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Ron Paul Supporters..."Ye Of Little Faith"? Bix Weir

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Ron Paul Supporters..."Ye Of Little Faith"?
Bix Weir
Last year I explained how the "Good Guys" wanted Ron Paul to be in a place to help the United States return to a form of Constitutional Government. That process is still in tact and moving forward as planned. Here was the article...

SPECIAL REPORT: The "Good Guys" Election Strategy

Many on the Road to Roota "get it" and understand just how big of an event is facing us. The derivative bubble has popped and is destroying the back rooms of banks around the world. Even those not directly connected will feel the effects through the destruction of their client's ability to participate in a monetary system that has broken. This is huge. Due to the size, scope and interconnected nature of all participants this crash will bring about the end of all paper and electronic monetary instruments. And ultimately, if we choose the Right Road, the removal of those who have controlled our lives for over a hundred years.

But many are still stuck in the past mindset that there is no escape and Ron Paul will never be able to lead us out of this hell. Even after how far he has come in this process people still jump on everything that may seem to contradict the overall strategy and lose faith... "It's over now." - "He's thrown in the towel." - and always my favorite - "Bix you were wrong about Ron Paul so everything you ever wrote was wrong!"

I can even name some of the more recent times that these comments came out:

- Ron Paul was in last place out of all 8 candidate so he'll never win.

- Todd Palin endorsed Gingrich so Sarah will never endorse Ron Paul.

- Sarah Palin said she'd vote for Gingrich in SC so that's her endorsement

- Ron Paul can't win a state so he'll never win the election.

- Ron Paul only has a couple delegates so he can't win.

- Romeny has 1144 delegates so Ron Paul Can't win.

- Ron Paul has withdrawn because he can only get 500 delegates.

and the latest...

- Rand Paul has turned trader endorsing Romney and now his father is sunk.

After each one of the above I'd get a rush of emails that it was over. Even the VERY HARD CORE Ron Paul supporters would throw in the towel again and again and again.

And yet Ron is still in it. He's still here. He's the only one besides Romney who can be nominated in August. Curious isn't it? Could it be that my article laying out the strategy is what is really happening? If we have just crossed over into "Round Two" of that strategy..which is the global monetary will you be feeling about Ron's chances then?

See how easy it is to lose faith even though it's all going as planned and how I said it would?? (or close to it)

So I think you already know my take on the Rand Paul's all part of the plan! First listen to the interview and announcement:

While almost all others took the knee jerk reaction to his announcement and say "it's over" why not ask yourself some questions before you jump on the Hannity band wagon. Here's the one's I pondered...

1) Why now when the markets are about to fall apart?

2) What could be accomplished from this?

3) Why announce on the notoriously anti-Paul Sean Hannity show?

4) Will this move align the Tea Party closer to the Republican Party?

5) As the "drums of war" are pounding again could his statement bring up the requirement of Congressional approval for war at the time most needed?

6) If Ron Paul supporters are truly "once in, always in" then will this move in supporting the Republican establishment bring in new supporters without hurting the current supporters?

7) If Romney is taken down due to his involvement in the Stanford Ponzi scheme how will the Tea Party be positioned within the Republican Party?

There are more questions and answers to be worked out but I think you get my drift. Nothing is done by accident these days in this battle for our freedom. I outline a few more thoughts in the Friday Road Trip but it should be obvious that Rand would not abandon his father without something else up his sleeve. My final conclusion is that Rand will be positioned perfectly when the moment comes.

Make no mistake:

Ron will be at the Convention in August.
Ron will have a lot of delegates and supporters.
The global financial system will be in disarray.
The Federal Reserve/Banking System system will be fingered as the culprit.
We The People will be angry and demand REAL change.

and Ron has always had the solutions.

So come on all you Ron Paul faithful. Don't let another concocted setback get you down.

We've been through it many times before and there will probably be many more before this game is over.

Keep the faith - even in the darkest hours.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

PS - When you hear someone say... Bix is crazy because he thinks someone is coming to "save us." - tell them it's the opposite. I am saying that the Good Guys have a plan to DESTROY our system so we can SAVE OURSELVES! That's what the Road to Roota Theory is all about...make sure they get it right. Thx


Thanks S4L, for this most insightful perspective... :D

It's not over 'til it's over... keep the faith!!

Perhaps we need to be more long-term thinkers and visionaries; the IQD journey has been instructive for this purpose also, has it not?


The tides are about to turn in many ways! I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm ready! :cheers:


Hi there you all....yes I am ready too. Dr. Paul is a good guy....I am convinced of that.....hopefully he is waiting in the wings as BIX WIER predicts!

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