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Aura Color Meanings

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1 Aura Color Meanings on Sat Jun 20, 2015 12:13 am


Aura Color Meanings

Aura Color Meanings

The aura encompasses all that we are, the aura energy we emanate is our whole being. All that was ( past lives ) and all that is. Through aura scanning and color interpretation we’re able to see sickness and elation of any kind, physical, mental and spiritual. Any disorder in the cells of the human body will be noticeable first in the aura energy.
Reading ones aura gives us great insight into our overall well-being, allowing a huge advantage into balancing and maintaining strong physical, mental and spiritual health. As a small boy I remember looking at a vivid color display as my primary school teacher walked passed the white board. Intrigued I asked my friends “did you see that egg of color around miss”..
Over the last 30 years I have always scanned the aura first in my psychic medium readings as I have found the aura contains all there is to know. The aura is similar to an onion it has many layers, the human aura holds information on our past, present and determines our path forward.

Aura Color Meanings Chart

Aura color white, white is associated with the spiritual. White is the color of the first layer of the aura called the etheric wall. White on the outer layer of the aura signifies purity and peace of mind. A white channel coming from the top of the head and reaching the outer layers of the aura shows signs of psychic ability.
Aura color red, red is the color associated with the physical body. Light red aura color symbolizes physical energy, vibrant and passionate. Dark red aura color reveals deep emotions, depression and sadness or loss of energy. Dark red also has connotations of suppressed hurts and anger.
Aura color pink, pink is the color of love and healing. Those with shades of pink in their aura are the healers or the ones being healed. Pink is often in and around someones aura who is being treated by spirit ( most likely a passed over family member ) and healers.
Aura color blue, blue is the color of the mind and learning. Sky blue aura color foretells spiritual growth a deepening of knowing oneself. Sky blue has a calming energetic flow of energy which is enlightening to others who come into contact with such an aura.
Aura color dark blue all over the aura signifies mental energy over thinking and over analyzing, causing mental stress. Dark blue found in the upper section only of the aura around the head symbolizes good business skills and a solid maths foundation.
Aura color green, green is the color of relaxation. Aura color light green signifies peace and tranquility calm and composed. Aura color dark green however means the opposite to have tension and anxiety. Emerald green reveals a trained mind at peace with oneself.
Aura color yellow, yellow is the color of well-being and happiness. People who wear a yellow aura emit a contagious joy, one which is felt in the heart. A dominantly yellow aura hints at a spiritual person.
Aura color gold, gold is the color of enlightenment. Inner peace and contentment are the traits of  gold showing in the aura. A dominantly gold aura is seen on old souls who have found peace in their hearts and spiritual healers alike.
Aura color orange, orange is color of strength and wisdom. Orange appears in the solar plexus chakra after overcoming adversity without resentment or anger. Creating inner-strength and indomitable spirit. Orange showing in the outer layers of the aura suggests the time has come to utilize gained courage and strength.
Aura color brown, brown to black are the colors of ill health. Light brown signifies small health issues, the location of the light brown color determines the body parts which are ill. This is often a warning to correct some bad health behaviors.
Dark brown to black aura color symbolizes extreme ill health, if found in patches on the aura there may be hope in healing the affected areas. If the dark brown to black color has encompassed the aura this is a sign of someone who is about to pass over. © psychic medium Ian Scott

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