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Awakening to Ascension – how to raise ones vibration

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(Found this information wanted to share :) Awakening to Ascension – how to raise ones vibration Would you like to wake up every day and feel totally saturated by the Love of the Divine ? Would you like to feel strong in body and spirit, and vibrant in heart ? Everything flowing the way you want it to, your life becoming a perfect instrument of your dreams. Would you like to have contact with angels, devas and nature spirits and receive deep and thorough healings ?

This is the age of the Ascension, and all these things are possible. It is possible to receive massive healings and reorientate our whole being so we can receive the Divine, and rediscover our immortality. When we do this we become very energetically charged and we attract positive events and circumstances into our life, that propel us forward on our path. We can feel very supported by the Universe, and feel very loved. We are loved by the Divine Beings but we are separated from them by a rift in vibrations.

Our vibration – our level of energetic being, determines our reality. At lower levels we experience suffering, confusion, illness, strife and a whole host of other negative afflictions. We lose our way and become meshed in earthly mundane reality, creating further karmas that bind us for longer to this way of being.

If we can change our vibration we can transform our outer reality into one that serves our spiritual purpose more. As we rise up the scale we come out of confusion and illness, and experience more fortunate conditions and we can make serious spiritual progress toward Ascension.

The Ascension is the transcendence of the birth and death wheel, as spoken about in Buddhism. It is the final departure from the human condition. The full Ascension, is the end of death, the end of sickness and confusion, it is the Enlightenment, the reunion with Divinity, the Transfromation, the Celebration of Eternal Love and Joy.

As we approach this stage, our lives become a continuous epiphany. One always sees the Light, night and day. Ones heart is saturated with joy, and we find deep meaning. We remember our past lives, our lives on other planets, our lost relationship with the Divine. There are few words that fully describe this kind of experience adequately. It is like a deep , loving spiritual force has entered your being and the gates of heaven have opened, and vistas of light beings, angels, and other realms appear. Loving vibrations from the Universe pour through the body making us strong, making us fearless, making us ever more open and ever more loving. We feel so healed, we rejoice in the healing, and this happy vibration spreads outwards around us, changing our reality.

Our lives then become filled with happy events, and beautiful people of clean vibration. We are supported by the Universe, and suffering disappears as the higher vibrations begin to annihilate karmas. Our whole existence becomes a joy to experience.

So how can we reach these joyous and healing places ?

There are many aspects of raising ones vibration. A good starting place is with food and water. If these are of poor quality, they will dampen down our energies, making us lethargic and weakening our immune system. Never drink tap water, it contains toxins such as fluoride and chlorine, which are neurological suppressants. Modern science disputes this, but these toxins were placed there by a leadership afraid of losing power and to the spiritual awakening of the population.

Only drink spring water. Clean water is a clean mind, and washes away toxins from the cells. As for food never eat inorganic food. The pesticides lodge in the body causing all manner of subtle but deleterious effects. Organic food is nutrient rich and carries with it the vibration of nature itself. Sprayed food is energetically dead and toxic food that the body will struggle to deal with, and the pesticides damage the immune system and impair higher brain function. After a year of eating organic food your spiritual third eye will open and you will start to awaken, as the body will have eliminated the toxins stored up in your body. We never know how bad inorganic food is, until we stop eating it and notice the difference. Organic food raises the vibration, and detoxifies. Support and nurture your body through detoxification and it will become strong, radiant and youthful.

Naturally meat has no place in the Ascension diet. Slaughted animals experience fear, which is frozen into their bodies at the time of death, and then is imported into the aura of a human eating it. The karmic effect of being a part of unnecessary suffering is an impediment to ascension. The natural diet for a human is fruits, nuts, seeds and grains, no matter what conventional science will try to tell you, funded by and supported by the meat industry. Good food lightens you up – you are what you eat. If you eat toxic food, your body becomes toxic.

Recognise the leadership as a misguided, corrupted and untruthful entity not working in the interests of humanity, This in itself is a big step, as we often have come to trust that the governments have our best interests at heart. Realise they do not, heal the discomfort and find your own inner power and form local communities and ignore their games. Swine flu, wars, economic dramas, political dramas, its all lies, and it is vibrationally harmful as it generates and perpetuates fear and confusions, whilst shielding us from the reality of the Higher realms. The leadership are leading us to ecological and societal collapse , however realise that by our own enlightenment and healing we can avert it and create new realities our ourselves. The world leadership is in its end stages, they do not know it yet, but within two years their games and illusions will be over. Do not give any attention to their fear mongering schemes.

Look to yourself for guidance and not from them. This is a big step toward awakening and vibration raising. Ditch the TV, most of it is vibrationally toxic garbage that has no benefit to our spiritual evolution. Spend your time instead in meditation, nurturing yourself and spending time in nature and with friends.

Begin or continue your personal healing processes. Unresolved issues are denser vibrations existing in a lighter body, and keep the whole vibration low. Healing something releases the energy blockage and raises the vitality of the overall system. Look to the heart and heal anything there. Open yourself to love, allow yourself to love others and to receive love. This is a very deep healing. Make peace with yourself, find a deep love for yourself, know yourself and heal your fears. Then go out into the world and help others to do the same. Being of service to others is a vibrational accelerant – move past ego, be selfless, give yourself for the betterment of all. Enjoy giving to others, let it transform you and open you up to a deeper relationship with others.

Karma keeps us bound to lower vibrations. Seek to understand your past actions, and make amends where possible. Seek to have a pure and loving motivation, and develop a loving and respectful attitude toward all beings. Unresolved karmas is like carrying around a backpack of rocks throughout our life. Confusions and misfortunes will continue to manifest as long as they exist. Resolve them before they bear fruit, go to where they are stored in the body, experience the feelings there, forgive oneself and heal the complex that caused the karmic imprint. It is your karma that is responsible for your manifestation in this denser realm. The physical body is simply crystallised consciousness, karma in visible form. Start the karmic purification process and your body will become lighter and at some point in the future, when all your karma is annihilated you will ascend out of physical reality and be free of the wheel of life and death. As we work, and the karmic pile becomes smaller, the work becomes easier as our conditions are more fortunate and supportive of the higher healing. Never underestimate karma, as it is our biggest spiritual obstacle. It must be confronted and transformed.

Do spiritual practice. Sing the holy names with an open heart and let the Divine enter you and do its work. Become an instrument of the Divine. Singing with an open heart holy and divine songs will carry your vibration into celestial territory if done regularly. Read and study the texts of the spiritual teachings. All the worlds religions have something to offer, and ultimately they all lead to the same place, albeit through different territory, follow the path that calls you.

Ultimately follow your heart, for it is your heart that will lead you home. Be true to yourself. We all are unique and have a part to play in the awakening of humanity. Play your part joyfully and with gratitude.

When the angels and light beings appear do not be afraid. You have reached the periphery of human consciousness. They have come to guide you the rest of the way. From here your life become filled with light and indescribable joys. You will feel abundant in heart and spirit. Now you have come here, turn to others, help them to come to this place too. This is how we will bring about the Ascension , transformation and global healing so much needed today.

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:D Thanks purple!

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