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Hear…!!! Hear….!!! Another American speaks out!!! ~ A Right to Travel in Freedom Day Proposed!!!

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Hear…!!! Hear….!!! Another American speaks out!!!

Posted on April 22, 2015 by arnierosner
From: Alex Vanguard
Subject: A Right to Travel in Freedom Day Proposed!!!
Date: April 22, 2015 at 8:51:07 AM PDT

If We the People claim our rights, then we need to begin to walk the walk. I propose “A Right to Travel in Freedom Day”. A day to take off and discard the commercial plates on your cars, trucks and SUV’s if you are NOT “driving motor vehicle” in COMMERCIAL CORPORATION COMMERCE.

This is a natural right part of our heritage:
the “Right to Travel In Freedom”  

Why are we all paying to have the privilege to to travel when it is an inherent right guaranteed by our Constitution?

I am NOT a dead entity corporation fictitious entity “MY NAME IN CAPITOL LETTERS” making me a subject to BRITISH ADMIRALTY CORPORATION RULES and REGULATIONS!

We the People need to start acting like the Americans we are here to be!


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Alex can do this first, alone, and if he doesn't get f'd over, then we can all do this- Great idea, though-



Bruce Olsen, Arizona — Another American speaks up! end the unconstitutional aggression by agencies of the Corporation of the United States.

Posted on April 22, 2015 by arnierosner
On Apr 22, 2015, at 9:08 AM, wrote:
Mr. Hambrick,
Good Morning:
Why would the Nevada legislature entertain a bill that would weaken the States position going forward.
The original bill and its language , sets the stage for all western states , lays out the map . Which will start the process of ending the unconstitutional aggression we’ve seen from agencies of the Corporation of the United States.
Kill the amendments, run the bill in its original form. Go for a up or down.
Its time for states west of the 15th meridian to put on their man pants and control all land with in their borders. PERIOD.
408 B is landmark legislation in its initial language. We here in Arizona , will have a like bill in our next session. We will pass it as it is was original worded.
 Another current federal issue is the stupid activity regarding a raisin farmer. If this country and especially the western half of the country is to prosper,  we must take control of and manage our lands. Tell the federal government to do only what the states granted them to do in the Constitution. (Kelo) !!
408B is spreading all across the west, I can assure you.. Don’t let a few anti Nevadans anti Americans, embarrass the great state of Nevada. The front burner is always the hottest, but you can handle it.
Pass 408 B in its original language.
Bruce Olsen
Overgaard AZ 85933
928 240 0474

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Sorry—Act of 1871 – Does not exist! Everything since 1862 is NULL and VOID! since 1862

Posted on April 22, 2015 by arnierosner
mjday47362 commented on Bruce Olsen, Arizona — Another American speaks up! End the unconstitutional aggression by agencies of the Corporation of the United States.
On Apr 22, 2015, at 9:08 AM, wrote: Mr. Hambrick, Good Morning: Why would the Nevada legislature …
Sorry…you are incorrect…
This can never happen until the Act of 1871 is repealed!
There was no lawfully created act or acts after 1862. There has not been a lawful government functioning with the delegated authority of the people.



