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Special Announcement to the World from M1 King of Kings - Global Finance Change (Video)

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Special Announcement to the World from M1 King of Kings - Global Finance Change (Video)
Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 2-Jul-2015 20:22:30

Special Announcement to the World from M1 King of Kings - Global Finance Change (Video)[/size]
Published on Jul 25, 2014

Global Finance Change
King of King`s speech
MR A1, SINO. as SOEGIHARTONOTONEGORO.ST address to the world

Good Evening everyone.
I’d like to inform you briefly on what it is about and who I am. It can be understood by your heart within you, and you can also seek the truth from your own God. I am here speaking on behalf of myself , based on my own promise as a sentient being on behalf of all beings, for the new world agreement, as none other than to carry a mission for global change and global financial change as God’s Divine evidence that is written and can be scientifically proven.
Ho no co ro ko - do to so wo lo - po do jo yo nyo - mong go bo tho ngo (Javanese words) as the arrangement of the New World Agreement understanding, written in sentences denoting almighty clearly readable in the Universe (MAHA KUWASA PANATA BACA JAGAD ARAYA DALANG ANYATA) is the opening and closing of the agreement from 120 old holy books related to Mahabharata.

I am to carry and to bear the duty of delivering a sole mandate, a world mandate to protect and to save this world from destruction. I have a name as the people of Indonesia, a birth name, I have many status and titles to carry out different duties, perhaps I will concise myself to be called as MR A1, SINO.AS SOEGIHARTONOTONEGORO.ST.

With the posthumous name of SABDO AGUNG WINATA JAGAD NEGARA KERTA GAMA PAMUNGKAS PAMERAD JAGAD, to represent the implementation of Exhibit A & B, and Obligation A & B, meaning the order of kingdoms and countries encompassing 5 continents. I have been equipped with some knowledge which I know and I’ve learned to understand what has happened to this planet and the problems faced by all countries, with my main vision and mission is to rescue Mother Earth. The first vision is to end all kinds of slavery in the world through all levels of global systems. Automatically, I am as a man of a young generation and also as the man of the past generation and the future, I shall bring global changes for the glory of all beings on the face of the earth regardless of who you are, as it is clear that we are all God’s creation. Clearly all have longed for this peace and comfort in all corners of the world.

Automatically, I am as a Transmission Consortium International USA - SWISS and also Consortium International Indonesia or briefly known as International Consortium Trans-officer. Also in the mission, I am equipped with an absolute title, as Big Top Royal K 681 King of Kings M1. So far, there has been a debate in all countries regarding global banking systems. Association system of bank security and association system of presidential security that are related to Swissindo Banker Association have operated according to all previous global order systems, in accordance with Exhibit A&B.

It was built to glorify all beings in accordance with the final momentum since the post second world war( WWII), it has now been reopened with a perfect momentum showed by us with sufficient clarity on the 11th of March 2014, the treaty event in Aston Hotel, Cirebon, as a symbol of the reopening which automatically closes the previous system order to create a new world which means absolute freedom, true freedom for all beings in the world.



so yman... what are your thoughts on M1 Mr. Sino? I would love to hear your perspective.

I still am wondering if he is legit... why not just distribute this wealth? Maybe I am being to simplistic...



PurpleSkyz wrote:so yman... what are your thoughts on M1 Mr. Sino? I would love to hear your perspective.

I still am wondering if he is legit... why not just distribute this wealth? Maybe I am being to simplistic...

Found also this "hidden" history:

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but what are your thoughts?

Is this man legit?


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