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1 KEENAN / ZAP DRAMA CONTINUES on Tue Jul 07, 2015 10:08 pm



The Red Dragon’s Sweet Talking
Ambassador – Still Doesn’t Tell
The Truth (Part 2)

July 8, 2015  /  Keenan Team | GroupK  /  0 Comments
Firstly, we’d like to let our readers know that Neil is safe and sound and presently forging ahead full speed with all that needs to get done for the release of the Global Collateral Accounts.
We thank all of you for your concern and good wishes, and for remaining steadfast in focusing on what we want rather than on what we do not want.

The Ambassador’s Identity is Revealed

Although in our original article exposing the Red Dragon “Ambassador” for what he really is, we stated our intent was not to give his con game any more of our time. However, additional discoveries about him have now come to light which are simply too critical to remain silent about.
We apologize for taking so long to post this Part 2. The delay has been due to much more important and pressing events at hand.
So right up front, here it is: the sweet-talking Ambassador of the imaginary Asian Red Dragon Family is none other than Bo Mikael Lindstrom, son of Diplomat Mikael Lindstrom, Sweden’s former Ambassador to China (until 2010), Japan (until 2006), Indonesia (until 1998).

An easy way to confirm their connection is by going through Bo Mikael Lindstrom’s LinkedIn profile, where on the right side it shows “People Also Viewed”, Click on Jan-Mikael Vilheim Lindstrom (most likely an older brother, a family member for sure).
Then again where it shows “People Also Viewed”, Click on Mikael Lindstrom. Bo Mikael for sure didn’t what anyone to see his direct connection but Voila, he does reveal his connection with his father, through his brother. Pictures of them side by side you’ll clearly see Bo Mikael’s resemblance to his father.
As a diplomatic Ambassador’s son, travel with his father to Asian countries would have provided a fertile background for Bo Mikael’s present endeavors. Apparently, to fulfill some childhood dream of “super-hero” importance and to emulate his father’s diplomatic status, Bo Mikael Lindstrom simply appointed himself Ambassador to a fake Asian Dragon Family.
But that wasn’t enough. Now Lindstrom has pumped up his phony persona with a new venture under the cover of a charity for world peace. He’s even come up with a grand name for this newest fabrication, calling it “True Vision of Peace”. While the name certainly sounds quite altruistic, it needs to be clear that it is nothing other than a charity front intended to fleece even more money from gullible followers.
Why has the “Ambassador” devised something new and different? To hide behind the façade he’s created and further obscure any trace to his real identity, and because he’s seeking all the money he can to line his pockets and those of his cronies (see below). Bo Mikael Lindstrom hopes to regain your focus and interest through a charity platform that he professes to be for humanitarian projects.
There’s no disputing that funding Humanitarian Projects is a worthy cause and is desperately needed now to rebuild the dire state of our world, but the fact remains that humanitarian funding will never ever be accomplished by frauds and scammers.
Symbols and logos can be more powerful and revealing than words:

Click here to open a larger version of the image above in a new window
Shady Associations Make for Shady Endeavors
Below are the facts about Bo Mikael Lindstrom’s associations. We leave it to the reader to discern if these are appropriate associations for those whose genuine intent is to assist humanity in making changes for a better world.
Alpha Omega Station (AOS) – A fake bank with accounts supposedly slated for Christian charities, this organization was originally created as a Russian money exchange system between the U.S. Dollar and the Russian Ruble during the Cold War. Subsequently AOS was disbanded, and in 1994, it was taken over by Vladimir Ivanovich Kobzar and given a new role to create its fraudulent activities (Kemp’s statement: indicating they would be the NEW WORLD ORDER and their prime objective was to take control of the Global Payments System currently conducted by SWIFT. Dictated to by Russian individuals of the highest level, with direct links to Vladimir Putin).
In addition, Kobzar also runs the International Charitable Christian Fund (ICCF), an international charity scam based in Spain which offers bogus Russian oil concessions worldwide.
On April 8, 2014 “His Excellency” Kobzar declared himself to be the “Beneficiary and Sole Signatory to External Packages of the former Soviet Union,” further claiming that he is the owner of the gold assets and all other monies of the world and in charge of the Russian deposits at Fort Knox and other depositories.

As it so happens, Bo Mikael Lindstrom is a “diplomat” for the Alpha Omega Station. The above AOS logo is the same logo that Lindstrom uses for his Red Dragon scam but here you see it before his black “hen” overlayed on top.
No one should be fooled by Kobzar’s claims to this NOT – Official Reconciliation Notarized (Year 2012 Between Vladimir I. Kobzar and Mr. Edy Seno Soekanto “Custodial Trustee”) of the Asset(s) subject of the Green Hilton Agreement between Indonesia Government and United States of America (Kennedy Administration).
There have been strong insinuations made by Vladimir Kobzar that he is in a working relationship with the head of the Soekarno Trust, Edy Seno. Now, after explaining to you who Vladimir Kobzar is we really would not want this deception to take place or confuse anyone so we will bring you the absolute facts about this so called relationship. Mr. Kobzar is not in a working relationship with Mr. Seno (who is a kind man and will give anyone a hand should they need it including Kobzar) but in fact Mr. Kobzar needed a favor and Edy Seno delivered for him not once but twice.
So Mr. Kobzar I suggest you cease using Mr. Seno’s name in conjunction with yours seeing it was only a favor nothing more. On the other hand I hope you enjoy your 30 year old paper. Nothing more needs to be said.
Kobzar has no claims to anything worthy but the fraudulent paper he makes up to fleece gullible and charitable people (Is this why the Ambassador uses the same 5 star (Petal) seal as on Kobzar’s document – very suspicious?)

