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Open Letter to Our Military

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1 Open Letter to Our Military on Sun Jun 17, 2012 1:11 am


Open Letter to Our Military

By Drake


There have been several tasks given to different people through military
command. To date all have been either completed as requested or are
still developing.

This is an open letter to those who requested these specific missions. At
the onset of these missions, extraordinary efforts were expended in just
their start up. Each of these required a similar expending of time
and effort to complete, all on a voluntary basis.

There were very few objections as to following mission parameters and
instructions. Real patriots seldom complain of any hardship involved in
any true patriotic effort either.

We The People have done as requested, and yet there is a great and growing
concern. As many as possible have been contacted, groups, militias,
and freedom loving individuals. These number in the millions here in
the states, with many more millions world wide, watching closely.

Our efforts are looked at as the cornerstone to be built upon for all
nations. This was only a dream of a hope for those of us most directly
involved in all this. It seems that everyone is looking to us to lead
the way, just as happened in part because of our war for independence.

There is and has been growing concerns as to the military's not taking action
that the people see as both vital and timely. I have offered the
tactical complexities, both in house and outside, as a possible reason
or cause for this delay.

However, there are a growing number who are beginning to believe that there
never was any intent on the military's part, to help the people in their
efforts to restore our foundations, etc. This is where things are at

The request is major, both for you and the people. In order to restore
the faith in the military helping the people, an official statement of
this intent needs to be made.

I understand all the ramifications involved in an action of this nature.
Therefore, I have decided to go farther out on the limb I'm presently
on, and offer you to directly contact me.

I was asked to offer several things in my broadcasts on internet radio as a help in the overall plan.

  • I have accepted the risks involved in the same light as our founders.
  • I pledge my honor, life, and fortune in this effort.
  • I can do no less for my country and my countrymen

We The People now respectfully request the same from our military. Note
that this will be sent out to everyone I have been asked to contact.
Thus, the quicker the reply, the better.

The country looks forward to your reply,.

~ Drake

Drake | June 16, 2012 at 8:33 am | Categories: News
| URL:

2 Re: Open Letter to Our Military on Sun Jun 17, 2012 9:36 am


Thanks LiR, 4 sharing this here.

Sounds like an invitation to appropriate action on behalf of WtP (We The People)....

or perhaps a plea or demand, depending on one's perspective ....

3 Re: Open Letter to Our Military on Sun Jun 17, 2012 2:09 pm



This is the Open Letter to the Military that Drake was referring to. Please read & send viral!!

We need action from our military now!!

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