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10 Ways to Rebuild Humanity While Sabotaging the New World Order

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10 Ways to Rebuild Humanity While Sabotaging the New World Order

Sunday, 12 July 2015
by Bernie Suarez
Like many of us, I've been considering some important courses of action that could provide some of the solutions we seek. We are coming onto a time where humanity needs viable ideas for rebuilding humanity in this soon to be Jade Helm psyop era. I believe that as long as each of us does their part we will succeed.
Before discussing the actions humanity should take, I want to first discuss some obstacles to be aware of. These obstacles are real and can seriously hinder progress so let's confront them now.
I believe we must not be discouraged, slowed down or overcome with the perception of how effective we think we are being. For example, I believe humanity today, especially with the mass media apparatus that controls us, can become overcome with the perception of how they think they are doing. Remember this 'perception' can be easily engineered by the control system and sometimes may arise naturally as many of us are naturally inclined to want to see immediate results of our actions. Those immediate results are not always apparent and thus this can lead to a wrong perception of how successful or effective we are being. This (false) perception can therefore easily distract and discourage your action, motivation and determination to continue moving forward and is an emotional state we should guard against.
The truth of the matter is that we need to start thinking far beyond our own individual cause and get ready to act as a team. This "team" mentality is after all how we got here to where we are today. Yes, the globalist cabal, the Illuminati, the elite families, and all the groups that run the world (free masons etc) all act as a team! Think about that. Isn't it time we start acting as a team? All the solutions for rebuilding society and sabotaging the new world order plans have both an individual component and more importantly a team or group, mass altruistic effect which is the great goal.
With that said, here are some long term solutions for restoring humanity:

1- Collective effort to destroy and shut down NSA style data collection

This effort is already underway. Several organizations have taken the lead to do whatever it takes to spy back on NSA, and pass laws that require that states do not fund them. I believe stopping not only NSA but all automated data collection once and for all is one of the most important tasks humanity should focus on. Perhaps programmers will find a way to disrupt NSA and other data files to make these files inoperable. Legislation might be passed to criminalize data collection across the board. States can take the lead by not supporting these data collection entities. Perhaps patriotic peace officers, military, judges and other authorities can unilaterally step in and do something heroic like Edward Snowden did. Perhaps someone will take a chance and risk their job or career to do the right thing. Everyone must do their part to make sure this data collection is sabotaged or stopped. Start thinking of possible ways to get this done.

2- Confuse their data collection with creative mass systematic input of bogus data

With Jade Helm upon us and the threat of data collection upon us for the purposes of using it against humanity via Artificial Intelligence sophisticated software, it is not only time to stop the data collection as we mentioned above but it is time to implement additional strategies if for no other reason than to confuse the control system and make their job more difficult.
Imagine what a mountain of bogus data might to do a "smart" super computer that only knows what you tell it? Remember that humans really are smarter than any computer. Don't listen to the globalist and those who worship computers. Humans will always be smarter than computers. It may be time to make multiple versions of yourself. Create additional accounts. Re-make yourself with new habits that are of course not really you. Make it an art to confuse the data collectors. The strength of CIA's Facebook relies on you telling the computer everything truthful about you. The Facebook psyop has even been exposed the last few years. They will factually hijack and threaten to shut it down if you don't provide them with your true information. If they suspect you are not using your true name or if you are spreading truth on Facebook they will tell you that someone tried hacking your account and as a result of that you'll need to provide government issued ID. That's what happened to yours truly and many others around the world and this is a reminder that every time you input legitimate information into government monitored websites you are helping the new world order. It's time to start thinking differently about what information we input online.

3- Continue creating widespread local and global truth networks

By all means let's continue creating groups and solution networks where people get together for specific causes. We need more pioneers and more leaders with resources and means to spread freedom ideas. Many people are already doing this and these leaders need your support. Humanity needs more and more leaders so we can let the global solution network continue to grow. More than ever humanity is coming together with solutions. Have you noticed there are conferences, seminars and meet ups happening all over the world where people are discussing solutions. Even if it becomes your money making business, make it happen. Continue encouraging the network that is already in motion. These solution groups and networks are a big part of the solution.

