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Shocking New Evidence Suggests Earth Is About To Experience Pole Shift

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Shocking New Evidence Suggests Earth Is About To Experience Pole Shift

Confused birds, dead Dolphins and random chaos

By: Sophia Akram  |@NeonNettle
 on 19th May 2015 @ 2.21pm

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According to research and data sets collated by European Space Agency satellites called Swarm, the Earth’s magnetic field has been weakening.  
Confused birds changing direction in the sky, asteroids falling to the earth, compasses flipping direction.

It all sounds like doomsday –or at the very least random chaos, which may all be caused by the imminent shifting of the North and South Pole – so scientists say.

According to research and data sets collated by European Space Agency satellites called Swarm, the Earth’s magnetic field has been weakening. This has meant big weak spots over the Western Hemisphere while the field has been strengthened over the Indian Ocean. One explanation given for this was that the poles were getting ready to flip. Hence compasses that once pointed north, would now point south.

It’s thought that the Earth’s magnetic field is generated by the movement of the currents of the Earth’s molten core at its centre, a process known as “geodynamo”. As these currents are not consistent, the magnetic field also moves around and the magnetic north is currently drifting circa 10 miles per year.

But a complete flip? Complementing the Swarm’s data, geophysicists have been studying the core’s lava that has reached the surface of the earth. Once the lava solidifies, the remaining rock samples provide an indication of what activity is happening with the magnetic field.

In addition two scientists from the University of California, Gary Glatzmeier and Paul Roberts, have used the process of geodynamo to set up a computer model using a set of equations that explain the changes in the geodynamo process. They ran it on a timeline of 500,000 years and found that new magnetic fields that were generated by the geodynamo process would line up in the direction of the existing magnetic fields.

But once in a while it would twist it in a different direction inducing temporary pole reversal/ instability. It may become permanent however, if the conditions are right – if the reversed polarity gets progressively bigger and the original polarity decays. In essence it is a chaotic system; but it is this scientists are predicting will occur in our lifetime.

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According to NASA, these types of flips happen all the time. ‘All the time’ being in relative geo-physiological terms – i.e. every 200,000-300,0  
This isn’t the first time this has happened however. According to NASA, these types of flips happen all the time. ‘All the time’ being in relative geo-physiological terms – i.e. every 200,000-300,000 years. They say that flips are the rule rather than the exception.

The rule has also been that with every pole reversal, catastrophe hits the earth – whole species go into extinction, earthquakes and other natural disasters ensue – what’s to say that another major shift in the poles will not trigger cataclysm or is not in fact already happening. The pole shift will cause major shifts in the tectonic plates and in the current climate and onslaught of incidents – all signs point north . . or south now.

An alternative computer model, a Hyderabad computer model, predicted the polar shifts and also that it may cause serious problems making the earth unsustainable or unsuitable to live in with the increased tectonic activity, the weakening of immune systems of animals and increased cosmic radiation. Because when the polar shift happens, there is a point at which the Earth's magnetic field reaches zero Gauss i.e. zero magnetism. Coinciding with the sun’s polar reversal, which happens on an eleven-year cycle, is likely to cause huge problems. Luckily, that last happened in 2012 – so we’re good for another decade.

Beyond all the doomsday talk, there is a serious consequence that every time polar shift does happen, the magnetic field depletes, the only thing protecting us from harmful solar rays. It has been depleting at an alarming rate over the last couple of centuries, every time there is a move in the current of the iron core. This may lead to massive ozone holes, which apparently was responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs.

What can we do to prepare apart from increased sun block? NASA say don’t sweat it and that little evidence suggests any Armageddon type consequences predicted by some. A small inside tip however, may be that new booming business for compass makers make it a hot new investment.

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Good article Sophia, and food for thought...

There are many theories regarding Pole Shift, there are also plenty who "fear" such an event, which as we know carries the potential for emotional manifestation or co-creation on a percentage basis.

Some theorize that the presence of Nibiru is a catalyst for such polar deviation and that the poles are are being magnetically drawn toward this dark star.

Hapgood studied the frozen Mammoths in Siberia during the 50's and concluded that some 30k yrs, ago a mild climate turned on a dime and flash froze these beasts where they stood.

LaViolette studied ice cores and soil samples going back millennia and determined that yes, significant changes befall our planet at regular cycles, which he put at 13k intervals and owed it to galactic waves from the center of our galaxy, due to the traces of extra terrestrial metals found in core samples.

Such information could be enough to convince all to begin building underground shelters, to avoid a mass extinction. But the body of the planet, the human body and the body of all life forms are impermanent reflections of a greater truth. This is not to say that a wondering magnetic field and a tilted pole are natural organic conditions; they are not! Planetary distortions are planetary manipulations which allow for a prison planet conundrum through an external magnetic trapezium within our solar system, designed to ensure a tilted pole. This was no accident and distorts the planetary templar, making it impossible for Earth to undergo planetary ascension out of the lower density.

But what does this mean? Are we as a blueprinted planetary specie stuck in reincarnating cycles for eternity due to such manipulations? Not at all! There are processes at work underway to circumvent the negative engineering imposed here. The time matrix being a construct for experiential realities is undergoing renovation by what I like to call the 12th probability, this plane of existence is only one of many. The firmament will hold "firm" until human consciousness makes the transition, those which make the free will choice to hold on to their 3D illusions and the lower vibratory fields will remain as their reality field implodes.

Do you really think that you are without loved ones in higher densities? Do you really believe that the source behind this time matrix cares nothing for you? Something wonderful is occurring yet most will not be able to conceive the wonder, just know that you are innocent, you are beautiful and you are loved beyond measure.

T"was ever thus,


I love your comment Val!


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