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Rough-Hewn Depiction of the Galactics May Not be the Most Useful

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Rough-Hewn Depiction of the Galactics May Not be the Most Useful
Posted by Steve Beckow


ANMilitia site:

I’ve just been listening to Drake’s “vital update”on Blogtalk Radio, which can be found here.–june-16-2012
and reading Cobra’s column on his site, which can be found below this
column. If you go to around the 30-minute mark of Drake’s discussion,
you’ll hear him discuss the “ET” factor in upcoming events.

The way Drake puts events is that, unless we clean up our act, Gaia
will cause catastrophic Earth changes that will flood the world.
Meanwhile the ETs will take primarily the bad guys aboard their ships
and save those who can be saved and cycle those who can’t be saved
through the Sun, at which point they’ll return to primordial

No, there will not be a catastrophe that will swamp the Earth.
Perhaps three or four of the topmost, most resistant members of the
cabal may find themselves sent back to first dimensionality to start
again. Everyone else will receive the same care and attention from the
unconditionally-loving galactics that we will. Or so I’ve heard.

It’s gratifying to hear “ET” being discussed by Drake but I’m not as
sure that such a drastic and dramatic representation of things is going
to reassure the mass of the population who know nothing about these
scenarios. Drake has a rough-and-ready, down-home manner which some
talk-show radio hosts have who position themselves to be the voice of

I appreciate all the good he does, and have no wish to begin an
argument. But I’m still not sure that describing things in so inexact
and rough a manner is the best way to go about informing others. More
like it may scare the heck out of them.

I’ve said it doesn’t work for us to attack each other and I have no
intention of attacking anyone. But I would like to urge Drake to
consider that “ET,” or the galactics, have gone to lengths to deliver
their message to us through very precise and well-considered
communications from Sirians like SaLuSa, Arcturians like the Arcturian
Group and Suzan Carroll’s informants, various Pleiadian informants, the
whole range of galactic communications. They’ve avoided a kind of
rough-hewn, down-home version such as Drake is currently offering.

I’m glad to hear the Earth allies putting out the word on the
galactics’ role in events at last. Yes, we’re drawing together. But the
whistleblowers and insiders need to understand that, just as the
War-of-the-World, Independence-Day version that the cabal’s mainstream
media puts out will only scare the population and make work for those
who’ll later need to quiet people down, so the allies’ version of the
truth, if it follows Drake’s lines, will only make work as well.
Unfortunately – because I know he means well.

Ah me. Hopefully we’ll pass through this initial period of rendering
the story in a John-Wayne kind of manner and give more attention soon to
the need to present matters much more carefully and thoughtfully.

I get that the task of inducing the cabal to surrender requires us to
be strong and deliberate. But we need to remember that the general
populace too is listening. Again, as with so much else, it’s a tightrope
walk and calls for a high degree of consciousness.

Here is Cobra’s further article on the subject, which undoes some of the dramatic parts of Drake’s own interview.

Pleiadians, Resistance Movement and the Event

Cobra, 2012 Portal, June 17, 2012

You might want to listen to the latest Drake’s interview, especially from 35 to 42 minute mark:–june-16-2012

And also watch this video about the terms of surrender for the Cabal:

The Pleiadians, other positive ET races and the Resistance Movement
are closely monitoring the situation. The Cabal has until June 21st to publicly announce their surrender over the mass media. If they do so, the situation will take care of itself. If they don’t, the Pleiadians and the Resistance have plans that will begin to be implemented immediately.
The exact execution of those plans depends to a certain level on the
actions of the Positive Military group in the next few days.

The positive ET forces are making sure there will be no cataclysmic
events taking place on Earth in the near future and they will intervene
before anything like that can happen.

To understand a little more about the background of the situation, you can listen to my interview here:

Or here on Youtube:;feature=em-uploademail

Or read a transcript:

It is interesting to note that when my interview was published on
Kauilapele’s blog, his website received exactly 20,000 hits that day:

Definitely a sign of divine intervention! There are forces greater
than all of us and they are making sure that Light will be victorious on
planet Earth.

Article Link:

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