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Poisoned Innocence? WE DON’T VACCINATE! (Trailer 1 & 2 & 3)

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Poisoned Innocence? WE DON’T VACCINATE! (Trailer 1 & 2 & 3)

June 1, 2015
Poisoned Innocence? WE DON’T VACCINATE! (Trailer 1 & 2 & 3) We-dont-vaccinateGiving poison to your own child because of the trust in the medical field. I was told trust needs to be earned and it is not given. So far doctors have not cured anything only treated. My alternative doctors have cured everything. So it is clear to me that doctors are just incompetent and their recommendation are worthless. Well Some of the Doctors Are Good and i dont blame-em-all….
~ Galactic human ~
Poisoned Innocence? WE DON’T VACCINATE! (Trailer 1 & 2 & 3) Whats-in-a-vaccine
Published on May 8, 2015
First trailer of the documentary WE DON’T VACCINATE.
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“We Don’t Vaccinate” is a sensitive, expressive and discerning documentary. Rivetingly factual, it stays solely on the vaccine track tackling the contemporary vaccine issue like no other film before it. Out of Germany, the originating homeland of Merck & GlaxoSmithKline, Michael Leitner’s documentary, “We Don’t Vaccinate” deserves a widespread worldwide audience so that the mass hypnosis which allows these pharmaceutical companies to commit crimes against humanity can finally come to an end.
Eileen Dannemann, Director, National Coalition of Organized Women

Published on May 8, 2015
A comprehensive protection from dangerous diseases? Vaccinations are classed as the best protection that modern medicine has to offer. But there is increasing proof and indications that show that the dangers from which the vaccinations are supposed to protect us from, are totally disproportionate to the vaccines side effects.
This is particularly noticeable in children. In Germany for example, the number of vaccine doses within the first year of life has risen from 6 to 34 since 1976! Parallel to this, the number of chronic illnesses in children exploded. Amongst those are: rheumatism and cancer, but mainly allergies, susceptibility to infections and behavior manifestations such as AD(H)D.
The cause of this is the additional substances in vaccines, mainly aluminium compounds. In proportion to body weight, the vaccines for babies contain 23 times as much aluminium as a vaccine for adults!
The film shows that there is a vast amount of deceit happening around vaccinations, starting with the initial release of a vaccine right through to dealing with vaccination damage. A complete vaccination pass is not key to your health, but a natural growing up with good water and healthy food, is.

Published on May 12, 2015
PRO-VAXERS claim that vaccination programs have eliminated all vaccine-preventable infectious diseases. Can this opinion be confirmed by official statistics? Watch this excerpt from the German documentary “We Don’t Vaccinate!” and listen to “what the doctor says”.
Thinking about reviewing your opinion on vaccination? Just follow the link in the text below this embedded video and watch the entire documentary FOR FREE!
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Published on Jan 12, 2014
HI Everyone!!!! This is a topic I get asked about a lot and that has also been on my heart to share with the world!!! Here is Our Story and why we choose not to vaccinate Khyani.
I Hope this video helps!!!!

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