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A Fathers Love

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1 A Fathers Love on Sun Jun 21, 2015 10:02 am




Love has made its best interpreter a sigh.
I know of no authorities on this subject, and consider myself wanting by and large, for the ocean of greater substance rarely is defined by its salt. This subject, however difficult and evasive, would still require time’s testament; some menial effort in hopes to corner the essence beyond conventional rational perspective.
It strains the mind to know love on a level that can offer up just cause when our world seems diminished at the mere suggestion of a higher order so profound that it erodes the sand asunder. We know it only by assumption, feeling and fragrance, like the blind we search for its light, guided by the warmth of intuition. For logic and reason are but feigned attempts to understand that which is beyond nature’s hologram, unless one listens quietly to all that resonates like waves of light and sound. Perhaps the art of listening itself carries this essence we strain to hear, yet true listening goes beyond the ear, for to listen without heart is to ignore true communication.
As a young man I was in search of this enigmatic substance that I was sure existed in some external enclave hidden well from view. I thought surely it was found within the body of another, in the vocation, or hidden in the poesy, and the further I looked, the further I traveled from its source. These were just diversions of truth, stepping stones in a river teeming with what I had avoided all along, for one can’t hope to dam a flow so swift as the river of life. All currents stem from one eternal divine source, regardless of the number of branches, no matter how twisted or buried from light the roots become.
Perhaps God source is the only true love, and it cannot be had from the external, but only by the surrendering of the external idea, but the external idea is often bears the weight of the ego and the ego does not desire love, but only to capitalize upon its weaknesses.  It could be considered a common perception that our reason for existing within the dimensional worlds is to experience and acknowledge love as an abstract phenomena,  as a tool for higher awareness or aspiration worthy of investment. As if to gain in-sight from the inner dynamics, pros and cons and endless possibilities, as one evolves through the polar atmosphere of attainment and loss hoping to achieve some greater understanding.
When it comes to co-creation, that which is born of the ego mind becomes toxic and falls flat, that which is born of the heart are like magic seeds which bloom from the fecund soils of alchemy, effortlessly and eternally. What if we could achieve anything our hearts desired by understanding the laws of love; what if our concept of love is backward, retarded and distorted, could it be possible that the only thing standing between true love is our  misconceptions? Have we buried are true nature, our true magic, our true sense of purpose from our exposure to the worlds marketing campaigns that sold us elicit beliefs by way of lab rats and think tanks? Where art thou Romeo.
We may see love as nothing more than a polar constituent of the dualistic nature within all matter. However polarity itself is not a requirement of consciousness, it’s a potential condition of consciousness that stems from the volition of one’s free will, and although it may not seem of a material nature in origin, it can’t be separated from nature anymore than space can be separated from time. And this is how I see love as an inherent aspect of consciousness, for all consciousness stems from God source and love would appear to be the primal purpose. But what if the human characteristic need to feel love is born out of something we lack, an inherent distortion due to our separation of higher consciousness, for surely our procreative urges are suspect, not to mention our habitual worship of fear in general. Perhaps the programmers of fear know the true galvanizing power of love and fear it beyond anything else. But what is fear but a program to usurp power, which makes love within the context of the now moment our true point of power.
 If we were androgynous, or even more balanced, would we still crave love? Then of course there lies the possibility that our natural higher state of being knows only how to exist in a perpetually blissful loving state of consciousness. But after further reflection it wouldn’t be hard to imagine a higher state of being seeing the simple benefits of adversity and challenge, for surely any state of being in any state of existence is subject to complacency.
Of course putting this into a mathematical formula is beyond my capability, if it were even possible. And if one were to go by faith it would take a reasonable amount of marketing to make my hypothesis acceptable, and since most marketing uses fear for motivation, I am already at a disadvantage. We can’t lean on science because it’s moot to try to define love as a particle or wave.  We can’t use poesy because that’s just a warm and fuzzy analogy steeped in rhetoric.
