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1 ARE WE TRULY ALL ONE? on Thu Jul 09, 2015 11:26 pm



July 9, 2015 Ines Radman Uncategorized

Whenever I am confronted with a problem, I try not to focus on why it happened so much as what I can do to correct it. As with the last few days, I’m very connected with what is going on and trying to find a new direction for this blog. I just found repeating or re-posting meaningless. It’s as if we are all recycling the same information using different materials and colors. Then I had an epiphany, an answer to the question of how to wake people up and what would be most effective.
The solution is not always simple, yet it’s usually staring us right in the face.
We, the truth seekers and truth movement have spent all these years discovering who we are and why we are in this situation. We will not wake up people by forcing the truth, or by waiting for them to wake up. Gone is the bullshit of putting out the information and hopefully the asleep will wake up. It will take forever and we don’t have forever and I believe we have been going about this the wrong way.
We need to open their eyes by showing them what their governments are doing with their tax dollars, supporting various military groups and Israel to kill without a license or permission/mandate from the U.N. We need to teach people that U.N is another front for drug smuggling and human trafficking.  We need to write about the wars, where they are taking place and how many people lost their homes and lives each day.
In many ways we are part of the problem because we’re pretending it doesn’t exist. We only see the deaths if we go searching for it or the mass media is showing the good guy killing the bad guy. So long as it’s not in our faces, we can just toss that thought aside and get on with our lives.
I know how that works. For years I played the perfect daughter role because I wanted to believe it was my fault for being abused, the possibility that my parents were the ones responsible was simply too painful to consider. I wanted my parents to love me, acknowledge me, support me and encourage me to grow into a successful woman and so when it didn’t happen; when they didn’t raise me in a positive light, I took responsibility for their mistakes. After all, why would parents who claimed to sacrifice their lives for you want to hurt you?
Eventually, I could no longer pretend because I was not the perfect daughter, I was the emotionally damaged daughter that kept hoping her parents would notice her one day and that they would express their love and pride.
This is what we do with everything we don’t like or can’t face. We go to work each day hating our jobs yet while at the workplace we play the happy go lucky employee grateful for having a job, appeasing to our employer for fear of losing our wonderful job we hate so much.
We bring our Mother in Law flowers but before we arrive at her house, we say to our partner “I’m only going because she is your mother”, your partner nods accepting the reasoning yet if we were true ourselves and to those we love, we’d never make that trip and your partner would not ask you to play the game for the sake of family.
Not a day passes that we don’t sacrifice truth for a lie because we are afraid of something. We take on responsibilities we don’t want only to make someone happy or because we need recognition from the outside.
We knowingly, consciously evade the truth yet we know that we will have to deal  with it sooner or later. The truth can’t hide, it’s frequency is in the same range as LOVE, truth is love, truth is our worse enemy at times.
Palestine is far away from North America. In fact, 90% of the conflicts are on other continents, out of sight, far away. Maybe you think when you wake up tomorrow that it will all stop and we will have peace by some miracle.
It never stops, every minute 36 people die on this planet, but because it’s far away in another land we don’t tend to look it up to find out why. Someone you know dies everyday as well, but unless they are close to you geographically, there is less chance that you will pay your respects. Even if it’s a stranger killed in your town and it happened to be told in the Media, you might go to the Funeral because it happened in your neighborhood so to speak, it touches you because of it’s location so close to you.  36 people die every minute, that’s 2160 every hour, 51,840 per day. Seems like a lot doesn’t it? Just numbers right? Imagine, 50,000 people dying in your town or city? Would it still be just numbers?
We let them die because we don’t take the time to learn who these people are and why they died. Not all of these people died in wars, but you can safely say that 1/4 of them did.
We could have stopped the wars had we not turned our heads and gotten involved in some way. The New Cage movement and other “love and light” movements use the word ONE and Unity. If we are all ONE, then our brothers and sisters are part of ONE; and if they suffer, should we not suffer as well? Do we not share the same as ONE?
If you’re not suffering because millions of people have been displaced in the last year alone, then you are not ONE. If they suffer, we suffer, we’re all ONE. There can never be peace without Unity first, in order to bring Peace we must unite in their suffering or unite together to help them, help stop the bombs falling. You know that we can do this. We are always coming up with stupid excuses that it’s not possible. Anything is possible ONE.
We can’t say we are all ONE if we ignore those that can’t change their situation, the ones closed in an open prison. Who is going to help them? Are they not ONE as well? How can there be 2 ONES, the ones of haves and the other of have nots?
How dare we call ourselves part of ONE, yet are doing nothing to help all of our human family?
