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May 13, 2015









So I have a question after reading this quote: Note: George & Elizabeth were the “Incestuous twins” and had a son, named ‘Charles’. “Charlemagne”, “Lord Melchizedek (Order of Lilith)”,”MERCURY”, “HORUS” papal promoted to “JESUS”
What if you know for certain you are a descendant of Charlemagne…several times? Like King John (Lackland) of England was my 24th great grandfather….also a known descendant of King Henry 2nd and possibly the Henry the 3rd (waiting verification) through 3 different ancestral lines…..and probably many of you are as well if you have early American founding ancestors (pre-1650) It kind of worries me but also gives me hope that some of this $hit did dilute over the centuries…but I also realize I am the only one in my family that has reached this level of understanding…..I am related to 3 presidents *which means I’m related to all of them but VanBuren since all presidents are blood related-even the current one…. so if this evil is in my gene pool…….idk…..I know I am going to stay on the same path…it is just concerning to have this pedigree of evil. What do I do from here?.
Kelly …
The Birth Bump – Being Born in the Wrong Family, by Cameron Day
I found this article a couple years ago and this is how I interpreted it. When we incarnated into this war zone earth reality, The EF bumped some of us into another family other than what we originally incarnated into when we birthed into this earth plane. and these Dark Forces decided they were going to give us a hard time for their fuckery purposes. Its worth the read. do a search on The Birth Bump by Cameron Day. Its too long for this post but it will give some insight into some of the discussion here. I would be interested in some feed back on this article.
Oscar … Please keep in mind that in those days the Oligarcas in Europe were raping almost every beautiful daughters of the subditos or could have been killed if not allowed. So probably lots of people were born from those cases andn is not your fault.. Because in the years 16 Hundres the Oligarcs were doing the same in Mexico with the Indigenous girls the same as the south with slaves..
Ryan … You may be able to heal yourself and in turn, heal things through that bloodline.. could heal the rest of us too. That’s how I feel it works. We’re really just spirits in body.. Honestly, I think we gotta start talking and acting like we know it. These silly identities are getting pretty ridiculous, have you noticed? Julie Bunn, again, I say whatever you heal (and that may be genetic hereditary linked to that genetic line..), you heal for all.
Hey Julie! Here’s my two cents: As far as I can tell from all I have personally gathered from Rose’s plethora of information, the wonderful people which make up this group, as well as my own opinion of experience itself: blood and family may have an effect on you, yet they certainly do not define who you choose to be for yourself.
One of the the things you will see repeated here time and again, is that there is a large difference between good and evil, and it is not based upon family ties, nor that line’s particular history alone(which may be suspect anyway, if you did not experience it yourself, as much of history is not as it’s been related to us these days).
You as a sovereign being/consciousness may choose the path you wish to follow every moment of every day. You always have a choice, no matter the situation; which is among the most difficult of things for people to accept, yet obviously true if you really consider it. I look at your question as one of predisposal through genetics.
Just as your family may be prone to cancer, heart attack, brilliance, or arrogance; so too may it be prone to sociopathology, or malice. However, this is simply a probability, not a certainty. It’s the classic question of nature vs. nurture, yet I’ve always found the answer to be both. Nature would be your particular genetic code, while nurture would be your particular experiences in life as a whole. Both make up the whole that you have truly become, and both have been effected greatly by your particular choices. As you’ve already stated, you are the only one of your family which has reached the level of understanding which you presently have(I know exactly how that feels).
This is no accident, it is who you have chosen to be for yourself. Social conditioning around here would have us believe that we are constant victims of fate, and wholly incapable of breaking free from our predispositions. Yet, you have already proven that is not true. You wouldn’t be here otherwise. If you only did as your family has done, you would not be singularly seeking things outside of their ways.
Own the power which is within you, realize that you have placed yourself into your own position; not your family ties. The question is less about who your family is/was, and more who you are, and will choose to be. Do not fret over your family line, and instead place your thoughts on who you would be in the most ideal sense. Those who are good are not perfect, no one is around here. They are simply anyone who is not specifically evil, which for me, is someone who consciously chooses to cause harm to others for the benefit of themselves alone.
Evil is always service to self, yet good is any who would choose to serve another, and spread love in the best way they can. This is different for every being, and is done at the best of their capacity. No one could ever ask for more. Do not fear your family ties, as fear and love do not coexist, and your family does not define you; you do. So long as you would choose to be the very best, and most aware person you can be, you will never have anything to fear.
Hold love in your heart, learn the truth of things the best you can, hope for the beautiful future we all deserve, and nothing will ever be able to stop you. Thank you for your singular courage in breaking away from conventional ties, and be excited for the future we will all see.
Much love and hope to you, and all who may read these words. .
Queen Mother’s real mother was her family’s French cook … the domestic help was ‘an early version of surrogacy’ for both Elizabeth Bowes Lyon and her younger brother David.
The cook, an ‘attractive and pleasant Frenchwoman’ called Marguerite Rodiere, gave birth to the future Queen Elizabeth because her own mother Cecilia, who already had eight children, was unable to have any more.

