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Here's How You Can Delete Everything Google Has Ever Known About You

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Here's How You Can Delete Everything Google Has Ever Known About You

Yahoo publishes step by step guide

By: Jack Smithson  |@NeonNettle
 on 28th April 2015 @ 4.20pm

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Search engine Yahoo have recently published an article detailing exactly how to delete all of your search history from your Google account
Search engine Yahoo have recently published an article detailing exactly how to delete all of your search history from your Google account. The story has actually only just started to be circulated recently since the announcement was made by an unofficial Google Operating Systems Blog.

Yahoo and Google are two of the top five search engines used in the world, however the difference being is that Yahoo have allowed their users to delete their search history for a while now whereas Google have only just allowed it this year. Deleting your browser history has nothing to do with this, the search engine information can include sensitive facts about yourself not just what you have searched for.

Here's how to do it.

1. Navigate to Google’s Web and App Activity page.

2. Next step, click the gear icon which you can see on the right hand corner

3.Select Download from the drop down menu

You’ll then receive a pop-up window warning you not to download your search history to a public computer, as it contains a large amount of sensitive information.

4. Want to continue? Of course you do! Just click Create Archive.

5. Navigate to the Web and App Activity Page and click the gear icon in the top-right corner. 

6. Now just select Remove Items, choosing the beginning of time from the drop down menu.

7. Click remove!  That's it!  Google no longer knows the circumfrance of your mums best friends backside. Well done.

Clearly with the rise of online hackers people are starting to be more and more concerned about what they search for on the internet so this option from Google, which is my own preferred search engine, comes as a welcome addition to their service. The very fact Yahoo have published an article on the subject shows a refreshing side to tech giant rivalries because it has done Google a favour by explaining it really well. To me it shows they care about people’s security.

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There are always conspiracies surrounding search engines about whether they really do actually delete the search history

However, there are always conspiracies surrounding search engines about whether they really do actually delete the search history. Search engines have algorithms that use the information you generally search for to tailor specific advertisements to you, Google in particular are bad for this as they place their advertisements at the top of a search instead of the organic results first.

This is a big part of how they make money. Would a search engine like Google, or any other for that matter, truly delete every single bit of information about you? If so they would lose revenue because they could not predict what advertisements may interest you. As a regular internet user I would like to think they do, but they probably don’t.

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