CBC Global Trust (CBC) – Based in Hong Kong (website used to show – not now), this “fundraising” organization is run by CEO Bo Mikael Lindstrom, COO Alexander Prado (His Linkedin used to show his connection with CBC – not now), but you can see those “People Also Viewed” Bo Mikael and Board Advisor Rev. Michael D. Walter. But here Prado can’t hide the fact, that shows he is VP/COO of CBC.
There is also CBC Norway owned by Bo Mikael. CBC now raises money for Lindstrom’s “True Vision of Peace,” which has its new logo featuring a red-tinged dragon with five stars (petals) below it.

The CBC logo is the same logo that Lindstrom uses without showing the CBC connection for his Red Dragon operations – the phoenix Black “Hen” superimposed on the AOS logo, In fact, this black “Hen” was ripped off from the logo belonging to the German Hotel Schwarzer Adler. (Why would he resort to stealing someone else’s decrepit black “hen” is anyone’s guess?)
At one time Alexander Prado posted on his Facebook page the “Voice of The (Red) Dragon” Ambassador aka Bo Mikael Lindstrom (but not now). But you will enjoy this video better where you can see and hear Bo Bo Lindstrom, a self-proclaimed Hapkido Master.
‘King’ Anthony Santiago Martin (ASM) and the LSM-TVM666 Accounts – As you may be aware from our first expose on the Ambassador, this current imposter-King and his falsified “White Spiritual Boy Accounts” (or “Spiritual White Boy Accounts”) from the World Bank Group documents and fake ASBLP Bank are a wholly counterfeit operation.
On an ongoing basis, with ever-changing impostors (at least five so far), are propped up by Western alphabet agencies and assigned the name Anthony Santiago Martin (ASM). In fact, the first ASM imposter admitted that he was set up for the purpose of unauthorized access to the authentic ASM accounts and that he functioned as nothing more than a signature.
The real King Anthony Santiago Martin (God rest his soul) died in 1985, three years prior to Ferdinand Marcos in 1989. The King is no longer, and the authentic accounts have been returned to the real owners, the depositors who comprise the genuine Asian Dragon Family. (This particular phony Anthony Santiago Martin who you see here arrived from a Thai village in 1993.)
These authentic accounts have been fraudulently labeled as “White Spiritual Boy” accounts as listed in the counterfeit World Bank Group documents. In displaying page 19 of this document, Bo Mikael Lindstrom attempts to prove that these TVM-LSM666 (ASM) accounts belong to the alleged Red Dragon family of China.
What is important to note is the page of this document that Lindstrom deliberately did not show – page 18. On this page is handwriting on the side showing “TVM-LSM666” aka (TVM) Tiburcio Lillamor Marcos and (LSM) Leodegaro Salino Morilla.” TVM and LSM were two previous scammers who tried unsuccessfully to use these fraudulent documents and gain access to the funds. Obviously Lindstrom did not want this revealed nor did he want any association to past failed attempts to present this document(s) as legitimate.
But Lindstrom neglected to cover up the name of Sir Wilfred S. Sarurin on page 106.  Sarurin is a known expert counterfeiter and key in creating these fraudulent World Bank Group documents in the first place.
Also, the signature of Queen Elizabeth II is counterfeit.
The Henhouse – Birds of a Feather
Dr. William Mount – This man wrote articles at one time supporting the “Ambassador” and the alleged Red Dragon Family. In his video he shows ‘credentials’ that he is a diplomat for Dominion of Melchizedek (DOM), and Mount displays a Ukraine-stamped Diplomatic Passport for the DOM, an organization which he admits was a fraudulent internet company that U.S. intelligence agencies intended to bring online to create yet another fake “Spiritual White Boy” account and thereby claim the funds as listed in the counterfeit World Bank Group document(s).
In his next video, Mount claims that the New World Order is already here but it is not Rome or Britain, nor U.S.A. [the 3 Crown Temple Bar], are but mire servants to the New Rome, because they either lose or never had the proper blessings of the King of Malta for the Roman Eagle Rights and documents. Mount further states that St. Petersburg, Russia has been blessed as the New Rome since the 1800’s.
It is undetermined as to whether or not was Mount is paid to write the pro-Ambassador/Red Dragon articles, however, the definite connection exists.
In Mr. Mounts newest June 22 post, ‘Red Dragons – GOD Is Never Wrong’ …It seems Mount has finally woken up to the fact that the Ambassador and the Red Dragons are just con artists, as he said “They do not intend to fund anything – they are liars and thieves just like the Rothschilds.”
This was after the Ambassador’s response “I want a full business plan and see how we can make money off of them.” Further – the Ambassador stated that if Humanity does not rise spiritually fast enough in the next 3 years they will destroy 90% of Humanity. Mount has come to the conclusion that the Red Dragon Family – are arrogant, greedy murderers.
We must advise you Mr. Mount, the Red Dragons are western (cabal) renegades, not the true Dragon families of Asia China. Yes maybe they are connected to the linage of Ghengis Kahn (very possible) that stretch from central Mongolia to Rome and up into London. But hold your tongue, they are not Chinese so done be blasting the Chinese or the true Royal Dragon families.
You need to do some better research Mr. Mount but maybe by reading the next section on Mr. Gillot, a.k.a. con-artist King of Mongolia, just might enlighten you and help you better understand this fake Ambassador and his western Red Dragon hordes.
Jacques Jean Daniels Gillot and The Red Dragon Hordes – Holding a Belgium passport, Gillot now resides in Spain.
In 2014 he conspired to launder S2S money from Citibank in Switzerland. And in 2015 he conspired to launder S2S funds from Deutsche Bank (In both cases these are S2S – Agreement of codes – Server to Server funds – Investments For Economic / Social and Humanitarian Projects), which is a reversal of Red Robin Hood who in this case, actually steals from humanity. Also note, under Client Information Sheet – Personal Banking Details: (which is another con artist of) LSM – 10-0101010 – 666 accounts.
Being a good friend of Bo Mikael Lindstrom, Gillot’s picture is posted on Lindstrom’s (first of two) Facebook pages and features him standing in front of a building with an “office for lease” sign under the address 555 Nathan Road, Kowloon Building, Hong Kong.
Another picture shows Gillot pointing to the M1 symbol on the side of that building. As the “Ambassador,” Lindstrom claims that he works for M1. Well, welcome to the 555 era that will take over 666, but in reality it’s only a distraction from the real deception to take over TVM-LSM666 (ASM) accounts which do not belong to anyone but the original depositors.
In (Bo Mikael’s) 2nd Facebook page, is this picture titled ‘Lovely Diner’, clearly shows his association with Mr. Gillot, the 2nd man over from Bo and the 3rd man over is holding a Shofar ram’s horn of the Gideon 777 (555) group.


