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Out Of Mind » GALACTIC AWARENESS » UFO DISCLOSURE, ISS, MUFON, SETI & NASA » Thursday, June 14, 2012 Deep Intel Down The Rabbit Hole 6-14-12 A few tidbits which have been relayed to me.

Thursday, June 14, 2012 Deep Intel Down The Rabbit Hole 6-14-12 A few tidbits which have been relayed to me.

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Just posted at John's blog.....hope it is true......I just feel we are really close

Thursday, June 14, 2012
Deep Intel Down The Rabbit Hole 6-14-12
A few tidbits which have been relayed to me.

These massive funds have been signed off by the 4 trustees in Paris and approved for distribution. These were the funds stolen by Bush and the Private Federal Reserve Bank. These Wanta Funds have been in continuous 'program trades' for the last few decades. There value exceeds the Germaine Funds and in the trillions. Less than 1% will be used to cover the Dinar Cash In. Now under review by several managers for immediate distribution. This Is A Win for WE THE PEOPLE.

Is returning to China with all the stolen funds recovered from Bush and the Private Federal Reserve Bank. The Wanta Funds mentioned above shall replace the funds placed by the Chinese to support the Dinar Cash In. This Is A Win for WE THE PEOPLE of our both countries. Madame Wu, may I respectfully say again for the American People - Thank You!

This is an ongoing process and I may not comment on it.

Both the RV and Global Reset of the world currencies are to be announced the same day. Per CNBC on TV yesterday, Wednesday 6/13, the announcements shall be made today. Also hearing that Obama may do an announcement today too.
But we have gone thru these announcements too many times with no results. And a bunch of poisoned darts headed my way!
SOOOO - I hear nothing and I say nothing! LOL!
Let's go with the flow.

This has been relayed to me by several highly placed sources with the same message. "ALL IS TO HAPPEN". I await in high anticipation.

Have you all noticed the disappearance of Timmie boy from the scene. Word is he and his family are in a safe house in China being protected from the Bush Cabal who he ratted on. After the massive arrests and he is safe --- he be relocated.

To start after the announcements.

It is going down big time after the announcements. Unload them in the next few weeks.
GOLD BASED Treasury Notes is the safe haven now.

This INTEL will most assuredly change so it is written in jello.

GOD Bless
GOD Bless America Again

John MacHaffie


This is so encouraging, thanks S4L for bringing it over! Blessings!


I will be going straight home after work today and turning on CNBC. I think I will hit record just in case I need to use the bathroom or something. LOL
Don' want to miss a moment of this. Man I hope this happens.
I feel like something is going on. Every time I am near a digital clock today it flashes 1:11 to 11:11 back and forth a few times. hope that is a sign. :)

  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity ~ Edgar Allan Poe


Listening to CNBC now & the volatility is all over the place. They say this is usually just before something big is about to happen. But they don't know what that is! LOL

Come On Announcement!! bounce


Thanks for the reports everyone.....I haven't had my tv on in months....I got sick and tired of all the propaganda coming out of it on a daily/hourly basis! Sure hope the time is HERE for all good men/women to come to the defense of their country! PEACE AND LOVE TO YOU ALL! :)


I don't watch it either, but today seemed to be a good day to turn it back on for certain announcements! I just mute the rest LOL.

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