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The Financial Reset - By COBRA

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1 The Financial Reset - By COBRA on Sun May 17, 2015 9:50 am


The Financial Reset - By COBRA    

This will be in three phases:]

First phase:
This will involve an inner reset. There will be a release of funds and forgiveness of debt. Debt is a Cabal concept (from Orion). Debt is used to control the masses. Money is promoted as a means of exchange, but in fact it is a method of producing debt and slavery. We will have to forgive ourselves and others.

The karma system – or Sin in Catholicism – involves debt and slavery in the etheric realms.
People work every day, real physical work, in order to pay back those who only entered numbers into a computer.

In fact, there is actually an etheric banking technology which interfaces with the main banking system. This involves plasma. The top archons receive information about all individuals. This etheric technology will have to be removed.

Eastern Alliance - The Eastern Alliance is an alternative financial infrastructure. It is not tied in any way to the Federal reserve. Talks with the Dragon Families have led to a plan to defeat the Cabal. The best method is simply to bankrupt them. The current financial system in the world is primitive. The East is building a more sophisticated system. The BIS and the Fed etc work for the Cabal at the top levels.

China, Russia, India, South Africa, Brazil etc have got top people in. This initiative has the silent support of the positive military. There is a secret group in South America – a military group – that is making sure that the Cabal cannot stop this process.

A new alternative is being set up to the SWIFT clearing system. A new Russian payment card is being developed. Also, systems are being developed for direct exchange without using the American dollar. China has gathered together most of the world’s gold. The Yuan is set to become one of the world’s new reserve currencies.

Three years ago the suggestion was made that a basket of currencies form the new reserve currency. But, there is a risk. The Jesuits have sought to penetrate the structure of the Eastern Alliance, and hope that way to get global control of the new financial system.

Forces beyond this planet are observing what is going on, from their mother-ships, and monitoring.! The entire world debt is in the region of $233 trillion.

The Secret Space Program
Those living on Mars will demand payment soon! This involves refineries and mining companies.
Virtually no one knows about this aspect of the programme. Those who do know are afraid to speak out.
All countries are involved in very big debts, because real money went off Earth.!

Second phase:
So everything needs to be reset. The Secret Space Program has to be stopped. All cabal entities need to be removed. The Geopolitical System reflects the Solar System.
Bush and Cheney are currently being protected.
The enormous debt of $233 trillion would provide houses for everyone on earth, and food for all, many times over.!
The money currently going to projects remains a classified topic.
Money works as a fiction because everyone believes it.

The Rothschilds of the Bank of England.

One trillion dollars is siphoned in the USA, three billion dollars every day.

All the real estate on Mars will eventually belong to humanity. The secret space program started on
the moon. Mars proved to be a much more effective project. Many other races have been involved in Mars; there have been reptilians on Mars.
The financial system involves an occult economy that goes beyond this planet. The Cabal has invested. For this reason, they think they own the planet and also the Solar System. But this is not a reality. There are forces that will prevent that.

BRICS alternative
The BRICS Alliance want the new financial structure to be solid, and to sustain The Event. The Resistance Movement will activate a virus, within all banks, stopping all transactions.

The banks will close. They will remain closed for a period of between three days and two weeks. Because of  this, the Cabal will lose their source of money. They will not be able to pay mercenaries, buy helicopters and so forth.

The alternative system will be activated. BRICS and the Eastern Alliance, will go online, but with new rules. There will be no stock market. Many very large companies will be forced into bankruptcy by having to buy back their own shares. Many banks will go bankrupt.

There is very little physical money in the world. 200 billion dollars, not more.
Police and the military will prevent bank robberies. When the banks reopen, individual’s bank accounts will return.
However, the real value of houses will go down. This will enable real estate to be available for all.
The value of the house will closely relate to the real cost of building that house, a fraction of the value of many houses now. Everyone will have enough.!
Gold and Silver.
The Cabal had a lot of gold and silver but they lost it to the Resistance Movement. The vast majority of the gold on the planet will be for the use of humanity. It will be used as collateral.!
At a certain moment after First Contact we will have a technology that will provide everything that we need.!
Initially the value of gold will go up.
The way animals are treated will improve dramatically.

Third Phase:
The third phase will involve society without money. This will come when humanity as a whole can handle this in terms of awareness.
Putin is quite brave and he has had support from beyond the planet. He disappeared for ten days.
Cobra confirmed that there are lookalikes for Putin (and indeed for others). [It is also true that there are clones for various members of the Cabal.]
Putin went to a meeting. He met beings who are not from the surface of this world. He was given information about the reset.
Eisenhower met with the Ashtar Command as well as the Pleiadians. He wished to work more closely with them but this was blocked by the military. So the Dracos came and he was forced to sign a treaty. This led to abductions. It also resulted in the proliferation of underground military bases.
Despite the threats he was facing, Eisenhower put the task force within the Solar Warden Program.
By doing this, he saved the world. He infiltrated the Secret Space Program. Some information about this is known to his granddaughter, Laura Eisenhower (who can be found on YouTube).
Eisenhower also helped set up The Organisation. This is where the “mass arrests” will come from.
Bitcoin - Bitcoin was an invention developed by the Light forces. However, in time to come, for as long as money is still needed, it will have to be physical. !
Greek Myths contain fragments of old history. So for example, the Andromeda Galaxy is being referred to in the Perseus Myth. This galaxy has a very strong polarity and has been closely involved with planet Earth. The Perseus myth (Gorgon’s head and all that - Ed.) has very strong keys for dealing with this split.
Trouble in the Ukraine - this has to be settled as a problem before the vortices in Europe can be activated.!
Orion - similar to the Andromeda Galaxy; there is a great polarity; some rigid adherence to the dark; Betelgeuse is committed to the light. The Orion Galaxy was liberated more than one decade ago. Many of the Rothschild family has come from Orion.
Planet X - is at the outer edge of the solar system. Officially, it is not yet been discovered. The Resistance Movement comes from there.!
The moon - Our Moon is very special. This makes the Earth sought after.
Monarchy - All suppressed information about the Monarchy will come out after The Event.!
Child abuse - Why has there been Satanic abuse and child abuse by the elites in the world? This has come about because of generational trauma; they act out what they experienced themselves as children. In order for this to stop, it has to be exposed. The minds of people involved get infected by parasites. (i.e. Etheric beings)!

Sofia Archetype - the Sofia archetype is the classic cosmic archetype for wisdom. The way that this energy will return, is through both dreams and revelations. The earth anchors the Sofia
Collapse of the dollar - The dollar could collapse, but light forces are not supporting this. It’s the Cabal that want the collapse of the dollar. The Bush faction want to produce a collapse in the dollar and damage as many people as possible.
Jump Rooms: - The jump rooms were real. They were used to travel vast distances. However,time travel related to the jump rooms is not real.
Animal mutilations - The mutilation of animals has been carried out at the behest of the Cabal.
Greece - Greece has various powerful bargaining chips, it might be able to greatly improve its financial position. Greece includes Crete, and in ancient times the Minoan Civilisation was connected with the Brotherhood of the Star. This ancient connection can be used to reactivate the light in Greece. It is a vortex point for the return of the Goddess and the return of the Atlantean Mysteries and Light.

The Archons - The Archons are involved in the incarnation process, and will give you the parents that will suppress you the most. Light workers are doing the work of 10 to 20 people, who are not yet aware. Nevertheless, we will succeed. If we get to 144,000 at any significant point, this will liberate the world.
ISIL - There is a Syria Portal and a Samara Vortex. The ISIL Army are seeking to destroy this legacy. In Israel there is a ten thousand year old energy point dedicated to the Goddess.

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