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2 Re: KEENAN / ZAP DRAMA CONTINUES on Tue Jul 07, 2015 10:09 pm


(In case anyone knows the name of the person second from the right, next to Bo Mikael - please do make contact with us).
It has become apparent that Gillot is well entrenched with the whole Ambassador/Red Dragon operation. Gillot alleges that he is HRH King Bathor of Mongolia (plus six other nations) and the descendant of Batu (Genghis Khan), the “sole heir of the Golden Hordes.”
With claiming to be the “King” of seven nations, it is the considered opinion of the Keenan Team that “King Bathor” may be the head of Lindstrom’s Red Dragon Family which represents several other Euro-Asian families that have adopted the Red Dragon name. If so, then Gillot could very well be the “head of the snake” among the hordes calling themselves Red Dragons.
What is most revealing is that Gillot’s news page discloses the same old scam claiming ownership of the wealth of the world through the TVM-LSM666 (ASM) accounts. In the document that Gillot displays, he makes claim to the Account Name: Solitario Edralin Castillo (aka Mr. SEC, General Solitario E. Castillo, an ex-assignee with a Philippine passport).
As “King Bathor,” Gillot asserts that Castillo designated these accounts to him the year he was born (1971) and therefore declares himself to be the sole owner of this colossal fortune which was under the unlimited administration of General Solitario Edralin Castillo of the Philippines.
Karen Hudes – Many are familiar with Hudes who was fired by the World Bank and has aligned herself with a penniless scam artist, Wolfgang Struck (former UBS banker). Hudes contends that Struck has signatory authority for the Collateral Accounts and further, that she is the “Acting General Reconstruction and Development Legal Counsel for Debt Facility” over the same TVM-LSM-666 (ASM) accounts (Alpha Omega World Marshall Programme). The fact remains that the World Bank has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the Global Collateral Accounts.
The End of the Fairytale Red Dragon Hordes
So here you have it: the fake Ambassador, the fake Red Dragon hordes, the fake Anthony Santiago Martin, the fake King Bathor and a whole host of related fake claimants – and don’t forget Karen Hudes, all trying to get their hands on fake “White Spiritual Boy” accounts TVM-LSM-666 (ASM) accounts. It’s hard to imagine anything getting more fake … but it does!
Now Bo Mikael Lindstrom is soliciting funds for his “True Vision of Peace” charity front. The only “true vision” the Ambassador has is his attempt to take advantage of Ron Van Dyke’s and David Schmidt’s existing followers, playing upon their beliefs and sympathies in an attempt to fleece money from them in the form of “donations.”
As the “Ambassador,” Lindstrom has claimed that he has access to all the money in the world from his Red Dragon Family, but WHERE is that money? It doesn’t exist! If it did exist, why in the world would the “Red Dragons” be soliciting funds from Ben Fulford’s (of all people) “White Dragon Society” for the production of free energy devices?
While free energy devices are desperately needed, and there are more than a few of these devices in existence right now, it is all too evident that those who represent the Red Dragons are not people who should be given any funding.
This fraud must stop right here and now. The Ambassador has kept his identity a secret until this point, relying on his utter belief that people aren’t smart enough to put the pieces together and discover his true intentions and the shady connections of his con game.
He further greases the whole scam with a large dose of a false “spirituality,” so much lip-service that he spouts forth based on superficial, new age fodder that he’s read. Thus he believes he can lull followers into believing his intent is to help humanity while his sole intent is to help himself and his criminal cronies.
If there are those of you who are moved to take action and wish to file a complaint against the illicit and immoral actions of the former Swedish Ambassador’s son, we suggest you address them to:
King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf
c/o The Private Secretary to HM The King,
The Royal Palace,
S-111 30 Stockholm,
You can also send your comments via the contact page of the Swedish Royal Court’s website:
Since the Red Dragon Ambassador has no problem with the con game he is perpetrating, then it is time to call out the father for the wrongdoings of his son. Bo Mikael Lindstrom is trading on the title of his father, and it only seems right that the Lindstrom family should take some pride in their heritage and become responsible for putting an end to Bo Mikael’s immoral activities.
The “Ambassador’s” Spokesmen Also Need To Be Called Out
The original spokesman who aligned himself with the “Ambassador,” Ron Van Dyke, is no longer actively involved due to health issues. To be fair, we have observed that Ron has put his heart on the line time after time, hoping somehow, someday he would hit the right chord. To date this has not happened.
But what Ron should take note of is that each and every scam he’s supported all simulate each other — they want either your money or your soul. Take care, Ron. We like to believe that you mean well and we hope you make a quick recovery back to health.
On the other hand, Dave Schmidt is well versed in politics from his days in Washington State (as a Senator he missed voting on 151 of 193 – for the people) and there is also his Dong/Dinar failures with Mark Meersman (Pif). Schmidt has flown to Hong Kong and China a few times now (at his own expense, we understand) and met with alleged Elders, but in fact they were not Elders. We now know who these Asian parties are, and once again, Swissindo is involved. These Swissindo deceptions and connections never ended.
It is unfortunate that Ron was never told the truth by either the “Ambassador” or Dave Schmidt. The set-up was kept in place in order to retain Ron’s followers but little did the “Ambassador” know that Ron has a mind of his own. It was the “Ambassador” who first came to Ron, and in turn Ron brought in Schmidt only to be shut out by him as the operation unfolded.
Still, Schmidt carries on with his same storyline, conducting his seminars and working with the phony Red Dragon Family. Neil Keenan is amused to hear that Schmidt maintains his foolishness (stooping doorbelling lies), deception and greed. When Neil sat and spoke with the actual Dragon Family about this, they just shook their heads at this utter nonsense.
Click here to open a larger version of the image above in a new window
Schmidt’s Newest Scam Artist Partner
Dave Schmidt’s April and June 2015 posts both revealed his new connection with Landa China Global (Landa China Development Investment Corporation), which is run by a well-known scam artist, Jerzy Babkowski.
You may know him by his pen name, Zap. Landa China claims to do fundraising for humanitarian projects along with its related company, Humanus, an organization based in Canada.  All are connected to Babkowski. (As an aside, Babkowski recently suffered a heart problem also.)
Well done, Dave. With connecting to Babkowski, you have now come full circle and officially joined the biggest merry-go-round of fundraising con artists there is (What do you think about Landa Global Humanus Corporation and the bonds?).
In Schmidt’s recent video with the “Ambassador,” both of them had words to say about the fraudulent activities of RV dinar gurus: “lying and misguiding people is not the way to do it” and “Justice will be done and the truth will always come out.”
Do you really believe that you can absolve yourselves of wrongdoing and maintain your false pretensions by pointing at others for their lying and misguiding people when this is precisely what you yourselves are doing? This is the true meaning of hypocrisy.
We already know that you, “Ambassador,” will label this article as an attack and say that we are using aggression against you. But in your own words about truth and justice, we are simply putting out the facts about you, your shady associations and your dishonest activities.
Now the latest thing being added to the scam is a new program that requires people to pay for and attend classes in order to “properly” submit their humanitarian projects for the Red Dragon’s underwriters’ approval. The question was raised about what guarantee these people have that their projects would be approved after paying for the classes. The “Ambassador” answered the question by saying that it was not a question of the money being there, but rather it was matter of going through the “right procedures.”
His “answer” says it all! Although the “Ambassador” claims that there are projects that have been funded, he has never given so much as one specific detail on any project that has been funded. Logic dictates that you would want everyone to know about funded projects. Why the secrecy? Because there are no funded projects and there never will be any.
When you look at some of the responses to that recent video. Even people who do not have all of the facts call it “bs.”
Recap – A Final look at the “Ambassador” and His Red Dragon Hordes

