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About Those Underground Tunnels; There’s a Map & Some Interesting Revelations

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About Those Underground Tunnels; There’s a Map & Some Interesting Revelations

Wow! is right. This fellow attributes his video to the research our beloved Cindy Kay Currier did on the Wal-Mart-tunnels connection.  Together we are magic.
It is fascinating to think that there can be cities underground and thousands of miles of roads that go from coast to coast in America —AND into Canada and Mexico—that the surface population knows nothing about, so here’s another video where you can learn more about that.  You’ll have to watch at Disclose TV.
This researcher shows us how the very places that land disputes with the feds have erupted recently just happen to be where the tunnels are. Do you suppose they need that land for a very specific reason? Yes.  Now we’re getting the picture. More and more dots are connected every day.  Great video.  ~ BP
U.S. Underground tunnel map Wow check this out!
Read more:

Thanks to:



The most difficult thing to understand is this is real. The tunnels are everywhere....and this is what all the utube videos concerning the vibrations and humming sounds are all about. It was the nuclear machine that was used to create these tunnels. Go time your traveling and see a rest stop that has been closed for "budget reasons" pull over and go take a look....that is if you dare because if they catch you your gone to Dolce to live out your life....which should be on the top of your list of things you do not want to experience....ahhhhhh...perhaps to expensive of a price to pay for the truth...but what do I know....


and those closed rest areas are everywhere!



Purps they are everywhere. They work for years in these area's and I believe this is what the undesirables will use to gain access to certain area/s....we shall see,,,

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