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Out Of Mind » PERCEPTUAL AWARENESS » INFORMATIVE GUIDES FOR THE SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS » United in the Heart of the Creator Posted by Sonja Myriel on June 12, 2012

United in the Heart of the Creator Posted by Sonja Myriel on June 12, 2012

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United in the Heart of the Creator
Posted by Sonja Myriel on June 12, 2012 at 6:12pm in TIME QUALITIES
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United in the Heart of the Creator
Lit Corner | Posted 134 days ago | January 30, 2012 | 6:28 AM | Short Link:
June 24. 12: OO pm (UTC) of this momentous year 2012. With Audio.Share!!
United in the Heart of the Creator

It is here and now, brothers and sisters, that these words come to you by the will of the Creator, driven and supported by the White Brotherhood on Earth, the Galaxy, and the Cosmos. May you receive in each of them such emanation of divine blessings, that your souls and your beings, feel at this moment in time, something special; a gift of love to you. Let our hug flood you with healing and comfort within the tenderness of our hearts.
We now come before you to make ourselves presents as Unity. At different times and also languages, it has been taught that God, the Creator, the Great Spirit, the Supreme Being who has been been given so many names, is one with His creation. All of his children; you, and us, are Inside of Him, and attached to each being of Creation through the spark, the presence, the spirit, the beating of the heart inside all of us, which has also been named in a thousand different ways through the ages.
How can we be able to explain this? How can we transmit to you that when a being awakes and joins the Creator, he becomes one with His/Her creation? How to tell you that these words are being said at the same time by the great Divine Beings in different cultures and beliefs, who are guides of mankind, and by all those who have already removed the veil from their eyes and recognized themselves in communion with their brothers and sisters? How do you feel in Unity?
We will put it like this, the higher beings who serve the Great Divine Plan we already are in the Eternal Unity; therefore, whatever one of us says and does, so does everyone else feel and sustain. It is true that we have characteristics and roles that identify and conform us; but when we express the feelings, the thoughts, the decisions of our Creator, our manifestation is done in Unity. Reality for us is only one, that of Love; the Will is only one, that of the Creator. The Light is only one, the Divine Light.
Feel that in Oneness these words are being uttered by Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Lady Rowena, St. Germain, Ashtar Sheran, Archangel Michael, Sanat Kumara, the Cosmic Council, the Karmic Board, the Big Confederate Brothers and Sisters, Adama, Hilarion, Kryon, the Solar Logos, Master Kwan Yin, the Divine Angels, the Tibetan Master, Archangel Metatron, the Divine Mother ... and all those beings who have devoted themselves and are an expression of Divine Will. In the truth of our Oneness, when you feel, hear and receive one of us, you are receiving all the Cosmic Hierarchy of Love. We are ONE, and you can call us as your heart wishes to, raising your gaze, speech, and desire, towards all those of us who live in One Single Being.
By understanding the truth of the Oneness of Creation in the higher dimensions, you realize that your work, your mission, your evolution, is about learning to feel, to live, to be in Unity; in Joint Oneness with all of God's Creation. To do this you have to go beyond forms, beyond words, beyond appearances, and feel the Divine Essence that is in every being, in every brother and sister, and in every manifestation of life coming from the Creator. It is through this communion with our Creator, which is manifested through the Communion amongst you, that we have come to invite you. The time in which your humanity will take one more step towards its evolution has been manifested. This is a step of such enormous proportions that is an honour to you, and therefore, a trascendental mission. To put it in your own words, A "small" step for mankind, but one giant step for all Creation.
In your here and now, the conditions to accomplish this task are present. In the history of the beloved Planet Earth it is the first time that the Communion of your hearts at a planetary level can become real. The work of many of you, and many others that are not visible has sown the seeds of Love and Divine Wisdom in each of the nations, states, and inhabited places that make up your organization as societies. Besides, technology now makes it possible to communicate, and you organize yourselves so that you can come and unify in word, image, and vibration, in almost any corner of your planet.
Imagine a day, and imagine one hour on that day, when all those souls; all those beings who yearn for Oneness with the Creator and with his Creation, together with their brothers and sisters, get involved in a Great Prayer-Meditation-Communion, with the sole purpose of manifesting their will, through free will, of being, feeling, and living in a single heart, in one single vibration, in one same Love, the Love of God. Can you see the Greatness of that hour? Can you understand how this will raise the vibrational frequency of all the beloved beings that inhabit the Earth, and that of Beloved Earth herself? Can you feel the unutterable tenderness that will flow from your hearts as you manage to be in Communion once more with all of Creation?
In divine will you have already made prayers and meditation experiences on a global level in which individuals and groups have agreed to coincide on a given date and time. This has been a great achievement for humanity; and this achievement opens up now the possibility of a greater one; the Communion at a planetary level, at the same moment in time, of a great number of souls, beings of all places, cultures, and groups, who in a personal, or collective manner, decide to participate in the greatest manifestation of brotherhood that has ever been seen by your Beloved Mother Earth. Do you realize what this means? Can you see what this can achieve? Do you feel how you are being called from the depths of your being to carry it out?
To do this you must go beyond any appearance of separation, be it of place, culture, language, religion, social roles, and the rest of categories under which you designate yourselves. You have to reach an agreement and unify your efforts in order to focus on this task. You must become a single voice, a single word, and invite all mankind, and all beings that inhabit our beloved Earth in all their Kingdoms, to participate in this great Planetary Communion. The only way in which you can manifest the reality of the Unity of your hearts, is through the reality of your actions.
The day that the infinite divine wisdom has fixed for this Great Planetary Communion, is June 24 of this 2012 momentous year for reasons that only the Creator knows fully. And the appointed time is (midday) 12:00 hrs, according to what you call the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). We give you the precise moment in time of the task for you to focus on what really matters most: that it is achieved. Do you appreciate how we seek your unification? If you wish to see it like this, it is just like when a father and a mother long to see their children living together in harmony and peace, and try their best to avoid those small differences that may limit their growth, establishing through their Love and Wisdom whatever generates the highest good for everyone.
This is our invitation, expressed by the Unified Hearts of all those of Us who live within the dimensions of divine Love and Light. Make it yours, and take it to evey soul, to every being that dreams about a united Earth in the Love of God on a New Earth. In addition to that, we ask of you that when you release thes words you remember their three essential pillars:

• Go ahead and invite all souls that are evolving on Earth; not just human souls but also the Realms who coexist with you; Our brothers and sisters who are now expressing themselves as minerals, as plants, as animals, as divine elementals, and in so many different forms in which the Infinite Eternal Will has filled his creation. To do that you can use all the means at your disposal; from deep meditation, to your most advanced systems of mass communication; all of them. Let the invitation reach as many as possible, all groups, all cultures, all beliefs, and let the free will of each Stream of Life itself decide upon their participation.
Go ahead and invite to be in oneness, in common unity; in Communion with the Creator and his Creation; just that. All prayers, ceremonies, meditations, languages, invocations, and experiences that each person and each group will decide to participate with will be different. They will remain in communion with their brothers and sisters of the Beloved Earth; with us, and with all of Creation. The essence of this blessed hour is that we are united in the Love of God, and to do that, it is just enough to wish for it and to do it from your hearts.
Go ahead and invite to maintain this communion permanently within every heart that participates in it. Remain in communion with eachother; persist, day by day, minute by minute, second by second, in every moment in communion with your brothers and sisters; with all of Creation, with our Creator. This blessed hour will allow every soul that so decides to enter the vibrational frequency that we name Oneness, and within which the Infinite Heartbeat of God is felt. It will be down to your willingness to continue here.

• These are the three principles behind this invitation. Make it in the Love of God and let everyone decide. There will be those who give little thought to these words that the Divine Will puts in your hands. Do not worry about them, time will come for another opportunity. Concern yourselves rather on doing on your behalf what you are entitled to do in order for this task to become a reality; and your particular task may be something simple, or more complex. All collaboration is infinitely valuable, for what really counts in the evolution of each soul, of every being, is to do what correponds to him/her in the Great Divine Plan, no more and no less.
You must to keep a track of the places, as far as possible, people and groups that will be involved in this task on a planetary level, so you can become increasingly conscious and understand at a mental level what you will feel at a spiritual level. In addition to that, you must keep in mind at all times that those of us who conform the divine dimensions of light, will be in communion with you on the date and time set. Jus imagine what this means! We will actually make possible what has been desired and announced for so long: the Union between Heaven and Earth! Congratulations Beloved brothers and sisters!
What you will be feeling at that moment is going to be indescribable, and your being will want to stay in that vibration of Unity forever. Therefore, we invite you to carry out periodically this Great Planetary Communion in order to strengthen and expand more and more this feeling across all the earth. To this end, we offer you two more dates in which we invite you to manifest our Union: September 23, and December 23, of this wonderful year; also at 12: OOhrs UTC. It will be your willpower and the desire of your hearts, what will determine if you will make it come true. Moreover, the following dates in which you will continue with this work must come from your Unification. Following with the example of the loving mother and father, it is necessary for your growth, for your evolution; allow yourselves to learn to plan to come together with each other, as the brothers and sisters that you are, and show in your attitudes and actions that you are children of the same Creator.
Perhaps you maybe wondering why the name of the person who received this message is not included and forwarded to you. If it is so in your case, we ask you to go a bit deeper and realize that in the Divine Wisdom the important thing is the message itself, the vibration that it carries, the evolution to which it invites and propels you. Yet we are only open doors through which the immeasurable Love from God comes to you, we are just the messengers, your brothers and sisters that we now have the invaluable opportunity to serve you; this is the reason why you have always been asked not to praise who we are; our image. Praise only One, God, our Creator, who dwells inside of you and and us.
However, if you find that it is neccessary to say the name of the person who has served on this occasion as messenger, please, say that it was John, the young man who strives in a factory to bring food to his children; and that it was Helen, the woman who seeks to heal her wounds and remain in peace; and that it was Omar, who with his joy tries to make children smile; and that is was Ana, the girl who has prayed today so that her parents do not argue anymore; and that it was Don Roberto, who embraces his grandchildren and tells them a story so their ears can´t hear the noises of war; and that it was Hope, who has decided to meditate every day in order to help humanity; and that it was you who at some point in time due to your loneliness, you yearned to feel united to God, and you dreamt about this invitation. Tell everyone that who has received and spread this message is in fact the entire humanity, because there, in the reality of the Oneness of all Creation lies the Truth.
And here you are! the invitation is made; and as in all big celebrations it is for each one of you to decide wether to accept or not. It is your right, and our desire to see you here with us, United in the Love of God for each and every one of our brothers and sisters that inhabit our Beloved Earth. So be it; so be it, and let us comply with the part that we choose to contribute with!
Receive our sweet and warm heart!
White Brotherhood of the Earth, the Galaxy and the Cosmos.
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