Click here to open a larger version of the image above in a new window
The self-appointed “Ambassador” and his bogus Red Dragon Family have no money. They are far from who they say they are and have no means to fund anything. Just one solid piece of evidence is the fact that Red Dragon “representatives” recently solicited Ben Fulford, a member of the WDS for funding.
The “Ambassador” has no history whatsoever of coordinating, much less funding, any humanitarian project. He can show no proof of any action that he has taken for humanity other than maybe repeatedly proclaiming that we must all work together.
Active involvement with known fraudulent associates and disreputable organizations reflects at the very least that Bo Mikael Lindstrom, the “Ambassador,” is not the honorable, spiritual man he pretends to be. In Lindstrom’s very own words, justice will be served and the truth will always come out, but obviously he never believed that this would ever apply to him.
We fully understand that many desperately want to believe that things can change for the better and to that end, they want to take definitive action. There are those who have already discerned the fraudulent nature of this Red Dragon scam, and there are those followers who refuse to allow a shadow of a doubt to enter their minds about their involvement in this operation.
Here is one more ongoing scam group promoting the same old Swissindo con – Mr. Sino, M1 con, who was never elected to be the M1 for the Global Collateral Accounts. Promoters Dan Lutz and Tracy Davisdson (ex-Zeek pimp flees to Philippines) promote this false Thailand con-artist impostor Mr. Sino (also with an address in Cirebon, Indonesia), who is trying to trump the real Mr. Edy Seno Soetanto, the heir son of the Grantee of the President Soekarno trust accounts, which relate to the collateral account assets.
To understand this correctly, President Soekarno willed all the documents of guarantee and the obligation to his teacher Kiyai Hadji Djawahir, as the grantee and thereafter to his son Dr. Edy Seno Soekanto.
As mentioned above Edy Seno is a kind man who before enduring the amputation of his leg due to diabetes fought his way out of a mad Malaysian kidnapping attempt. There have been so many parts to Edy Seno’s life including having such a famous father, as Soekarno’s right hand man, and mother whose name still shines over Indonesia.
At one time it was mentioned by Keith Scott and Peter Wagoner in another attempt to steal from Edy Seno that a Cease and Desist had been issued to Neil Keenan relating to their relationship. Jean Haines eventually used this as well to malign Neil whereas Neil stated all along that Edy was his friend. Nothing more needs to be said other than to take a look at the photo below to show who is who and what is what.
Edy and Neil sail along smoothly as friends and will continue to do so no matter who attempts to put their two cents into their relationship. What should have been could have been years ago is now beginning to take place and what a relationship it could and will be not between dependents but friends.

