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Nat. Liberty Alliance Needs Americans to Collect 1 Million+ Signatures for the National Campaign Against Tyrants

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Nat. Liberty Alliance Needs Americans to Collect 1 Million+ Signatures for the National Campaign Against Tyrants

The current “justice” system (Law of the Sea) is corrupt and illegal in the Republic. The Law of the Land, or Common Law, is the legal system that will take down the cabal. Know the law, and help save your country. People have done “nothing” for too long. It’s time for action!




We are not calling this a petition because a petition is a request. We are not requesting, we are “Commanding!” our servants Obey the Law of the Land.
Print the Mandamus (Latin for “We Command”)
CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE DOCUMENTATION (in the form of a petition) and the flyer (cut in thirds – three per page).
Hand out the flyer (and other materials if you wish, like jurist hand books and constitution handbooks) and have the recipients sign and print the  county they live in.
To get signatures go to local Liberty Groups and ask them to join our endeavor to save America. Get signatures at work or school, if you go to the grocery store or the mall get signatures as people leave the store. Get signature at events and any place where there are People. Get your Sheriff’s signature on this paper. Visit and/or participate with our Media Campaign >
Our goal is 1,000,000+ (200 signature pages per state) but this is only possible if We the People are really serious about saving America we all need to get involve and encourage others to do the same.
Please do not leave this duty to others to perform. This is your duty. Form a committee in your
county and help form committees across your state to accomplish our goal get family, friends, neighbors and fellow Liberty-minded people involved.
When getting signatures have three or more clip boards with pens on a string so that People do not have to wait in line; if you are at an event, set up a folding table.
Everyone should endeavor to fill at least one page with signatures pretty quickly. Who wouldn’t sign it? and mail to the address below:
Mail the Mandamus (in the form of a petition) ASAP as you fill the page to:
National Liberty Alliance
3979 Albany Post Road, Suite 107
Hyde Park, New York, 12538
Thank You.
Learn about the National Liberty Alliance, your constitution, Common Law, and freedom initiatives in the works here. Get on the Monday night calls. Get involved. Be a part of the liberation of the Republic and be a part of history in the making.

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