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NEW Earth vs. Old Earth NEW Earth, Awakening To Remember

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NEW Earth vs. Old Earth NEW Earth, Awakening To Remember
May 2, 2015 Iconoclast

[Editor’s note: a great article that defines ascension]
Ascension & Energies Updates
Aloha ,
NEW Earth vs. Old Earth
NEW Earth emerges from within you to become an actual REAL place that you come to live and exist in. There are many perceptions of “what” NEW Earth is and all seek “how” to get here. How is inside of you. When is up to you.
New Earth is a place you arrive … access is buried deep within you. Your own vibrational frequency, attention, commitment, focus and opening up to NEW is what allows you to come to BE here again. I say again, for it’s a part of the REMEMBERING process that comes forth as all let go and release the NEED for the old ways. As all transcend what was “human” within them, all come to LIVE and BE on NEW Earth again.
It looks the same, but it’s different. It’s so subtle that many cannot yet see. It’s the paying attention to the little things and observing absolutely everything. It’s achieved through one’s own inner connection, ones own CHOICE to let go of the old, one’s own dedication, commitment, openness and embracing. Where one has resistance, (the perception of) suffering is created to experience to POINT one inward and in the direction of Awakening & Ascension, which is the most important PURPOSE all have here.
The human aspect is within every one of us. It’s the part that holds on to safety and has fear. It’s the one having the human experience to transcend in order to physically ascend. Embodiment of the higher self aspects is what activates and allows us to become & exist as multi-dimensional beings here. It is an evolution that all go through. It is not an overnight process. Waking up “instantly” to something new might be instant, but the process is no where near instant for the human aspect. For the human part of all was SO far separated from SOURCE and releasing this separation from self AS SOURCE is also why all are here.
As one lets go, they get “LIGHT”er, literally. They float inside and gravity goes. Memories go and the physical body starts to transform as the evolution of the HUE-man Star BEing wakes up and the old carbon-based physical body activates in (photoic) Light, which creates this entire dynamic of interconnectedness of a multitude of everything starting to change, transform, upgrade…
The old 3D/4D carbon based human body activates in light. This creates a chain reaction inside the body that causes the body & organs to go into an “upgrade” mode in order to physically HOLD this intensely high vibrational light. This photonic light activates etheric crystals to start to form as actualy REAL crystals inside the body, causing the physical body to purge & clear in the most bizarre ways… for one is evolving as a SOLar Crystalline LightBody/BEing to walk in the physical here. The 5D body holds light. The old physical, mental and emotional bodies do have to “die” several deaths, organs have to detox and completely reverse, some come to a virtual halt (functioning-wise) and then “start back up again” from a place of purity, without the old programming held within. This too is a continual process. All of Ascension is.
The mental body will go through many “breaks”, as the barriers between dimensions were physically held within. The emotional body, the physical body all dismantled and restructured by this photonic light activating within. This photonic light obliterates realities, it’s what causes all to collapse in those realities out there. It’s activating inside of you. And as it does, it breaks down your old programmed dense physical structure to rebuld your NEW Earth Crystalline structure that you walk in here. Simultaneously, “out there” is doing the same. Yet the human mind cannot truly comprehend how all of this occurs. Therefore the REALIZATIONS and SEEING is broken down across the perception of “time”. The more SEPARATION held within, the longer this spans over the separation of human time.
The barriers between dimensions are each’s own human’ness and human mind. The physical body holds physical barriers, the emotional body has walls up, all dictated by the human mind. The human mind is only a transmitter of what is held within the physical body by way of programmed beliefs and cellular memory. The activation of photonic light inside of you actually creates the LIGHT of VISION (new awareness) so that you can see what was held deep withi, where you hold on, where you have judgment, blame, shame, guilt, fear. All of this your own separation that keeps you from REMEMBERING yourself AS the entire Universe, AS SOURCE, AS and INFINITE and totally UNLIMITED being here. These are visible by way of mentalities, actions and resistance, all so that one can actually SEE. This seeing is called VISION and it opens up as one becomes more/fully conscious again.
You have existences that are so far beyond the physical one. The human cannot REMEMBER, for there is an AMNESIA that exists between the dimensions. This AMNESIA is the forgetfulness that the human starts to experience as they open up to higher self aspects of their self here. The more light is activated (and held), the less memories of the human existence are available or needed here.
Ascension scares the human aspect, for it wants to hold on to the old beliefs, the old ways, for it “thinks” this is the “safe” way. This holding on is what actually causes physical suffering. Letting go allows for the old limits to go and for new realities, new dimensions to open up and be accessed for blissful and magical realities full of gifts from the universe to materialize in the physical reality world.
