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The Coming Days… What to Expect

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1The Coming Days… What to Expect  Empty The Coming Days… What to Expect on Sat Apr 18, 2015 1:20 pm


The Coming Days… What to Expect [videos]
The Coming Days… What to Expect  A-Nation-Of-Sheep
I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my fill of exploring all the nasty nuances of J.A.D.E. Helm. I hope it served to wake up a few people as to what the New World Order’s plan was, and for some, that the New World Order/Illuminati are no joke or conspiracy theory.
Everyone has had their say, laid it out the way they see it, and I’m happy to learn that Cindy Kay Currier feels what I felt when I learned of what is happening out there. Thank you, N, for pulling out those videos. I’m going to share them below.
When I saw that video from DAHB00777 about “Maple Resolve” and 4500 Canadian and British soldiers practicing to come across the border and all the railroad cars of military vehicles “heading West”, I shared that post in a state of partial disbelief, and immediately afterward a feeling of elation came over me. I knew that Canada’s troops and the Brits are not coming across the border to help the NWO. No way!  I had such a good day that day because I then knew the truth for sure.
To quote my own words, this really is “the psyop of all psyops”. Even we in the Truther/Freedom movement don’t know what’s going on, officially.
If you recall, Ben Fulford came right out and told us JH15 would be used to take down the cabal. And apparently that’s all he’s going to say at the moment. I guess that was our leak.
Again, I think we would be wise to heed Prime Commander Tanaath’s advice to recognize that what may be positioned as negative, is actually positive. If you can remove the spin and slow it down enough to take a good look, this plan has been loosely unfolding for some time.
Drake told us long ago that the Russians and other troops are training here to support the take down of the cabal. He said the US would be freed first, and then we would help the other countries. I think that is still the plan. The entire world is sick of being jacked around by the cabal. Humanity wants peace.
Lt. Col. Potter, Alex Jones, Sheriff Mack… they’re all doing what they feel is the right approach to alert people, but they’re obviously not in on “the plan”, are they?
Drake also told us the US Marshals would be part of taking down the cabal and making arrests. As I see it, the news of the Sheriffs in Connecticut being replaced with US Marshals is GOOD thing. Look at Sandy Hook! They pulled that off because they were ALL corrupt.
Look at Vance’s attitude to the woman on the phone asking if they support going door to door to confiscate weapons, if you caught that video. He said,”WE are the masters”, and denied that he, as an LEO, served The People. Such blatant arrogance. Good riddance to them.
I have been putting together a list of articles and videos I am going to send to friends, family and  neighbours—whether they like it or not—so they know what’s going on. I don’t want them to be shocked and frightened.
There’s no telling what this mission to free America will entail for civilians. It could get pretty scary, but with the rest of the world sending their best intentions, and staying positive here, we’ll get through it.
I guess my biggest question at this point is, how are we going to know the good guys from the bad guys? Drake used to say if they’re in the blue United Nations uniforms, rather than the US military garb, it’s bad news.
But it isn’t going to be that simple, I don’t think. What sort of uniforms will the “bad guys” be wearing, if some of the US military has been brainwashed into thinking they should follow the orders to subjugate American citizens and confiscate weapons to bring World Peace?
The Coming Days… What to Expect  Th?id=JN.YgEK%2f3tRjW0%2fW2SpsE1uEQ&pid=15
Union Jack- flag of the United Kingdom
The Coming Days… What to Expect  Ec?
Canadian Flag
We can easily identify Chinese soldiers, but you can’t usually tell a Russian by looking at them. I assume the Canadian soldiers will have the Canadian flag on their uniforms, and the Brits their Union Jack.  And what will the militias be wearing? What kind of insignia?
It might help if we had some direction here. Perhaps Drake can help with that. Since he hasn’t said anything, I assume he is still gathering intel and will share what he can on his Wednesday show, if not before on Cosmic Voice FaceBook.
I’m thinking that those pages of school drills/lockdowns may be about protecting the kids if the cabal pulls a stunt. They may shut down the Internet, power, water, the banks—whatever they can do to create chaos and  civil unrest. Perhaps this is where Cobra’s urgings to ‘remain calm no matter what’ come in.
If this is halftime at the End Game, it would be good time to duck out and get your candy, popcorn, peanuts and sodas. (Read: food, water, essentials, meds, pet supplies, gasoline and cash)
And you may want to think about how you and your family may keep in touch if you have no phone or Internet. My hubby will be on the road in the Southwest, of all places, so I’m concerned.
I don’t believe from what I’m seeing that there is any time to lose, because as Cindy Kay says in her video, the cabal is desperate and moved up their initiatives to compensate for the dramatic awakening of Americans—hence the 5-hour notice to Wal-Mart employees. They know it’s do or die time, and they’re going to go down swingin’.
Fear may have set in for some of us when Drake said SHTF, but that just means the plan got kicked into high gear because the cabal freaked and kicked THEIR plan into high gear. It doesn’t mean we’re screwed—just that we need to respond quickly and move up the time table. i.e. those troops training  in Wainwright, Alberta… we may need ‘em sooner.
And that’s not to say that they can’t bring in more troops from Australia, the UK, etc. English-speaking would be best, of course. It took awhile for the Russians and Chinese to learn English.
Here are Cindy’s videos. I think you will find them somewhat soothing, and I’m so thankful to have something sane to send to people that they will be less likely to label as fear porn, conspiracy theory, etc. If they can’t watch these and recognize truth when they hear it, they’re a lost cause.
Some of you may wish to approach people you care about to enlighten them as to what they might expect in the coming days. The mass arrests are no longer coming “one day”—it’s NOW.  It’s live. Heads up, and be a Boy Scout. Be prepared, and help others if you can.  ~ BP

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