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Anonymous Answers Those Who Still '?'

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1 Anonymous Answers Those Who Still '?' on Sat May 16, 2015 4:50 pm



Published on May 16, 2015
Greetings Humanity of Planet Earth.

We would like to ask you. "How many times do we need to make it clear? Of what Anonymous is, and what, it is not.

Even though we have explained this, thousands of times, there are still those out there, who do not understand of what Anonymous is, and, is not.

Anonymous is not a group, it is not an organization, it is not a cult. There is no sign up, there is no recruitment, there is no leadership, there is no spokesperson, and there is no membership. There is no official website, FedBook page, Twitter account, or the many YouTube channels. There are people out there who claim that their websites or YouTube channels are official, such as the website known, as the Anon H Q, or, the Anon head quarters. Anonymous has no head quarters. There is no base of operations. But, if Anonymous were to have any base of operations, its base, would be the entire Planet. The owners of websites and channels such as these, either do not understand the ideology, or, are undercover Feds, that are trying to corrupt our Brothers & Sisters into following their false flags, and disinformation, with false info, false "Ops," to distract them from the real cause. So when you see a website or channel that tries to make themselves look like it’s the official website or channel for 'The Collective,' you need to either take the responsibility to expose them, or avoid them, and allow them to expose themselves. People, who claim to be a leader or spokesperson for 'The Collective,' can be easily spotted. If they dare to speak on others behalf, then they should be immediately challenged and exposed. The entire Collective of Anonymous speaks as one. Not one person can speak on the behalf of the entire Collective. Anonymous is fighting against leadership; we believe that Humanity should speak as one race, and that not one soul should speak for the entire species. So why would Anonymous have leaders? If leadership is what we are fighting against? And if at any time you may wonder? Who the members of Anonymous are. All you need to do is look around; you will see Us every-where. We are you. We are your fathers, your mothers, your sons, and daughters. We are lawyers that fight for the accused under the court of law. We are the teacher that teaches the children. We are Christians, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Buddhists and Hindus. We are your closest friend, and your worst enemy. We are everyone. And yet, we are no one. And for those who ask the question, "is Anonymous good, or bad?" Asking that question, is like asking "is humanity good, or bad?" Anonymous is both, good, and bad. One part is trying to help you, and the other part, is trying to fuck the system for the Lulz!!!
People also ask, "How can they take part in Anonymous? All you have to do is spread information to the people, another way is to expose those who spread disinformation and confusion. Just do whatever to create change, it is that simple. We really hope this answers the questions, but there will always be people out there, who do not understand the ideology, and it is a duty to expose them to the truth, even if they do not want to hear it, and there will always be those, who wish to corrupt Anonymous, and distract our Brothers & Sisters from the real problems that are plaguing our world. It is a duty to expose them. To those who are corrupting and misleading Anonymous, "You will be exposed one way or another, we already know who you are, and we will use any means necessary, to expose you. And to those who do not fully understand what Anonymous is, you have every opportunity to learn about what we are, so do it before you start spreading your message of confusion and disinformation, or we will have no other choice but to expose you for your ignorance. Although we believe that anyone can take part in anonymous, we will not allow your ignorance of the message of freedom, truth, and progress to be used as an excuse.

* You have been warned *

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect Us!

Wangy Wagnols


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