 If love were on trial here and feeling or intuition was not admissible as evidence, it would make it difficult to characterize to a jury who has never experienced it, because sex itself may or may not have any bearing on the subject, for one can purchase sex but not love, and to say one committed a crime out of love won’t keep them from paying for it. But we know that Love is a verb, an adjective, a noun depending how it’s used. We know it as both subject and object, as pain and pleasure. But does this mean that it is polar by nature? Reverse the letters of love and we get evol, which may give us a new take on evol-lution.
So love’s ambiguity seeks to define itself within all facets of creation yet is also limited by one’s own subjective interpretation. I have heard many claim that fear is the opposite of love, but how can this be when the only time we are fearing is when we fear losing something we love, which makes fear a condition of love, and war may be synonymous with fear. For why else would one go to war with another if one did not fear them in some way.  And if fear is beholden to love, then perhaps all one’s insecurities fester with this underlying problem, and can only be reconciled with the antidote; love.
Can we as humans begin to know love when we approach it as some abstract commodity requiring some mystical formula that is equivalent to a chemical cocktail, one part animalistic procreative need and two parts fantasy, and if so is this love or its invalidation? For how can one assume that anything born of ego through sex can offer one more than the capitalization of infatuation?  We are emotional puppets when we kneel to the body’s cravings, guided by an adolescent ego that could care less about what is real or imagined, for the animal knows only irrational exuberance and nothing of discipline. The celibate may come to know discipline, but what if any, energetic repercussions will surface, and what will they resemble psychologically?
When we bear witness to people who have become obsessed with someone we can easily relate this to temporary insanity. We become concerned for their welfare wondering if they should be operating machinery while under the influence. Perhaps herein we shall find our plea, for surely there’s some psychologist willing to testify on love’s behalf.  And if this can’t produce reasonable doubt within the minds of the jury, what could?  But if love mimics insanity perhaps we should be cross-examining sanity in general.  Perhaps being lovingly insane is the closest thing to godliness we shall know, but I don’t know.
We can’t take the Rome out of romance, but it would fit the element of control quite well. Perhaps most would feel confident in their personal definition of this coveted enigmatic energy and are content within the premise that they know enough about it and therefore need not invest in love’s education save application. But can we love responsibly within the current framework when we are usurped by what may well be a condition owing to a potential distortion within our energetic and glandular systems, for if one loses one’s wits, and that’s considered love there may be something abnormal going on physiologically that can have little to do with true love, and more to do with energetic imbalances and misunderstanding.
Often I hear others referring to “unconditional love” as the end all and be all, and those expressing this quality above and beyond all others are considered spiritually advanced, and I won’t argue this point. Surely one that is observed as exhibiting this noble talent should know love’s sacred truth and possess some higher wisdom. Perhaps these specially gifted people acknowledge its higher purpose as a divine essence that’s altogether different from the everyday assumption of its chemical emotive equivalent. If they have been exposed to God source love, then this shall be their supreme example. But unconditional love may be our natural state of being which got buried when we accepted some second rate material equivalent.
One may find source love is source wisdom, completely fulfilling yet without agenda, a healing so profound that all exposed to it weep uncontrollably in its presence. There can be no denying and no describing, for words become limp expressions and even symbols can only mock in vain effort to encapsulate that which is beyond the comprehension of our limited perception. For all will have changed in a flash; where there was hunger we may now find satisfaction, and where there was longing, we realize a fulfillment. How feeble are the attempts to grasp at some formality worthy of humble mention. For herein this all-pervading source shall compensate polarized chaos in a benign un-assuming fashion, leaving one in tranquil bliss as an opiate of awareness.