This explains the unflattering nickname ‘Cookie’ given to the
Queen Mother by the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

Elizabeth Bowes Lyon at the age of seven.
The Queen Mother’s exact date of birth in August 1900 as the fourth daughter of Lord Glamis, later 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, has always been disputed
It also remained unclear whether she was actually born in the back of a London ambulance or the family home, St Paul’s Waldenbury, in Hertfordshire.
Another puzzle has been why the Queen Mother, born the Honourable Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes Lyon, was given a French middle name
The Queen Mother was the daughter of a Welsh maid who worked in the family’s castle in Scotland.

Elizabeth with her brother in 1915.
Another puzzle has been why the Queen Mother, born the Honourable Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes Lyon, was given a French middle name.
Royal and aristocratic circles had been alight for decades with the story that Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, while undoubtedly the daughter of the 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, was not the child of his wife Cecilia, nor was her younger brother David, born nearly two years after her on 2nd May, 1902.
‘The two Benjamins, as they were known in the Bowes Lyon family (in a Biblical allusion to the brother of Joseph, who was himself the product of a coupling between his father and his mother’s maid) were supposedly the children of Marguerite Rodiere, an attractive and pleasant Frenchwoman who had been the cook at St Paul’s Waldenbury and is meant to have provided Lord and Lady Glamis with the two children they so yearned for after Cecilia was forbidden by her doctors from producing any more progeny.
‘Hence the nickname of Cookie, which the Duke and Duchess of Windsor took care to promulgate throughout international society once Elizabeth proved herself to be their most formidable enemy.’
Some people did know the truth surrounding the Queen Mother’s birth, chiefly her brother-in-law, David.
As King Edward VIII, David had access to all the information about Elizabeth’s secret which was not so secret in aristocratic and royal circles.
‘When he discovered, to his horror, that Elizabeth was actively scheming with his own courtiers to undermine his position as king and prevent him from marrying the woman he loved, he used the wealth of access at his disposal to circumvent his own private and deputy private secretaries and obtain sight of the documents, which confirmed that Elizabeth had been born, not of 4th August as supposed, but on 3rd August at St Paul’s Waldenbury to Marguerite Rodiere.’
‘The Duke of Windsor always maintained that he would never have revealed Elizabeth’s secret had he not discovered at the time of the Abdication Crisis, through Lord Beaverbrook, that Elizabeth was behind the rumour that Wallis (Simpson) had learnt secret sexual techniques in a bordello in China, and it was this which was the secret hold she had over King Edward VIII.
Once he knew this to be true, however, he felt justified in rumbling the sister-in-law who had a secret of her own, and one, moreover, which had in his view, more merit than the one she said about his beloved.’
That’s why thereafter, Elizabeth was known as Cookie.
For those who asked, why she was being called by that nickname, there was always a member of the Windsor circle willing and able to recount how the High and Mighty Princess Elizabeth, Queen of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Empress of India, Queen of Canada, Australia, etc,etc, was not even legitimate, but the daughter of the 13th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne and St Paul’s Waldenbury cook,Mademoiselle Marguerite Rodiere.
Surrogacy and the upper classes
It was not unusual for the upper classes to use ‘surrogacy’ arrangements to create
large families.
In the days before antibiotics, child mortality rates were high and sole male heirs stood a good chance of being killed in a war.
It was important that aristocrats left a ‘spare heir or two’, and sometimes enlisted the aid of their domestic staff.
‘The grander the couple, the more likely that there was a serious problem, for great estates were entailed upon the title, meaning that a peer could not leave his property to whom he pleased.
‘The aristocracy was filled with horror stories about widows and daughters of great peers living in penury while some distant cousin was lording it over them.’
George VI allegedly took offence to the growing friendship between the young Princess Elizabeth and ‘Little Porchy’, who later became Lord Carnarvon.
The King is alleged to have said: ‘Young Porchester is charming, but there is no possibility of my condoning a union between a daughter of mine and a butler’s son.’

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