The information we collect served for knowledge, how many more years are we going to keep searching when we don’t have much time left. Wisdom is now required and that means sharing that knowledge with those that can’t access it, knowing what to do with it, helping to make this planet a better place to live.
You have movements and groups out there in the New Cage movement and non-New Cage movement waiting for someone to save them or pull them out of here. They too claim “We are all ONE. We are the ones we are waiting for”. Who is WE? Who is part of that ONE? How dare we pretend we are all ONE while millions of us are suffering from hunger, diseases, wars and occupations while living in fear, not knowing if they will live to see tomorrow.
How can we all be ONE when some have and others don’t have?
We have spent the last 30 years seeking truth, fitting all the pieces together. We haven’t stopped collecting, reading and learning, but how do those suffering get to that information and what are we doing with this information to find PEACE? Do they not have the right to be free?
It’s time to take another direction and that direction is about exposing the reality of what the controllers are doing. We know who they are, we know what they are doing and why, but many people don’t know where Donetsk is, where Gaza is on the map. They know there are wars going on, but they refuse to face the reality that these people are waiting for someone to help them. They are counting on US, their brothers and sisters to help them and count their voices to be heard.
They know their governments won’t, they are counting on humanity and asking the news media why we are silent and why we are not helping them and sharing their stories.
You can’t count yourself as part of ONE if you are not making some kind of effort to bring Peace about. Unity consciousness must include all of us not the ones that are comfortable with their new tablets and iPads and have a roof over their heads.
North American poverty and homelessness is a man’s dream in Palestine. Millions of people would accept North American poverty anytime because there are no guns and bombs dropping on them indiscriminately and no bulldozer razing their ancient cultural homes to the ground.
Why don’t you find out? Why don’t you research how many wars are currently happening in the world today and then look at the rubble of these cities, ask yourself if you really are part of ONE. They will tell you that all they want is for the war to stop, while some of you feel mother Earth is a fake/double and want to leave her.
These people under occupations and bombardments at will don’t give a shit what’s real or not. All they know is that WE are not doing much to stand up for their rights and freedoms, WE are too busy writing “We are the Ones WE are waiting for”; without stopping to think what that really means.
So, what does “We are all ONE” mean to you?
Do you know what it means to me?
It means ALL of us must be ONE, we are not yet ONE and in order to become ONE, we must reach out to those that are pretending wars don’t exist and show them how they suffer.
We must let our brothers and sisters living in wars and occupations know that we are seeking to unify with them and that we will give it our best to help them through awareness, action and anger.
Yes, anger. We need to anger the blind and asleep. Anger will motivate them to do something. Not compassion. Not Love. Not ONE, but ANGER.
What kind of people are we if we can turn our heads to their suffering yet claim that we are ALL one? We need to stop lying to ourselves and stop convincing our Ego that just because we say so doesn’t mean we are ONE.
If we are ONE, then why are people still suffering or why are we still here talking about it? We can’t all be ONE yet a few of us live lives of abundance. We can’t be ONE if we are enjoying life while the rest of our human family suffers and goes without.
I have a perfect life, filled with abundance, but I’m not living it with joy or with my heart because we should all be living lives of abundance. We should all as ONE be free and living in Peace. I  just can’t seem to appreciate what I have because I’m alone in it, I don’t want to be alone, I want everyone to have what I have as well. What good is for me when those around me don’t have? While I celebrate and enjoy my life, those around me whine and complain they don’t have enough. How should I feel? Certainly not selfish or privileged because I can’t enjoy it alone, I wish for everyone to have what I have.
Next time you write “We are all ONE”, please follow that statement with what you are doing about Peace on this planet. Define what we are all ONE means. That we are all one civilization or human family? And if we are, what exactly does that mean that we are? We are ONE should mean that we all enjoy and have rights to the same. That is when we become ONE, one family, one love, one energy, free of controllers and slavery. It’s easy to write and easy to say, but when we start DOING something to make ONE happen, only then can we take ourselves seriously.
Stop the excuses. Please stop lying to yourselves. We can make a difference, if we unify together and together agree that WE are the ones we are waiting for, but we must collect everyone first and free those that can’t free themselves. I think that Palestinians, Ukrainians, Lebanese, Iraqis, Nigerians, and the rest of suffering humanity would agree that regardless of where we live on this planet, we need to Unify and help each other. This is why we are not getting help from above, this is why we are not moving forward because we are only selfishly thinking about ourselves.
Think about it. If you die today, what will people say about you? What have you done in your life that after your death they will say? Isn’t that why we are here? To make a difference?

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