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Never Had A Lucid Dream? Read On!

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1Never Had A Lucid Dream? Read On! Empty Never Had A Lucid Dream? Read On! on Thu Jun 11, 2015 1:18 pm


Never Had A Lucid Dream? Read On!

Guest Contributor | June 11, 2015 | Metaphysics | No Comments

Never Had A Lucid Dream? Read On! Lucid-dreaming1
Last evening, I was talking with friends, neighbors, flying around in the sky, and shooting lightning out of my hands on command.
Oh, what’s that? You’ve never had a lucid dream? Well then, you must read on!
Last night, I had one of the single-most intense lucid dreams I’ve yet to experience.
It started out like all of my normal lucid dreams: the twitching of muscle spasms (as I stay mentally awake and my body slips into sleep), the “saran wrap” crinkling noises that lead in, and of course – the visuals behind my eyelids transforming into the dreamscape itself.
Nothing abnormal here.
This time, however, I was extremely lucid inside my dream.
So lucid in fact, that I didn’t even waste time “checking” to see if I was lucid; I simply started flying around the dreamscape, hopping over trees in a single bound, and performing backflips in what always reminds me of “moon gravity physics”.
Rather than just blather on about my awesome lucid dream, I’m first going to take a moment to describe the mechanics and workings of your consciousness when you engage this phenomena for yourself.
The purpose of this article is to pique your curiosity, and get you to begin experimenting with your own consciousness.
In this way, you don’t have to take my or anyone else’s word for it; you can begin experiencing synchronicity in your waking environment with a simple shift in consciousness!
What’s Lucid Dreaming?
Lucid dreaming is the experience of having a regular dream while asleep at night – except you become fully aware of the fact that you’re dreaming – while inside your dream.
Think Inception, but only one extra level deep.
Our Greek Philosopher friend Aristotle once said “Often when one is asleep, there is something in consciousness which declares that what then presents itself is but a dream.”[1]
Needless to say, Aristotle knew what was up!
While lucid dreaming is taking place, you (the dreamer) have a far greater influence on the entire experience.
This means you can “shift” not only yourself via your participation, but you can also “shift” yourself to new environments and dream themes on the fly.
A good lucid dream is going to be very realistic. In such a state, your parietal lobes are very active, making this process conscious and vivid.
In 1980 and 1981, Paul Tholey [2] composed a list of criteria which must be met in order to consider if one is lucid dreaming or not:

  1. Awareness of the dream state
  2. Awareness of the capacity to make decisions
  3. Awareness of memory functions
  4. Awareness of self
  5. Awareness of the dream environment
  6. Awareness of the meaning of the dream
  7. Awareness of concentration and focus (the subjective clarity of that state)

I personally agree with this list. When I look back and reflect on my most intense, vivid lucid dreams, they all satisfy the above criteria.
Perception of Time, Awareness, & Reasoning
I’m going to assert my position, and state that the more experience I get with lucid dreaming (I’m about 8 years in at this point, having one just about every two nights a week) – the more I realize that waking consciousness and sleeping consciousness are two octaves of the same thing – consciousness.
The difference between waking and sleeping consciousness experience is, on the lucid dreaming level, things happen instantly.
You can summon characters, abilities, scenarios, and magic powers just by thinking about them.
More accurately, by directing your conscious intent.
In our waking reality, things happen a bit more gradually, but it’s the same exact deal:your thoughts are creating the nature of your “dream” (waking) experience.
Rather than it taking .03 seconds to manifest something while lucid dreaming, it might take you 3 months to achieve the same result in waking reality.
Some will see this as discouraging. If you’re smart, however, you’ll see this as incredibly empowering.
Why? Because reality is sharing its secrets with you, and you better damn well listen!
Make no mistake about it: in a true lucid dream situation, YOU are in full control of yourself and your environment.
This is not an exaggeration of any sort.
You ARE your dream.
The implications of this are astounding to anyone who has noticed odd little synchronicities in their environment during waking consciousness.
There was also a study done in 1992 by Deirdre Barrett [3] , whereby it was proposed that lucid dream experiences contained “four corollaries”:

  1. The dreamer is aware that they are dreaming
  2. Objects disappear after waking (once dream ends)
  3. Physical laws need not apply in the lucid dream (hence flying, floating, shifting)
  4. The dreamer has a clear memory of the waking world while dreaming

That last one is huge.
I know I’m having a lucid dream for the obvious reasons, but the most important one is that I ALWAYS remember that waking reality exists outside of the dream, even when lucid.
I have a theory that this is because my conscious core consistently experiences whatever stimulus and response is presented to it, no matter what level of consciousness experience I’m temporarily inhabiting.
Lucid dreaming that I’m shooting lightning out of my hands is just as real in the dream environment as driving to the grocery store is in my waking environment.
The Purpose of This Article
The entire reason I decided to hop out of bed at 4 am on a Saturday morning to write this article, is because my consciousness wants to express what it just experienced.
What I experience more and more as I myself grow and evolve on my path, is the obvious correlation and connection between waking and sleeping consciousness.
I said it above, and I’ll restate it again here:
What we call “waking reality” and “the real world” (my favorite term) is nothing but a shared dream, of which, most people aren’t lucid in.
Let that sink in for a moment.
Now, I’m not asserting that you can go jump off your roof, and start flying over the street because you believe you can.
That’s not what I’m saying here at all.
This level of consciousness reality has its own laws and rules (namely physics) which restrict that type of stuff.
On the quantum level of waking reality, however, things become much more “open source”.
This is the level whereby we influence reality via synchronicity, and attract like-experiences to ourselves.
This aspect of our waking reality is entirely dream-like!
Just like lucid dreaming, you’re selecting a vibration to anchor on, and it brings you a like-experience.
It doesn’t happen in seconds, but rather days.
My Challenge to You
If you don’t believe me, I challenge you to anchor on the happiest thing you can possibly imagine.
Hold that state of excitement/refresh it as often as possible for the following 72 hours, and watch what begins happening in your environment.
You don’t even have to be super disciplined to do this; just catch yourself as often as possible when your vibe starts slipping.
This is all you have to do to get some miraculous little synchs going for yourself!
You would not be able to attract, manifest, or suddenly “notice” odd coincidences which correlate with your thinking if you weren’t influencing reality on some level.
Those who argue that “it’s just confirmation bias” are missing the point entirely.
There’s a big, big difference in just “Seeing what you want to see/are looking for” and things coming out of left field in a perfectly timed manner – often from unexpected and/or unrelated sources.
The first is wishful thinking.
The second is consciousness creating your reality experience via the acuasal phenomena of synchronicity.
We all do this all day, but our social conditioning and incessant negative self-talk bring us nothing but more of the same – because that’s what we’re expecting and intending to manifest on those quantum levels we spoke of earlier.
The exact quantum process which occurs when our consciousness interfaces with reality is what I’m going to be diving into in upcoming articles.
For now, do your absolute best to stay lucid in this waking dream we call “reality”, and allow yourself to experience some neat synchronicities, which will prove to you that you’re influencing the universe around you in subtle ways!
About The Author
Never Had A Lucid Dream? Read On! About-Jason
Send me any and all of your questions, insights, and thoughts on the topic of lucid dreaming to
- See more at:

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