Edy Seno always uses his thumb prints when signing… something Scott or Wagoner did not ever acquire. Another point to make is that they attempted to enter his hospital room to get Edy’s signature to no avail. They pushed to get it and when they did not they falsified his signature. Such, the document was later used by many others in attempts to take down Neil Keenan.
Neil Keenan and Edy Seno are now both working together and will not let these other con artists steal any accounts from Indonesia.
Schmidt and the Ambassador discuss whether the Mr. Sino is the truly M1. This is really funny and truly revealing on their part because they say I think, I believe or maybe M1 might be a special operations group. Remember they claim to be the real dragon family and M1? It just shows you again; he and they – are full of shit. Sorry “Ambassador” – when you hesitate like that, you and your fake Red dragon’s reveal your fraud.
There are still others who are simply not aware of the facts and the hard reality that their money, their hopes and their great ideas to help humanity will be exploited by these somewhat cunning swindlers and they will be left with nothing but disappointment and heartache.
We provide this information to protect our own people from such destructive con artists and to stand up for the true Asian Dragon Family depositors. It is bad enough that the Cabal is trying to kill us all, but these two-bit scammers make it all the worst with their trying to take advantage of our grim situation, playing on the hopes of the innocent and attempting to fleece them of every last dollar that can be had. Tragically, those who donate to this “cause” are in fact contributing to the opposite of where they intend their money to go.
By exposing the Pied Piper Ambassador, he lead us also to expose his Red Dragon hordes, associations and all their western alphabet agencies involved in this scam.
All eyes are on these scam artists – they must be exposed and stopped!

The Keenan Group has slayed the Ambassador and his ‘Red Dragon’ hordes.
For “We the People”, the Truth will set us free.
So the moral to this story is do your homework before getting involved with fairytales that are too good to be true. Align yourself and your efforts only with those who have proven track records of positive actions for the betterment of humanity no matter how small those actions may be.
We are sympathetic with hearing that Lindstrom is experiencing heart problems. Since our compassion is derived from genuinely caring for people, we offer our best wishes for his recovery along with the hope that an alternate path will lead him to where he needs to be.
Neil Keenan and The Keenan Team
Copyright © 2015, GROUP K, Ltd.

Thanks to:


3 Re: KEENAN / ZAP DRAMA CONTINUES on Tue Jul 07, 2015 10:14 pm


"Schmidt’s Newest Scam Artist Partner
Dave Schmidt’s April and June 2015 posts both revealed his new connection with Landa China Global (Landa China Development Investment Corporation), which is run by a well-known scam artist, Jerzy Babkowski.

You may know him by his pen name, Zap."

ahhhh... now it all makes more sense why my alarm bells ring when I read Zaps biweekly scream for donations.


4 Re: KEENAN / ZAP DRAMA CONTINUES on Tue Jul 07, 2015 10:17 pm




5 Re: KEENAN / ZAP DRAMA CONTINUES on Thu Jul 09, 2015 9:40 am



Jerzy Babkowski Attacks
The Fake Red Dragon
Ambassador And His
Con-Artist Friends

July 9, 2015 / Keenan Team | GroupK / 4 Comments
Dave Schmidt and the fake Red Dragon Ambassador engaged in a heavy episode of damage control today.

Jerzy Babkowski (also known as Zap) posted this comment (see below). He was an associate of theirs, who states that what we are saying about them is right – but what we say about him is wrong.

Schmidt, Lindstrom & Co. have lost their guy Dr. William Mount – who wrote articles at one time supporting the “Ambassador” and the alleged Red Dragon Family.

Dr. Mount later left them and spoke out about them, saying “They do not intend to fund anything – they are liars and thieves just like the Rothschilds.”

This was after the Ambassador’s response “I want a full business plan and see how we can make money off of them.” Further, the Ambassador stated that if in the next three years Humanity does not rise spiritually, they will destroy 90% of the planet’s population. Mount has come to the conclusion that the Red Dragon Family – are arrogant, and greedy murderers.
Their own people are confirming our discoveries.

The Alpha Omega Station have taken their website down (but this website contains much of the content that was online there).

Schmidt and the fake ambassador say our article substantiates nothing – when there are over 50 links in the article that verify what we have found – not to mention what others have confirmed to all with eyes to read.

It is this group of cons who are delusional, now back-pedaling to try and save their little scam.

When you think about it they are left with two options:

1. Quit and vanish.

2. Backpedal and try to obfuscate the truth that has blown them out of the water.

The second is what they are doing as they have invested too much time and energy into their scam to pull out.
Submitted on 2015/07/08 at 8:26 pm
From: Jerzy Babkowski

Neil and Gentlemen,

A few items in this otherwise accurate expose, is that neither I nor Humanus nor Landa are involved directly or indirectly with the “Red Dragons”, the Ambassador and Dave Show, and do not know any of the people that have been mentioned by name or picture.
I am well aware of the true Family structure, and in my writings, I have said explicitly that the Family does NOT recognize the Red Dragons, as there is only one Dragon left that has jurisdiction. The seal used by the Ambassador is a fake, and that Family company was to be shut down a long time ago by the worker, but it was kept alive for some reason, and now we see why.

