITERATED from existence. No such Cabalists
organizations, hierarchies, and structures shall ever again be formed,
operated or organized under their Past, Present, Future or Alternate
names for any reason whatsoever for eternity hereafter. Enforcement and
oversight of this Dissolution and Disbandment shall be conducted by an
authorized and freely elected enforcement entity to be determined by the
peoples of the various countries of Earth.
Vote here

Disavowed Participation and Interaction: After the COMPLETE and
their Subordinates, and in the interest of protecting free humanity from
further and future propagation of Cabalist agendas in direct
contravention to an agreed Treaty and Surrender; All Cabalist members
and subordinates whom are cleared and released from the Adjudication
process and any of their current living heirs or children, SHALL BE
PROHIBITED from ANY Participation or Interaction with the Prosperity,
Security, or Evolution of the Human Condition, in the form of Executive
management or any other Direct influential position of the following
Industries or Sectors whether they be of Public, Private, or
International application:

Any type of National, or local State, City or Province Governance or Elected office
Any type of Election Protocol, Technologies, or Procedures
Any type of Judicial structure or Infrastructure thereof
Any type of Financial, Monetary or Banking Industry or Infrastructure thereof
Any type of Energy or Infrastructure thereof
Any type of Agriculture or Infrastructure thereof
Any type of Transportation or Infrastructure thereof
Any type of Medical, Pharmaceutical, or Alternative Healing Modalities or infrastructure thereof
Any type of Education, Curriculum, or Child Development or Infrastructure thereof
Any type of Environmental preservation or Infrastructure thereof
Any type of Communications technology or Infrastructure thereof
Any type of Internet or Informational technologies or Infrastructure thereof
Any type of Military, Defense, or Police and Infrastructure thereof
Any type of Natural Resources of Infrastructure thereof (water, minerals, metals, food storage, etc…)
Any type of Religion or Spiritual teachings and practices
Any type of Scientific Research, Advancements, or Discoveries or Infrastructure thereof
Any type of Main Stream or Alternative Media outlets or Infrastructure thereof
Vote here

For these united States of America:
Enactment and Announcement of the lawful N.E.S.A.R.A. (The National
Economic Security And Reformation Act)(Ends Federal Reserve & I.R.S)
Return to our founding Documents; 1787 Constitution + the original
organic 13th Amendment/Article, The Articles of Confederation, Bill of
Rights, and The Declaration of Independence.
Abolishment of these De-facto Corporations but not limited to the
following, “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Government Of The United
States Corporation, also doing business as U S Government , and White
House Corporation, also doing business as Executive Office of the United
States Government. ”
Abolish all State Corporations acting as dejure constitutional State Governments
Abolish the Securitization (monetizing) of court cases, prison sentences and birth certificates.
Vote here

For all Peoples and Populations of Planet Earth:

*Only the TRUTH can set humanity’s souls FREE and allow them to truly be SOVEREIGN in their evolution.

Release of ALL Advanced Technologies. The Collateral Accounts will be used to set up manufacturing and installation.
Immediate Disclosure concerning our brothers and sisters in outer
space and in other dimensions. Establishment and Expansion of
Diplomatic Relations in an open and global fashion.
Reveal all Secret Societies, all occult knowledge, all TRUE history,
expose and ajudicate all majick supernatural councils and subsidiary
orders, brotherhoods, covens, mystery schools, Monarch, MILAB, MKULTRA,
et al, that have been used to manipulate human consciousness with
malevolent intent and harmful consequences.
Vote here

Cease and Desist of Malicious Actions: The Cabalist must IMMEDIATELY
CEASE ALL activities and operations whereas malicious operational
agendas and actions that have been and are currently being instigated on
the planet and its populations. Examples of these malicious agendas and
actions are but not limited to; HAARP actions, Chemtrail spraying,
Environmental destruction, Poisonous vaccines and pharmaceuticals,
Starvation agendas, Eugenics agendas, Ocean and Fresh water
contaminations, and any and all other malicious agendas and actions
resulting in the degradation and harm to the planet and its human,
animal, plant and other life organisms.
Vote here

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