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We Are Stardust

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We Are Stardust

by freefall - Jul 15, 2015
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We Are Stardust Starry-Night

We Are Stardust Print
By freefall
There’s a natural order to things. But because of the lockstep society we live in, we can be fooled into rebelling against this reality. As usual, the truth has been twisted to suit the malevolent whims of those who would enslave our minds.
American society is lost.  We are currently immersed in a daily toxic psycho-spiritual miasma of madness. Our villains of yesterday have become the heroes of today. They’re not even heroes anymore; they’re anti-heroes. It’s the best we can do. A sniper on foreign soil shooting indigenous people in the back at a thousand yards. That’s all we’ve got left.
America is a country constantly at war with everyone else on the planet including each other. It takes nothing for those living in the impoverished areas of our society to resort to violent solutions. Even a look can trigger it.
As for the more educated, they eke out a living at the workplace where backstabbing has become a way of life. When they’re not duping the “suckers” into buying their foreign-made products using manipulative marketing techniques, they’re trying new ways to move up the corporate ladder at the expense of their co-workers. Politicians and their death-squad enforcers ensure that the corporations left standing after gobbling each other up make enough profits to butter their palms while coercing the people to buy their car insurance, health insurance, vaccinations along with any of the growing number of other mandated policies and products used to steal what’s left of their money after taxes.
The point is that if you don’t have a strong internal compass by now then you probably never will.   There’s just too many outside influences in place to threaten your body and capture your mind.
Now back to the order of things. Somewhere down the line intelligent people will ask themselves how to create a better world. But the answer to that lies in the stars.
While gleaning the latest apocalyptic information in an attempt to gauge when the next level of physical confinement will occur, it’s easy to lose sight of our pursuit of spiritual transcendence. But with immutable universal laws being what they are, the worse things become in one realm, the more understanding one will find in another.
While preparing for “The end of the world as we know it,” let us also remain open to the immeasurable amount of light shining through the darkness.

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