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“I Have A Dream”           
            When one makes a difficult choice it has the tendency to open doors that one never even knew existed until that moment. To accept things the way they are is to assume we are powerless and that there is no choice but to surrender our will time and time again.
There is much to complain about and there is no shortage of complaining, for complaining gives us a perspective of the abuses that surround us on any given day. But complaints without solutions often increase ones burdens and make us feel even more disempowered. We see friends and loved ones in pain and feel helpless to comfort them with anything more than suggestion. Pleasantville carries on as if all is well, turning a blind eye to that which may cause duress as if it were some contagious disease.
Since childhood we have been programmed within the fear matrix, we are told that anything is possible, provided we follow the rules of achievement, to live the capitalistic dream. But today the dreams of our youth are fading along with the opportunities and the system is being weighed down by corruption and bad choices by those we put our blind faith in. The feeble tokens of promise were all marketed upon platforms of fear, but much of it isn’t obvious until we carefully examine corruptions within our own belief structures i.e.;
You’ll be nothing without a college education; fear of worthlessness.
You need to keep up with the Jones’s; fear of peer pressure.
You need an expensive health care plan; you can’t be responsible for your own health.
You need religion to maintain morals; Spirituality is not an inherent part of your being.
You need a bloated spend thrift government to provide you with more laws to protect you from people like you; I fear chaos and don’t believe in divine right order.
You need a large military and police force to protect you; I fear foreigners and have no faith in the brotherhood of man.
When we explore our collective abilities of co-creation we realize that in order to explore a higher probability field we need to treat it the same way. Intent, desire and necessity are the same tools to create an event horizon. Probability shifts occur when the desire for change exceeds the desire for the status quo. But what we also need is a quantifiable solution to a problem that’s worthy of investment. Let’s take the issue of money for example; filthy paper notes that carry only the perception of value. I hear people pushing fear buttons about the collapse of the dollar, but I’m sure there are those who would love an electronic funds system that saves the cost of printing money and is easier to manipulate for their own benefit.
But what if we just got away from money and it’s representative systems all together, would life as we know it shrivel up and die, or would we go back to the way things were before the concept of money was invented and if so what would that resemble. What if a mutual value system of fair trade was established that provided you not only more freedom, but less work as well? Sound insane? Could service to others mentalities exist between people without exploitation and taxation? Could the wheels of commerce be greased by humanity caring for each other’s needs in an equitable fashion where our doingness is in harmony with our beingness?
Of course such a suggestion would mean the haves would need to humble themselves a bit while the have not’s raised their standard of living a bit. Do you think this may reduce crime and the need for prisons? Of course there would be no need for banking institutions aside from food banks and the like. Do we really need any sort of centralized government, or a military or police force. The old system of volunteer militia may prove more than adequate with training. Perhaps college in general could return to apprenticeships, in the field of your choice as it had always been prior.
Without the restrictions, free enterprise advances in energy and technology would proliferate. Great thinkers would remain great thinkers and great doers would great remain doers, each to his respective talents. Public transportation could be everywhere allowing travel anywhere at any time. Houses could be built for those in need without mortgages, crops would be harvested as needed by volunteers, the young, elderly and disabled would be provided for by those with a passion to do so. Infrastructure would be maintained as usual when the need arose by those up to the task and entertainers would still be talented entertainers, who survive on the love of their fans.
In such a world social classes would become extinct and power, kings and politicians would fade into obscurity. This is not a communist manifesto but rather the simple ideals of the commonwealth which has been around for millennia. Of course there are a few splinter groups trying this as we speak, but until the rest of the planet catches up with the value of such living it’s hard for it to see the gross potential. This would carry a huge learning curve because our philosophies would need to undergo a paradigm shift, but this is no big deal if the will is there to make sacrifices.
Of course we all know the have’s would be less open to such an idea, but that’s not to say that they wouldn’t come around when they become have not’s, and the way things are going I feel there will be plenty humbled by surprise predicaments in the not too distant future, and those old mansions will make great dormitories or B&B’s. Getting weaned off money is no simple process, yet it lies at the heart of the fear based society we have been conditioned to accept, for the true purpose of programming with fear is control, but if the controlling element is abolished by the will of the people fear will dissipate. Of course not all ones insecurities will go out the door with money, just the insecurities about financial securities, but when we begin to understand that the money program is a fairy tale we realize we can’t lose what we never had.
When we contemplate a probability shift of such immense proportion we need a point of focus for our imagination and emotions to grab onto, and although I know this is only a glimpse of an alternate reality it may spark a few imaginations beyond mine. Such idea’s bear fruit collectively and require a great deal of revisiting, so when the power structure begins to fall away there is no fear and chaos but an opportunity to enter the new probability field. When we bear witness to natural disasters, know that within such troubling times lies an opportunity, but only if one has the vision to see beyond the smoke and ash.
We can experiment with sharing value by exploring labor, goods and services like commodities, the greater the demand for certain commodities the higher the perceived value. If we are avidly looking for ways to avoid ignoble currency, opportunities will present themselves, and no middle men means more value, for if there’s no revenue exchanged there’s nothing to tax and no parasitic source for negative infrastructure.
A network of like minded individuals in support of a well define trade value system could blossom into multiple dimensions. In such a system price gouging by institutions would stop, simply because it would no longer be tied into illusionary inflated equities that are no longer considered worthy of trade. For who would want money when they can access their needs directly without the inflated value that’s caused by using the eroded value of currency, and when was the last time you spent a dollar without paying a tithe to some third party institution.
In such a system there can be no free rides, no leeches and no exploitation, simply because if the trade is unbalanced it won’t happen until there are compromises. We have been conditioned to accept the illusion of money as the end all to be all, when it is in fact an end to  the natural organic way of life. When we begin to see the toxicity that money has on society we begin to see opportunities for its abolishment. When we look at a family that’s financially destitute our most basic response is to attend to their needs. Please take a good look around you, do you really believe there is a responsible approach in operation that exists outside the hands of caring individuals. If we don’t start caring for each other respectively there is a lack of the symbiosis of community, no organic medium and no natural balance. Any life system that is no longer in balance with its nature becomes finite like a black hole that consumes that which created it.
The fundamentals of a shared value system goes beyond apples for energy, the psychology of such has as many variables as is does applications when we understand the unlimited potential of a free society, where one sees the hidden benefits of sharing first without expectation. There are many faces of paying it forward and volunteerism is only one and if you have ever dedicated part of your time to such an endeavor you know that such gifting is often returned through the realm of the intangibles as well as tangibles. Doing for others, doing for community benefit, and doing for the sake of doing without regard for remuneration is a labor of love and loves labor was never lost, only buried by ideals. When the sense of self becomes retarded by money it can be restored by gifting, which believe it or not is an aspect of co-creation when we understand the dynamics of energy where like energy attracts like energy. The reciprocal laws of action having an equal and opposite reaction is a fallacy outside of mechanical physics, for one good and well timed deed can create a virtual vortex of remuneration in a plethora of forms.
Working as one is one’s gain; working as one can sooth our pain a-gain and a-gain.

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thanks for sharing Val


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