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Grids on Skids

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1 Grids on Skids on Sun May 17, 2015 5:20 pm


The Grids are on the Skids
The Holy Grail; the Teluric Templar; the Gelezic Geodesic; the Trapizoid Trapizium; the Grid Iron; I can go on but I think you get the drift, whatever the name they’re shrouded in fame.
If you’ve never heard of grid wars then you really don’t know Jesus, or King Arthur, or David, or Artaxerxes, or William the Conqueror, or his predecessor Guillaume of Aquitaine, nor the fact that they are one of the same collective, (see Sons of Aries Bastards of David). I can go on to name the family consorts but let’s not get carried away, shock and awe is not the premise.
The Earth Templar or Holy Grail in laymen’s terms; the electromagnetic lines of flux that circumnavigate the planet. The mathematics of light & sound create geometric patterns that give birth to the geodesic 3D planetary hologram, which would resemble a large Bucky Fuller dome with interweaving triangles. But for the savvy amongst you this is old hat.
These grid lines can be compared to our own body’s meridians, and as any acupuncturist will confirm, when we do the hokey pokey on points of convergence the energy dams collapse creating therapeutic equilibrium. Our planet also has energy dams which can act like a gravity well creating energetic vortexia; some are natural but most are miasmic distortions.
 When the organic medium is disturbed by wanna-be Sheppard’s playing grail king via the poles, trust me when I say the music there playing is the flip side of radio bliss, and more akin to Merovingian Templar mechanics in the key of D for delta, to lull not only humanity with lullaby but the earth spirit herself.
In ancient times major convergence points were coveted, not only as a potential power source, but for healing, learning and communion. Of course some of these precious points are known as star-gates which allowed travel locally, or to other planets in the solar system as well as outside of it for the preordained. The Great Pyramid is only one of many such sites. But at this time these sites are anything but a healthy alternative to time travel, and typically war zones by the seen and unseen forces.
 Most are on lockdown by the powers that be who have mechanized their own version of underground space travel with the consortium.

The Cathars were not the first to build cathedrals upon the axiom points of the planetary Kathara template, but they were well aware of their value and use. The Cathedral Crusade which began after the 10th century was more of a Merovingian Saxon movement; stellate seats for succubae. Some sacred sites were usurped long ago by ET invader races, like Marduk’s Stonehenge and his earlier Tower of Babble, which were similar to modern day HAARP’s designed for conscious enslavement. But as King Arthur learned by trying to dislodge Stonehenge, they will stop at nothing to protect their arterial wands before sending in their hybrid Saxon armies to secure the area.
Determining locations of grid points is not difficult with a bit of practice, one can easily dowse these areas on a map. You can also get within close proximity by watching migration patterns of wildlife and weather, or the pathways of inner and outer streams. Quartz and gold are also discovered in these areas. There are some helps from past researchers like the Becker Hagens grid among others available on the web. The major grid triangles with intersections approximately every 200 km can also be reduced to smaller triangles within using the same angular geometry.
I don’t recommend building dwellings on these sites for they can stress the nervous system and cause health problems when ones not code conducive, even on the many subordinate sites. The major lines of flux whether upon the Mary-Michael line in England or the Denver-Roswell line have all been commandeered by the powers that be, so it’s best to live a healthy distance away from mind control central, that are typically littered with military installations on the surface and well underground.
I like many other grid keepers established geomantium type dwellings upon a strategic axiom point decades ago and some know the physics of phase conjugation. Many have done so on a subconscious level while their cerebral capacity has yet to acknowledge this. The hokey pokey lives here and if you’ve anchored in be discrete, for spiking the grid can be as easy as passing gas, or a roll in the sac, and the phantom G-men will send the black choppers to circle, or just buzz with jets at mach 1, or hover with their cloaked hybrid saucers which you can only hear. They will also put you under surveillance 24-7, inter-fear with public writings, befriend you for personal info, become clientele, threaten your kids, and even try to snipe you when you’re too hot to handle.

Some are familiar with the highlander hot seat, but we’re not without friends in high places and death however encouraging is hard to earn when you’re useful in times of transition, and there is progress to report. The awakening of Earth spirit this year gained us an incredible ally, while the grid frequency is slowly elevating from light workers and the bombardment of cosmic waves from source. This will in turn stimulate more mass awakenings and a higher quantum of opposition against the Lizzy leanings.
The powers that be have planned and engineered their cattle drive for millennia, and used our tax base to build their underground cities and surface control structures, robbing the banks and pension funds to further their career of evil. But they failed to see beyond their own greedy machine minds, they failed to see the human spirits capacity to understand their true potential in a pinch.

As their external net unravels all will be exposed, the frequency of the planet will continue to increase making lizzy habitation unbearable and they will begin to bug out. The last and final abduction campaign will be of their hybrid spawn, who will not want to leave. Their Fantasies of a New World Order will be condemned and the Hitler hybrids will be rounded up and put in the confines of their own FEEMA camps to await tribunals of war crimes against humanity. This will be done by dissenters within their own ranks who will either begin to honor freewill choice or go down with the herd. The institutions built on negative science will fall out of favor and with them the concept of money and material madness. Oh happy day!
Our most powerful weapon is the freedom of conscious expres​sion(creativity), our most powerful act is to contemplate bliss. When we anchor bliss into the grid we establish equilibrium blocking polar pulsation, and when we contemplate bliss our DNA responds. This is not about menders, blenders and benders against repeat offenders, this is way-showers nudging humanity to take back their sovereignty now! No need to riot in the streets; the engineered response. All one need do is to not participate in fallen philosophies, and know the power of peace in both raising frequency and consciousness.
The manipulation by fear can’t compete with faith and courage. An entire cosmos has heard your call and your prayers will be answered, because you are loved and that love has begun to shine through and soon you will know the true meaning of “The greatest show on Earth”!

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2 Re: Grids on Skids on Sun May 17, 2015 11:32 pm


Thank you Val!

I so agree with you here that we will gain nothing by taking to the streets as this is what they want. An excuse to plow us down....

I like where your head is on this.


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