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U.S. policy on extraterrestrial life & technology (Michael Salla, PhD)

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U.S. policy on extraterrestrial life & technology (Michael Salla, PhD)
Posted By: Susoni
Date: Friday, 15-Jun-2012 23:10:13

The development of U.S. policy on extraterrestrial life & technology (Michael Salla, PhD)
I know that this information will be upsetting to many people. One group, fundamental religionists, want to believe that only the fallen angels of the Old Testament could be showing up in our skies. Whether they show up from other worlds, solar systems, galaxies, dimensions, etc., can only be the fallen angels of old. My opinion of that if we, here on our wonderful home planet, Earth, are the only representation of God's creative ability, I am left wondering about Him and His creation talents.
Myself, I see a Creator who has put many suns (stars) in the universes and is not limited by time or imagination. Wonders of spirit and love, technologies, unbelievable things are waiting for us!
Published on Jun 14, 2012 by exopolitik
How has the US government been dealing with UFOs? What is the evidence to suggest that US government authorities have known about the UFO issue for decades and been trying to conceal their existence from the public? Political scientist and founder of the Exopolitics Institute, Michael Salla, describes US official and unofficial policy regarding UFOs, an issue that has been dealt with by several US presidents.
For more information, visit:


Thanks YM, we must all shine & stand for the Light!! ☀

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