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Blatant Criminality In The Pentagon

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1 Blatant Criminality In The Pentagon on Sat Apr 18, 2015 11:37 am


Blatant Criminality In The Pentagon
Posted on April 18, 2015 by RonMamitaLeave a comment

Before, during and after 9/11 terror the DOD has shown the world how to steal trillions of dollars in plain sight.
Steal & Kill With Impunity
PhD. Joseph P. Farrell has the latest “Pentagram, er… Pentagon” money heist in his report below. ~Ron

Need a few billion dollars for your black budget?
A few covert operations projects?
Then you need to hire the Pentagon to manage your ledgers. Mr. V.T found this article, and it seems that  the Pentagram is missing a few more billions of dollars:
$45 Billion in Tax Dollars Goes Missing in Afghanistan
Now, if you’re like me, the idea of missing billions in Afghanistan conjures all sorts of images, most of them having to do with opium poppies and drug trade, a point driven home by the fact that the article conveniently frames an American soldier and some poppies in the picture at the beginning.
But the real story is here:
“The auditors said DOD handed over data only for $21 billion of the total $66 billion it spent rebuilding the war-torn country. But unlike most cases of missing money in Afghanistan (of which there are plenty), the auditors don’t blame this on corruption or waste—but rather on accounting issues.”
And here:
“Out of the total amount DOD has spent in Afghanistan, more than $57 billion has gone to the Afghan Forces – but the Pentagon can only account for about $17 billion.”
And finally, here:
“Early this year, the watchdogs released a scathing report revealing the Pentagon had no way to verify whether the annual $300 million going to the Afghan Police Force was ending up in the right hands.”
Of course, a mere forty-five billion dollars is but pocket change, compared to the missing 2.3 trillion dollars former US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced was missing one day prior to the 9/11 operation. But then, as now, the problem lay with the accounting for the missing funds, and efforts were made in Congress – to little avail – to find out what companies held the contracts to manage the Pentagon’s databases, and where the money was.
High octane speculation will tell you where it is, and what is going on: need some money for your black projects? Invade a defenseless and backward nation, establish contracts to “rebuild the infrastructure” and “grow democracy,” inflate the costs of all those contracts, and run the excess money back into the black budget, while cooking the books and claiming that there is simply an endemic accounting dyslexia in Washington.  Couple this with hidden bond markets, fraudulent sovereign securities (thank you Prime Minister Tanaka), mortgage fraud, non-existent and massively rehypothecated bullion, manipulated foreign exchange and other kinds of markets, illegal drug trade, and one has all the ingredients for a huge system designed to vacuum wealth from the overt global economy to funnel it into a covert one.
The question is, why would one need such enormous sums of money, over such a long period of time?
I suspect many of you have guessed at various answers to that question already, and I suspect that your answers will be much the same as mine.

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