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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION » WTF? ‘Illuminati’ Launches Recruitment Website And PR Campaign

WTF? ‘Illuminati’ Launches Recruitment Website And PR Campaign

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WTF? ‘Illuminati’ Launches Recruitment Website And PR Campaign

Posted by talesfromtheconspiratum on May 19, 2015
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WTF? ‘Illuminati’ Launches Recruitment Website And PR Campaign | True Activist.
“Fear nothing, we’re always reaching out to you,” says the secret society’s TV commercial.

 Is it satire? A hoax? It’s hard to say, but whatever the case, the Illuminati‘s new website is the strangest thing we’ve ever come across. More worryingly, this unlikely ad campaign seems to have been taken very seriously by tons of people on the internet, who are signing up to join the secret society in their thousands.
The Illuminati (‘the illuminated, or enlightened, in Latin) is a secret society that can be traced back to Bavaria, Germany, in 1776, with ties to freemasonry and the Jesuits. Since then its existence remains shrouded in secrecy, only gaining notoriety in recent years with the explosion of the internet and so-called conspiracy theories which have grown in popularity since 9/11. But what exactly does it mean?
According to the website, “the Illuminati is an elite collective of political leaders, business owners, entertainment celebrities, and other influential members of this planet. By uniting influencers of the world in an unrestrictive, private domain — free of political, religious, and geological boundaries — our organization helps to further the prosperity of the human species as a whole.”
And with great power comes great responsibility, of course. The site admits that “managing the lives of over seven billion humans is a daunting task.” We bet it is! “Our duty to this planet has spanned across centuries and survived even the most established government entities,” it goes on. “To continue functioning throughout societal and generational changes, The Illuminati’s operations often require anonymity for both our members and our work.”
With categories such as ‘God and Satan’ (they say they’re not particularly into either) and ‘Are Illuminati members human?’ (we’re not sure we got a straight answer here) there’s plenty to explore here. The site also offers advice such as “beware those who spend more time despising the wealthy than striving to become wealthy themselves.” All of us campaigning against the vast greed of the 1% won’t be offered membership anytime soon, then. Phew.
The website was apparently created because “since the formation of the Illuminati, many citizens have inaccurately portrayed our organization in a negative manner. These misconceptions have been perpetuated for centuries through videos, photos, articles, books, and unofficial online resources claiming to understand our mission and members.”
“In creating this online destination, we strive to alleviate the concerns voiced by the people of this planet and seek to provide insight into our goals. We invite you, the citizens of the human species, to discover more about our organization and to understand your role in this planetary union.”
You can even apply for membership with just the click of a mouse, and contacting the Illuminati is also an option, although the disclaimer tells us not to expect a response: Due to the volume of messages received, we are unable to reply to every message. Be assured that your comments are appreciated and will be reviewed by a member of our staff.
What do you think? Is this a clever Yes Men-style spoof to draw attention to a corrupt elite? Could it be real? Is it just a silly prank? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

The IlluminatiWe appreciate your interest in our organization. Though many have been misled by decades of rumors and inaccuracies, the Illuminati’s core purpose is the protection of the human species. Our mission surpasses the boundaries of belief, politics, religion – our members come from all walks of life, striving to become the leaders who will carry humanity into the next Age. Though the flocks of sheep may decry their masters, they know little of the protections provided to them by their stalwart shepherds. We are not the enemy that should be feared. Search for the truth and you will find it.



WTF??? indeed


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