← Washington State Auditor’s Office – the Untold Story

Speaking one sovereign to another

Posted on April 22, 2015 by arnierosner
mjday47362 commented on Hear…!!! Hear….!!! Another American speaks out!!!
From: Alex Vanguard Subject: A Right to Travel in Freedom Day Proposed!!! Date: April 22, …
Alex, I have a question that I would like for you to answer from deep within. Do you REALLY like traffic citations?
Because that is all you are going to get if you do as you suggest and not know how to handle yourself.
Might I suggest an alternative where at a given time a “A Right to Travel in Freedom Day” could be had by all with no, or very few citations, which would be thrown out of court later.
Since you are a living man and not a Corporate Person for whom the law is written for, you must write to the people who are holding your feet to the fire and demand they show proof of their claim that you are a Corporate Person.
When you write this letter, you need to write it and send it to several offices at the same time.
And when you write, you will write to the living man/woman who wears the mask of that office.
So if you live in indiana, and you send one of your letters to the governor of Indiana, you would write to:
mike / PENCE
close to
Governor’s Office
Office of the Governor
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2797
A living man can not write to MIKE PENCE because that is the mask, you need to write to the man behind the mask who is: mike / PENCE
Send your letters as the living man too and here is how you do that:
private and confidential
jacob \ allen / [DOE]
close to
215 Street Name Drive
Any Town, Indiana
postal code – XXXXXX
Then ask them some questions, DO NOT CHALLENGE THEM! GO IN PEACE!
Then ask them to prove their assumption that you are a person and not a man.
One is a living man fully lawful and in no capacity ‘legal’ other than by anothers presumption and or assumption, for one is fully present and without any representation or need of representation and fully self governing.
To my knowledge one is not a Trustee nor Administrator, officer, employee, or elected official, of the United States Corporation, the District of Columbia, or any agency or instrumentality of the United States Corporation or the District of Columbia, in any capacity to any government Trust. One is a man and in no way a Corporation or Person.
If it is assumed or presumed that one is a Corporation or person, please provide evidence for inspection that I am or ever have been –
+ Employed with government
+ With oath, promise, and or pledge to any one or any thing
+ Without full imprescriptable natural law rights
+ Currently a military combatant
+ A Vessel (reference 1984 U.S. Government Style Manual, chapters three and eleven)
+ Not a living free man
+ With valid government fiction contract based in full disclosure and meeting to the minds
Do this in peace
You can start the letter with something like this:
To all living men this may concern,
One is with soul, spirit, heart, and sound mind in with and for living body temple
One only acknowledges the living which are the substance to all fictions
One wishes to offer forgiveness and call for all systems to be corrected
Please have a living man (male\fe-male) provide evidence
Be sure to address all the approprate offices like the bureau of motor vehicles or what ever it is called in your state. The governor and anyone else you feel should respond.
Once no one can respond to you, address the Secretary of your State and tell the SOS that since no one can prove that you are a corporation, please let the records show you will be traveling the highways without license as a free man and living man, not a corporate person. Tell the SOS to mark on your records for the records of all police departments that they are to Assist and not detain you for any reason because you are not in their jurisdiction.
This is ALL about jurisdiction, not about joy riding on a specified day just to get yourself arrested for no reason. LOL




Washington State Auditor’s Office – the Untold Story

Posted on April 22, 2015 by arnierosner
Corruption and Cover up at Washington State Auditor’s Office – the Untold Story
by protectingpeoplesrights
Wanted, one or more investigative reporters to expose the criminal conduct and cover-up inside the Washington State Auditor’s Office.
The State Auditor’s Office, most recently under the leadership of Troy Kelley, has been engaged in what is believed to be a criminal cover-up. The Washington State Legislature has mandated Filing Fees for official documents required by law to be filed. The State Auditor’s office has turned a blind eye while hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of dollars of these mandatory fees are not being collected by county auditors. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 40% of all those uncollected fees are earmarked for the eradication of homeless.
“All such other papers or writing as are required by law to be recorded and such as are required by law to be filed” RCW 65.04.030(3), must be “incorporate[ed] into the official public records” RCW 65.04.015, “using a process that has been tested and approved for the intended purpose by the state archivist”  RCW 65.04.040. Each document must have a unique Auditor or Recording Officer File number RCW 65.04.015(4), with the requisite fee paid RCW 65.04.130.
Where is the law that exempts County Auditors from collecting filing fees from elected and appointed county officers for Appointments and Oaths of Office and thus thwarting the legislative efforts to eradicate homelessness? We have asked that question and have been met with silence. [Video]
Where is the law that exempts the State Auditor from collecting mandatory filing fees for state officers who are required to file Appointments and Oaths of Office? No one will produce evidence of such exemption.
The Maxim of Law states “What does not appear, does not exist”.
Why is the STATE AUDITOR not doing his job? Is he not responsible for “…– overseeing other government agencies and offices to determine whether they are following all federal and state laws and proper accounting practices”? [See Jury indicts state auditor on fraud, tax charges ]
While Troy Kelley may have been indicted for business matters prior to elective office as State Auditor, has anyone asked why the immediate demand Kelley resign? Could it be that they want him out of office before anyone investigates what was going on inside the State Auditor’s office under Kelley’s tenure?
Corruption and cover up in the State Auditor’s Office  – the story yet to be told.
Jury indicts state auditor on fraud, tax charges
April. 17, 2015
“In 2012, Kelley was elected state auditor – overseeing other government agencies and offices to determine whether they are following all federal and state laws and proper accounting practices.”
We the People of Stevens County have sent a letter to Governor Jay Inslee, (See attached) with copy to Troy Kelley, Washington State Auditor. Each email addressee is receiving this correspondence to Inslee with exhibits of the deceit and law breaking at both the county and state level.
Contact:  Send email inquiry for interviews, written correspondences, and documents regarding the State Auditor’s handling of these issues to: Website is
Click here for the letter and exhibits sent to Jay Inslee, Washington’s governor.


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