Having said that, do not lump Humanus and Landa in these obvious deceptions, as our sole aim and purpose is Humanity, and the funding of the Global Reconstruction Projects. We do not ask for money, we do not solicit as described above the methodology of these people, and remain in high integrity to what we set out to do at great personal costs.
A few of our own have died during this time waiting to get going. Our funds are from the Family side as well as Europe royal side. The white hats only.

We do not engage in politics, religions, or causes other than helping hands to our Humanity.

Please visit our websites at and

Much thanks
Love and Light
in Our service
Jerzy Babkowski
Copyright © 2015, GROUP K, Ltd.

Thanks to:


6 Re: KEENAN / ZAP DRAMA CONTINUES on Thu Jul 09, 2015 10:54 am





7 Re: KEENAN / ZAP DRAMA CONTINUES on Thu Jul 09, 2015 11:19 pm



s e c u r i n g . t h e . g l o b a l . a c c o u n t s

Essential Clarifications
& Updates – Relating To
July 4th 2015

July 10, 2015 / Keenan Team | GroupK / 0 Comments
The Keenan Team wishes to extend belated fourth of July wishes to the USA and also to everyone else in the world.
There have been some incredible developments recently but it is too early to share them at this stage. We feel that a few clarifications must be made based on some of what we have been reading in cyberspace.   There is a large misunderstanding concerning the Global Accounts and in the video (below) you will get the cold, hard, truthful facts concerning these accounts.
We certainly understand the confusion around the Global Accounts as most people do not believe that they exist, whilst others put too much faith in the propaganda put out by the Western media.
Neil Keenan, who for the past seven years has gone “all in” in his efforts towards saving the accounts from exploitation by the Khazarian Mafia Banksters (the Federal Reserve et al) and returning the assets back to the heirs of the people who put them there.
And, more importantly; to use the Global Collateral Accounts for the purposes that the depositors intended them to be used for; world humanitarian aid. Neil has risked his life, his family, his friends, and his money during this time. And no one has been as intricately involved with the accounts as he has been, except for the Banksters; until he effectively shut them out.
And yes, they are now shut out.  After our work is done, the era of humanitarian help for a needy world begins. The elders told Neil that they would like to see this happen by January 1st.  We will all be eagerly watching for the exact date.
Please do not heed anything that you hear in the area of  “Jubilee”, in regard to the Global Accounts.
The fact is in today’s world, “Jubilee” is neither commemorated nor celebrated, according to Rabbi Baruch Davidson.  The Biblical explanation for “Jubilee” is;
According to biblical law, the Jubilee is only observed when all twelve tribes of the Jewish nation are living in Israel, as is derived from this verse, “And you shall sanctify the fiftieth year, and proclaim freedom throughout the land for all who live on it,” which implies that the Jubilee is only sanctified when “all who live on it” – meaning, all who are meant to be living there – are in the Land of Israel. Furthermore, the Jubilee is only observed when every tribe is living in the specific part of the land which was allotted when the Land of Israel was divided.
That should put to rest the “Jubilee” chattering.
As this post is a little late making its way into cyberspace, the second article on the Red Dragon has already been released along with a follow up which deals with their attempt towards a rebuttal.
But they have no grounds for rebuttal. Only those people incapable of performing, or those people unwilling to perform their own due diligence; will be victims of these shysters now.
We have had to spend way too much time on these counterfeits, putting ourselves in a position of “overkill”, but the research and due diligence had to be done.  And it was – and we “hit the nail square on the head”.
As an aside, the Lindstroms should thank their lucky stars for not having been on the receiving end of some maniacal actions of The Black Nobility for using their names.
Although that could change as this information is exposed to the world, as it is now.  Maybe father and son need a bunker of their own?
If you have not read the post, please do as you will need the information presented to put this story to bed. With regards to our “hitting the nail square on the head” statement, it is noteworthy that within minutes of our post hitting the internet, Vladimir Kobzar took down his Alpha Omega Station bank website. We will not be surprised if that is the action taken by the others who were “outed” in this post.
It will be interesting to see what Dave Schmidt now does as he is connected to Jerzy Babkowski, aka “Zap” on the Dinar blogs. Again, the truth prevails.
We will be back with you when our work is done. We are fighting the good fight and have been successful in overcoming each and every obstacle put in our way.
We are hoping to be able to relay good news to you in the very near future.  Until then, remember that it is “We the People” that will change the world.
Neil Keenan and The Keenan Team

Thanks to:


8 Re: KEENAN / ZAP DRAMA CONTINUES on Fri Jul 10, 2015 9:28 am




Postby Deep Knight » Tue Jan 20, 2015 9:54 pm
John Glen MacHaffie is now running his father's site (where "DONATIONS go strait to John Glenn Machaffie") and seems to have lost his father's reticence in regard to reposting Bellringer's stuff.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


January 20, 2015

This message is specifically for those who Prosperity Program participants, have Farm Claims, or are waiting funds for projects. You may be contacted by Zap/Poof, Susan and their staff to send them your bank address, banking coordinates such as bank account numbers routing and SWIFT numbers, etc.

Do NOT give out to Zap or to anyone your personal banking information. Zap is a con man, a fraudster, and will access your bank accounts via the information you give him, and will take your money and leave you destitute.

Zap is not who you think he is! Zap is Jerzy Babkowski, an international con-man, known widely for his fraud in China, Hong Kong, Europe, Canada and many other countries. Over the years he has taken much money from many people through fraud and deceit.

Zap is planning to use the lists of names of Prosperity Program participants, Farm Claims people and Project people, contact them with the promise of providing 25K of “first money” to each by Thursday or Friday (Jan. 22, 23, 2015) of this week.