Source love is truth by default.  It’s absolute, eternal and indiscriminant, effortlessly complimenting causality and comforting chaos. There within its knowing is the primal awareness of why the phenomenal worlds exist and why we as love incarnate come into being as sovereign expressions. Here we find that there are no victims of love, only victims of improper assumptions and beliefs, in that we can only find love outside of ourselves, and that we are not whole until this happens. Yet how can a holographic illusion hope to offer one anything but separation and discord, for the finite worlds own the lower mind through enslavement within fortresses of fear. Within these walls love is feigned, a fairy tale for ego aggrandizement, smothered by the lower energy of emotion that’s akin to a runaway freight train traveling too fast to negotiate the curve.
For one to be in alignment with source and immune to potential miasma, their love quantum must be their strongest asset. All vertical growth and expansion in higher mind depend on this. One’s value on multiple levels of consciousness is summed up by this quotient, for it is synonymous with the intelligence of God source. What greater motive could there be for everything in creation?  It need not be complicated to be correct, yet we make it appear so; we get in the way of love every day with our fears, our judgments, our need to control. If one’s spiritual discipline does not contemplate love as its principal objective, it’s a discipline in vain.
Leading by example, can only be loving by example. Why do we often choose to be selfish, limiting our most precious commodity, our most illuminated treasure.  Do we feel that the world won’t understand, or take things the wrong way, misunderstanding our intent?  I have often found this to be the case, that others may indeed see our sweet sharing, bountiful, indiscriminant affection as either an assault or a call to action, requiring us to pull back the essence out of this alienated misrepresentation. Our world has yet to know the true freedom of expression, for here we are under the assumption that love requires some physical representation, perhaps an expectation upon the behalf of another leading one toward causation’s catechism.
We become masters of paradigms when we consider the subject of love, because love we feel needs to be pigeon holed, to be controlled within the context of organization and management, quarantined through a Hallmark card on a day reserved for its purpose. Yet love can’t be refined and manipulated, defined and consolidated. It is not the software; it’s the hard-drive.  How, we may ask, can one love another when one’s philosophy is discordant with our own, when they go right when we go left, when they see opportunity where we see angst. Perhaps in such a paradoxical relationship there can only be one common denominator.  Love, for all its unbiased nature, carries forward without the negative judgment that separates ideals, becoming the mortar that stratifies all the foundation stones regardless of their color and shape.
To heal without this omni-essence is to usurp opportunity and welcome failure. Our most prized asset when it comes to self-healing can only be love. Our strongest ally in our mending of adversity and relationships is not in our commiseration about who made the biggest blunder, but in who can overcome their indifference long enough to allow the nature of love to mend our broken bridges. Our tenacity toward staunch opinion and obstinate obsessions becomes the cancer that distorts love.  We then find love becoming moored and fenced in, as if it were some sort of bargaining chip within a warped sense of atonement.
So, can there be any question as to why true spirituality can be easily measured by one’s capability to love beyond measure, to deal with everything and everyone with a copious contagion of pure God source love with an unflinching attitude void of self-serving gratitude. Herein do we find the true alchemist of causation, the philosopher’s stone without the trappings. What could be more in alignment with God source?  What could be a better counterweight to all wanna-be miasma, born of separation?  Remove the bushel basket from your illumination and see the shadows dissolve through the purity of intent, only then will creation kneel to cooperation, effortlessly, willingly and naturally.
I have always thought it interesting that love is acquainted with the heart, the color green, the 4th chakra, yet the chakras are relative to densities and dimensions and if the heart is synonymous with the 4th dimension and we live in a harmonic below it, does this somehow limit our capacity to grasp love? Are we shooting in the dark?  Surely we have a heart that feels and a head that reasons, yet there can be little doubt that we are controlled by our lower body, where the higher aspects of self are little more than virtues we aspire toward, while we lack a fundamental understanding of these aspects until we can bridge the gap.  Yet even then the language becomes foreign to the layman. To live from the heart chakra as our center point of being, while noble in character, is to become foreigners in our own land, and possibly a threat to our own existence, simply because we become immune to the controls levied by institutions. Becoming one with love is to become one with God source which is a return to our source of power, and the directors of Pleasantville loathe sovereignty.
Happy Fathers Day,

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Excellent! thanks


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