4- Recreate all components of society without them - turn theirs off

The goal is to make government and its creepy controllers obsolete. The time is now to think about new alternative ways to educate your children outside of the government control system. It's time to protect your children's bodies and minds from the government poison. We are at a time where allowing your children to go to government sponsored mind control schools is now borderline child abuse. It really is time to turn off government in every way shape and form you can think of.
Humanity is desperate need of a revolution FROM government. Make a list of all the things you need in life and one by one find ways to do those things without government or their corporate partners in crime. Support your local markets and small business if you can instead of the big corporations. Let's revolutionize our forms of search engines, commerce sites, banking and communication to name a few. And perhaps most important we'll need to find a way to make the private Federal Reserve criminal banking system obsolete so we can officially usher in alternative currency or other ideas.

5- Restore the concept of a Constitutional militia to take back the power of the sword

It's time for all of us to educate or re-educate ourselves on the Constitution. Let's rediscover the vision the founding fathers had of how to protect freedom. Let's discover the truth and importance of taking back the power of the sword. Let's revitalize the idea of proper Constitutional militia and appreciate how this one move could completely wipe out the new world order for good. Imagine a society where a Constitutional militia is in place. That is, every abled body male between the age of 17 and 45 would be required to be armed and to defend the state and be personally involved in the "security of a free state". Imagine that? This could potentially render "police" obsolete. For this to happen all the men would have to turn off those video games and actually grow up and act as men who believe in something. This is a critical component to the future freedom of humanity. As we are seeing once again, there are no scenarios where a ruling elite can be trusted to rule over humanity. Studying and educating yourself about how to restore the idea of a Constitutional militia is a vital starting point to reversing this massive problem.

6- Continue focused efforts to criminalize corruption and ushering a chain reaction of accountability

Let's not give up on pushing back against corruption. We need a continued persistent effort to criminalize propaganda and corruption. Already we've seen the creation of software that tell us who politicians receive funding from and this is just a starting point. What if we had a software that flags a politician every time they lie or commit a crime. What if that software generated a sequence of action on how to criminally and successfully prosecute that politician. For that matter, what if Artificial Intelligence were turned around on the politicians and globalist? We need to start thinking this way and we need to keep specifically focusing on this effort.

7- Find new ways to engage the men, harness masculine energy for meaningful purpose

This might be the most difficult task on the list. Men have been stolen from humanity. Where are they? They are all busy rooting for their favorite sports team or killing targets in their favorite video game. All the testosterone has been channeled to things that are not important. We need to find a way to break this cycle. Perhaps we need a national men's network focused on restoring masculinity, courage and leadership to men and most importantly to get them re-focused on things that matter. This effort could focus on sports fans where many men can be found. A creative truth effort would mimic whatever the U.S. military is doing to target young men and humanity needs a focused effort that will accomplish this.
Dear men, rediscover yourself, find our what you believe in and please find your place in history! This is the new message men must hear. The globalist have purposely feminized men particularly here in America and stripped it of their leadership and bravado. This has been accomplished through endocrine disruption and social engineering. Now it is not "politically correct" to even expect men to be men. With the globalist psyop surge to mix genders and promote gender confusion no one should wonder why we have such a void in masculine leadership. Restoring this leadership is quietly a big key to restoring humanity.

8- Encourage a paradigm that forces self awareness of each persons role in the human journey rather than self pleasure

This is about un-doing the damage left by Edward Bernays. Bernays played a huge role in the history of mass mind manipulation and he did it by getting people to preoccupy themselves with self pleasure. We now need a century of the UN-self. Altruism must become the norm. We need to implement techniques and efforts to get people to see themselves through the eyes of history instead of self absorbing pleasure seeking...
Read more: Truth And Art TV

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