There is no liquidity, no money available at this time for anyone. It is a trick to get you to give your banking information to Zap so he can access your accounts and take what little money you do have.

If you do not believe me, Google “Jerzy Babkowski” and see for yourself. My most important and most trustworthy contacts are telling me that Zap is Jerzy Babkowski. Zap has proven this by sending an email that I now hold in my hand.

The “Grandfather” that Zap speaks of is NOT M1. This "Grandfather” has no authority to release any funds to anyone. It is all a lie. The sole signatory of the Global Family wealth is Dr. Tsai Cheng Lee, the true Grandfather/Mi. The reason I know this is because I have known Dr. Lee and some of his people of Global Family for a very long time, and with whom I have direct communication. I cannot say more for reasons of confidentiality.

Please understand that Zap is a total fraud, as are his reports. Unless, you are a sponsor and have paid your monthly fee of $35., Zap, Susan and staff refuse to answer your emails or talk to you by phone. They have made a lot of money over the years from gullible people, and they plan to make a whole lot more.

Do NOT be tricked! Be wise, and know that true funding shall be forth coming in due time. The new gold standard international banking system shall be operational soon. Without it your money would be lost to the fraudulent Federal Reserve Bank.

We shall present more information on this matter yet this week.

In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer

Posted by Popeye at 2:49 PM
Thanks to:


9 Re: KEENAN / ZAP DRAMA CONTINUES on Fri Jul 10, 2015 9:33 am


Jerzy Babkowski world trade
The Equalizer
– February 11, 2011Posted in: Equalizer News, Scam and Fraud Alerts
Jerzy Babkowski at Base Group

Location Vancouver, Canada Area

Industry Investment Banking


Jerzy Babkowski is a con man.   He runs cons, rips peoples money.  Plays games that is he is a big player in World trade.  He plays off he is connected to USA Government and all sorts of other lies.  Here is one example of the kind of absurd emails sent to one of Jerzy Babkowski’s victims.  He references one of the investigators on the project.  He uses as one email. Stay away from this con man Jerzy Babowski.  If you know him or anyone he is working for please contact us IMMEDIATELY

.Hi Jeff – as I said, constrain him a bit – after many delays, the fundings are coming out as China and the families begin fulfilling agreements reached while Obama was here – it is no accident that the Nimitz was here for 4 days – that’s a tip of the iceberg as far as what is about to happen to the financial superstructure – my work here is a small part of what is happening, but is resulting now in major fundings that will allow the Reconstruction Projects to take place worldwide – this is not about me, but our Humanity – one small item that puts things into perspective is the fact that if we do not spend some amount of trillions and install the carbon sinks, the tectonics will create enough new volcanoes spewing gases, and release of the incredible amount of methane in the permafrost melts, to tip the balance and cause an inversion globally – we have a lower bottom layer that is hot, moisture laden, and increasing in sufficient gasses to flip up and the cold top layer at -273 degrees will flash freeze everything on the ground – remember the wooly mammoths frozen in ice still chewing food? – the top layer then drops into the cold (the rebalance of the temporary inversion), and we get a nice white planet for some number of years – I wish to have my daughter and everybody else to live on a blue/green planet instead of a nice white one – the work I have done since we attempted a strong concept for global distribution of goods and a place for incubators of tech, office space, and marketing, is still viable, but requires funding – between environmental technologies we posses that will prevent the next Ice Age to the new systems being put in place for economic re-development, the doors of the Families here and the China government have opened to release massive fundings world wide – I am part of that – I am well protected by National Security and the China Military Commission for this reason, and the Help that is being provided to Uncle is a large part of my efforts here – this work I have been involved in required silence, yes, but that does not mean I forget those that helped me get there – Investigator Jack’s comments are within bounds, but sadly mistaken on intent, development, and deployment – I have to do things by the book in this process or I would have been killed outright here – if the Investigator has indeed been in HK and China, he would understand that – any attempt at defamation will be dealt with quietly by Security, so be careful investigator – all know my background here as I do not hide it – rather, it is the fact that I am transparent and tell people my background so they can decide if they wish to work with me and only here to Help our Humanity get through this time ahead, that I am still alive and allowed to do the work I do at this level – my advice is for Investigator  to cool his jets as he knows not what he proposes yet – you Jeff, will be paid out within the next 10 banking days at this point, and probably sooner if you wish an approximate timeline – I trust I have been sufficiently clear and remember: time changes things and people greatly, so they bear may bear no resemblance to the original – thank you – in Our service – Jerzy

Thanks to:


10 Re: KEENAN / ZAP DRAMA CONTINUES on Fri Jul 10, 2015 9:36 am



Jerzy Babkowski
Chairman/Protector Humanus; Co-Chairman Difallah Foundation; Chairman Landa China Development Investment Corporation
Vancouver, Canada AreaPhilanthropy

  1. Humanus,
  2. The Difallah Foundation,
  3. Keystone Kids Foundation

  1. Simon Fraser University

  1. 2 people have recommended Jerzy


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Jerzy Babkowski has over 30 years of experience in independent project evaluation, effective negotiation, funding, risk management, and agency, corporate and industrial partnerships. His work in private investment, and profitable economic and humanitarian initiatives has resulted major projects and fundings in cooperation with public/private entities and foreign governments.

Specialties: Comprehensive project management, strategic planning, financial modelling, technology transfer, research and development, requirements analysis, critical path analysis, risk analysis, Business and Marketing Plans, 3rd party independent valuations, feasibility studies, preparation and evaluation of reports and proposals, technology assessment, presentation delivery, specialized financial services, negotiations with customers, suppliers, financiers, industrial partners and funding agencies. Banking.



