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The Top 3 Misconceptions People Have About Crystal Healing

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The Top 3 Misconceptions People Have About Crystal Healing

May 14th, 2015
Crystals and their application in metaphysical practices like healing, manifestation, and conscious jewelry design are absolutely exploding in popularity.  I believe this is because they represent the crystallization of the evolved conscious human and are one of the primary allies for anchoring this state of being into the collective consciousness, but that’s a whole discussion for another article.  As crystal healing and their use for conscious development increases exponentially, there are some misconceptions that need to be cleared out in order align with the incredible power they hold for us as allies.  Here are 3 such misconceptions:
1)      Crystals Can Heal You:
Nope. I’m sorry.  Crystals will not heal you.  In fact nothing will heal you but yourself.  This is one of the greatest misinterpretations of the intentions and purpose of working with the mineral realm I have personally sensed in the collective and even at times in myself.  What crystals CAN do is be incredibly precise and potent living tools to help us align with parts and states of ourselves that are seeking alignment and expression.  However, a crystal cannot give you something you do not inherently have and they cannot bring you into healing if you are not wholeheartedly allowing that healing to occur or actively moving into it yourself.  Dependence on crystals accompanied by a lack of personal responsibility and proactivity can actually drain the vital forces from crystals, dampen their light and luster, and cause them to need to be rehabilitated.  When you work with crystals, allow them to serve as reflections of those aspects of the self you wish to make more prominent, and as extensions of your own intention and power, but not as a crutch.

 2)    Flawless or ‘Perfect’ Crystals are More Powerful:
This is not fundamentally true. Let me clarify a few points on this issue; Much of what is technically understood and disseminated about the specific aspects of various minerals and crystals is based on geology as a scientific field of study and on the industry of precious gemstones and their use in valuable jewelry. As far is jewelry is concerned, the more ‘flawless’ a gem specimen is, the more valuable it is and therefore the more desirable.  In this case, flawless means extremely clear, having no inclusions of other minerals, and having no contacts (surface imperfections indicating a previous attachment point to another crystal).  These characteristics or the lack thereof are also considered to indicate value and rarity from the viewpoint of geology.
When rare crystals exhibit these types of properties commonly interpreted as 'flawlessness', they DO possess very rare and special beauty and qualities of power, precision, and mastery.  However, crystals that are unusual, rough, strange, broken, include other minerals, or are cloudy or non-transparent are equally as endowed with meaning, wisdom, and energetic power.  For instance, I have a wide assortment of only partially crystallized quartz stones that I have unearthed myself in gem hunting trips from childhood and recent years. Many of them are nothing I could sell or that would commonly be considered display or jewelry specimens, but they are potent and truly dope.  I've read that certain native American peoples call crystals the bones of mother earth, and these relatively non-flashy little crystal rocks really have that power and resonance, and help me align with it. Don’t underestimate the wisdom and beauty in the scarred, unique, and curious crystals in your collection.  Remember that they are conscious and, like people, their uniqueness adds to their value.

 3)      Your Crystals Belong to You:
As much as I myself hate to face it, crystals do not belong to us.  This is because they are conscious.  No, they are not conscious and alive in the exact same way that we are as humans, yet they are nonetheless alive and conscious and therefore we cannot own them.  This is important to understand because looking at them as conscious beings completely shifts our relationship with them and allows us to experience so much more of who they are and what they teach.  If we are just treating them as beautiful objects, we’re really missing out on so much of who they are in the same way that if we only appreciate a human being for how pretty they are, we’re really missing the depth of their full authentic beauty.  Engage your crystals, appreciate them, and respect them.  Allow their presence to transform your vibration and when they seem to be naturally flowing out of your care to another person or place, be open and allowing for those shifts to occur.
In conclusion, crystals are becoming a huge part of many people’s lives who have never experienced them before and this is because they are an important part of human evolution.  How beautiful that we have collectively manifested such amazing and fascinating partners in our joint evolution- we and the mineral realm- as two very different expressions of source energy sharing an intersecting soul path.  Crystals can offer much guidance, assistance with our transformation and healing, and astounding reflections of beauty when we treat them with respect and open-mindedness.
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Article posted by Laura Weber

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