Many speak of 3D, 4D, 5D and beyond and want to “get somewhere”, not realizing they are ALREADY HERE. Each dimension is a CONSCIOUSNESS that one expands INTO and holds and the longer one HOLDS this CONSCIOUSNESS all of the time, the more they are connected to the gridwork of this NEW Dimension. Each dimensional grid/plane DOES HAVE a phyical reality that one can actually exist/live/walk in. One’s consciousness determines WHERE one lives and WHICH PHYSICAL REALITY one gets.
In order to achieve these higher states of consciousness, one must expand BEYOND the limits of their own limiting human mind. This takes continual practice, dedication, awareness and choice…. This takes REALIZING which consciousness one is existing from.., the PURE & TRUE HEART or the limited & fixed human mind. It means doing the OPPOSITE of what one did as a fearful, prideful, judgmental human and opening the heart up so fully that the old is allowed to go. It means not needing to hold onto safe anymore or participate (which is supporting) the OLD Earth program(s) anymore. It means actually committing yourself to YOU and the interconnectedness of all as one. It means UNIFYING to REMEMBER FULLY, which allows one to “leave” the old limiting dimensions, once and for all. Yet one does not physical leave, yet they do. One doesn’t go anywhere, they expand and embody here.
The other dimensions become visible as one opens up to something existing beyond the fixed realities once held inside the old physical gridwork and limited human mind. THEN as one continually looks to see, opens up to believe, lets go of “it can’t be”, the NEW EARTH reality starts to materialize in physical form.
Meanwhile everything is continually changing…
Many are trying to “get to NEW Earth”, not relaizing that they are already here. The part that is not is the limiting human mind, the mindsets held within, the physical body that holds the old programs and the heart that holds separation within. In order to ARRIVE on NEW EARTH one must OPEN THEIR HEARTS FULLY and trust in what offers no tangible physical proof, other than a KNOWING held within. THIS KNOWING is NEW EARTH and all have to TRUST and HONOR this.
How do you GET to NEW Earth? With an open heart and open mind that MERGE (UNIFY = UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS) as ONE so that you can BE your HIGHER SELF ASPECT in every moment here.
Where is your Higher-Self? It’s YOU when you are present, coming from LOVE, AS LOVE and not supporting the OLD Earth programs or participating in them. It’s you when you come from honor, integrity to YOU and ALL at the same time as ONE again. It’s you when you regonize when you have shifted out of your heart and into your human-mind-head and INTENTIONALLY SHIFT back again. It’s YOU when you CHOOSE the higher vibrational reality/version of YOU… no separation, not allowing FEAR to dictate what you DO anymore. It’s you when you REALIZE that you hold the POWER within and you actually CHOOSE TO USE IT to CREATE NEW Earth for all again. It’s YOU when you let go and allow yourself to EXPAND. It’s YOU when you live intentionally from within.
What is multi-dimensional? It’s YOU when you choose which dimension you live in. Your head lives in the Old Earth ones, your HEART lives in the NEW Earth one. As you choose, portals open up & more dimensions open up too. These bring forth gifts, abunance, magic, peace and bliss and your ability to BE and Alchemist again. You expand ACROSS all dimensions in your actual PHYSICAL BODY that upgrades in photonic light (blows up with air) and forms crystals inside and under the skin. These crystals allow you to become a PROGRAMMER of NEW Earth Realities and you actually TRANSMIT the new holograms, the new gridwork from within your own physical structure here.
All is you, you ARE the UNIFIED FIELD connecting to all hearts as one, across all times in this SPACE here. In order to BE YOU, FIND YOU, REMEMBER YOU… you have to let go of the entire human existance that never was you. Those identities, those things, those memories of a programmed play/existence that you once somewhat believed. Your NEW Realities FORM for you, they ARRIVE for you and you ARRIVE in them.
Simultaneously… yet you cannot do this “off” in another moment. PRESENT MOMENT IS REQUIRED TO BE ON NEW EARTH here.
Expect the unexpected, embrace the crazy things, open up to RECEIVE in every moment. YOU have to LOOK for NEW Earth to see it. It’s all around you. Colorful, vibrant, interactive, happy, magical… if you do not SEE it, then you you have to CHOOSE to let go of that which “blocks” you from BEing here and takes up space where NEW is waiting to come forth to you….
YOU ARE NEW Earth… You must embrace and choose in every moment. Totally open hearts, no hiding… there nothing to hide from here. No need to hold on… that’s Old Earth…. No safetey mechanisms are necessary here. ♥
NEW Earth carries the vibration of WE as ONE… no separation… It is us re-united as family again.
Mahalo Nui Loa ​ NEW Earth vs. Old Earth NEW Earth, Awakening To Remember 2764 
Lisa Transcendence Brown
Lisa “Transcendence” Brown, B.Msc.
Ancient, Ascended Master, Oracle, WayShower, NEW Earth Physical Ascension Guide, Author and Transformational Speaker
Awakening to Remembering & Transcending Consciousness
NEW Earth vs. Old Earth NEW Earth… – Awakening To Remembering – Transcendence.

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