March 2014 – Present (1 year 5 months)Global
Humanus is the amalgamation of high level initiatives to build a functional and effective global Reconstruction Project matrix and funding source. To this end, the Humanus Trust and Foundation, in concert with other Trusts and Foundations have been authorized to deliver Project fundings to Corporations, Trusts, Foundations, NGOs, and other initiatives, and to deliver specific solutions to immediate requirements of Projects for the benefit of our Humanity.

Humanus is comprised of a large cross-section of sector professionals with over 2,000 combined years of experience. We listen and we take action as is appropriate to address Project needs through innovative solutions, and aggressive business planning. Our strength is our people. Hundreds of like spirited and like minded individuals performing much needed global environmental remediation from Fukushima to Brown Areas to the air we breathe, and in parallel, cleaning our waters, looking after our kids and seniors, building shelters, growing food, and other critical sectors that need to be addressed. We are here purely to be of Service, and give a helping hand as best we can.

Co Chairman, Advisory Board

The Difallah Foundation
March 2015 – Present (5 months)Global


Keystone Kids Foundation
March 2003 – Present (12 years 5 months)Global
The purpose for which the foundation is formed is to assist in the raising of capital funding of humanitarian and charitable projects to the betterment and aid of our humanity and children of all ages, with a special mandate of providing aid to seniors and introducing the openness and wonder of the child to the seasoned wisdom of our elders.

The foundation raises the standard of living through infrastructure projects along with the health, welfare, education, medical, cultural and any other pursuits provided they uplift the actual standard of life of our children and seniors.

The over laying criteria of the foundation in funding initiatives is that the program considered for funding must benefit humanity.

Keystone’s mission task requires the help of a great many like-minded people, and the foundation is actively engaged in relationships with other foundations of like spirit and direction.


Landa China Development Investment Corporation
March 2008 – Present (7 years 5 months)Calgary, Alberta and Hong Kong
Multi national investment and construction enterprise for humanitarian, real-estate and technology projects.


AirClipper Airlines
March 2006 – Present (9 years 5 months)Moscow Region, Russian Federation
Passenger and cargo airline.


Base Group
March 1995 – Present (20 years 5 months)Global


Victoria Engineering Limited
March 1970 – Present (45 years 5 months)Canada
Consulting Engineers Civil-Structural and Architects


  1. English

    Native or bilingual proficiency
  2. Polish

    Native or bilingual proficiency



Simon Fraser University

English, Computer Science, History

Carson Graham High School


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11 Re: KEENAN / ZAP DRAMA CONTINUES on Fri Jul 10, 2015 11:37 am


DetectiveManning  Scams Beginner

Join DateFeb 2011Posts6

Re: Have you had an experience with Jerzy Babkowsk

Jerzy Babkowski is a convicted felon. He did prison time for other crimes. It was $75,000.00 Canadian that he ripped off of Dr. Wooler. We will be posting more of this con mans emails so you can see his claims are wild! Always going to pay his victims, but his ties to world governments and projects come first. They were going to "silently" deal with men working on this case. Jerzy Babkowski is so caught up with so many victims he can not keep straight which man he took for what amount. This claim of $5000.00 is absurd! More evidence coming! STAY AWAY FROM THIS CONVICT! The names of investigators used by Equalizer are AKA's like this Jack Bauer, the guy from 24, because as stated in one of Jerzy's emails which we will post later he threated that his contacts would take care of the investigators "SILENTLY". Clearly when dealing with scum bags like Jerzy Babkowski you have to be careful, they are con men and many of them do attempt to silence people who go after them to make them account for their cons. I mean, lets face it, the bottom line here is that this con man never paid back a dime to any of his victims and time after time he would make up dates he would do it, then when enough time is gone he tries to make it sound like its just a few dollars, so whats the big deal, and he is now helping with the ******* of children. I mean all the investigators had to laugh, Jerzy Babkowski, ******* children. Here is a test, send him a project, see if he funds a nickel for anything. This man will not pay his own victims back. Next he will tell you he is helping to save baby seals. This man has no shame! Jerzy the Joker!!

Thanks to:


12 Re: KEENAN / ZAP DRAMA CONTINUES on Fri Jul 10, 2015 11:50 am




Here is the obit:

James Andrew Holmes
Born: Wed., Aug. 13, 1952
Died: Thu., May 23, 2013

Asheville – James Serenius “Poof”, 60, of Asheville passed away peacefully on Thursday, May 23, 2013.  He was a native of Altoona, PA and was the son of the late Raymond Holmes.  Surviving is the love of his life, Deborah Susan; three step children, and a step grandchild.  The family will conduct a private service.



I wonder... once the Critical Post Chicago broke the story on the Keenan fraud if he is not working with the feds for a plea deal arrangement? He is singing like a canary for a purpose. Why?


13 Re: KEENAN / ZAP DRAMA CONTINUES on Wed Jul 25, 2018 1:33 am



Co Chairman, Advisory Board

The Difallah Foundation
March 2015 – Present (5 months)Global

Jerzy isn't listed or referenced any where. LOL Isn't that just strange? It's just like the other company names Jerzy mentions...


Landa China Development Investment Corporation
March 2008 – Present (7 years 5 months)Calgary, Alberta and Hong Kong
Multi national investment and construction enterprise for humanitarian, real-estate and technology projects.

Where did they go? LOL Jerzy deleted their page from his website for some reason.


Deborah has so many names she uses. It's hard to keep track of them all.

Why didn't John give him a call?

John (Karla) teamed up with someone else.

Jerzy promotes the Rife Machine Fraud

Why did his daughter change her name?

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