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Sagittarius Full Moon: June 2

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1 Sagittarius Full Moon: June 2 on Sun May 31, 2015 6:02 pm


Sagittarius Full Moon: June 2

Roll your arrow to my Soul – release the aim
Free the goal”
~Heart, “Dream of the Archer”

Our lovely Lady Luna waxes Full in the sign of the Archer, Sagittarius at 1:19 pm EST on June 2 where she takes aim towards our wild truth. He is the philosopher and his message is one of truth seeking and answering the rising call that you hear from within.
This can be a powerful time for over thinking everything, which can be made even more potent by Mercury still in Retro. This is here to re-examine fully for a reason. Let yourself meet and feel what is truly here. The Archer is wanting us to be fully present with what is coming towards us on the battlefield with an open heart.
This moon is a huge spotlight into our quest for truth, the one that lives inside of us and the one that we see in the rest of the world. With the spotlight of Pluto Retro’s clarifying light still in our hand until September, and many things in our life slowed down for us to really put under the microscope of Mercury Retro, this is an excellent opportunity to really look deeply into many of the sore spots and issues that keep rising.
After the deep movement we just swam through in emotional Scorpio, we can still be bringing this depths with us into the Full Moon. Be present with what is rising for you, knowing that to hide and numb it will not make anything better in the long run.
Saggo loves direct and honest communication, so this can be a huge benefit when it comes to speaking your truth and in the ongoing illumination that has been happening. Again, Mercury in Retrograde can have a tendency to give mixed messages, so be aware of how it is you are saying them. Also be aware of making assumptions and really blunt and hurtful communication, which can be highlighted during a retro full moon like this.
On your quest for seeking answers, first tap into the energy of what is it your truth is. When we come from the place of knowing our own truth, the answers show up so much easier, and usually not wearing false veils. This is a time of illumination and the realizations that are rising for you are continuing with a focus on the emotional aspects of our truth. This is a powerful time of releasing what is no longer in alignment with your truth.
The Archer has a powerful connection to the wilds of nature, so time spent outside connecting to the Earth and the Moon during this time can give you some peace and harmony. This can be just what the doctor ordered to clear your head and get you into a place of balance. Spend some time with the ones that really tap into the truth of who you are. The favorite thing of the truth loving Archer is to be able to spend time with those whose minds are on the same wavelength as them and have a deep hunger for knowing.
Saggo is very tapped into intuition, and this moon is whispering messages to us about the path that we are on and what we wish to see there. We have been on a journey of clarity for awhile now, getting rid of the layers that no longer fit us and moving in the direction of what is in alignment of our truth.
With the energy that is swirling, watch for excessive flattery from others who are trying to get what they want from you at this time. First, tap into if this is what you are wanting and if this is in alignment for you. Pluto will clarify how you really feel about this. Look at the boundaries you have set with these people.
This is a time for expansion, imagination and growth. The dream of the Archer this moon is a fusion between the wild calling of heart and the open truth of spirit. This is a cosmic dance of allowing your purpose and vision to dance freely. Take aim at your deepest longing; trust in the voice that whispers from within. This is your time.
Full Moon blessings to everyone out there.

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